Wanker: john Howard Brags About Subverting Australian Constitution Over Firearms

Get the bucket. John Howard is back again for another round of historical revisionism:


PRIME Minister John Howard was prepared for a “nuclear option” to ensure his historic gun reforms went through, as he faced strong push-back from Queensland, it can be revealed today.

The Howard Government endured a baptism of fire dealing with the deadly Port Arthur massacre, which changed the nation just eight weeks after its landslide election on March 2, 1996. Mr Howard has revealed that if the resistance had not abated, he would have conducted a referendum to transfer power from the states to the Commonwealth in order to progress the reforms.

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Mr Howard came to power after 13 years of Labor and had inherited the $7.6 billion dollar “Beazley blackhole”, named after former finance minister and then Opposition leader Kim Beazley.

Radical plans to fix the budget were considered and discarded, including a 12- month time limit for people accessing the dole and cuts to the ABC and SBS so severe they would have required Triple J and Classic FM to be shut down.

But even 1996-97 Cabinet documents released today, after more than 20 years of secrecy, do not reveal the extent of the battle the fledgling Prime Minister faced to reform the nation’s gun laws and ban fully and semiautomatic weapons.

Mr Howard, speaking at the release of the documents, said he began thinking about national gun laws while he sat in Kirribilli House from the moment he received the “chilling” phone call from the Premier of Tasmania that gunman Martin Bryant had murdered 35 people.

Queensland provided the strongest push-back against the national gun laws put in place in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre on April 28, according to the former PM. While agreement was reached from the state police ministers at a meeting on May 10, 1996, Mr Howard said it was not a simple matter.

“There was genuine push- back from parts of the government in Queensland and from sections of the Cabinet in Western Australia,” he said.

“I felt if you weren’t prepared to chance your arm on something like this, well what’s the point of being in Government? We had to get the co-operation of the states absent the nuclear option and that was to have a referendum to transfer to power from the states to the Commonwealth. I think it would have been carried … (but) the states in the end were helpful.”

Despite Queensland resistance, Mr Howard praised then Premier Rob Borbidge for backing the gun reforms, despite it being partially credited with his 1998 election loss. “Rob Borbidge was very courageous … he paid the greatest price in my view of all in political terms,” he said.

In the 1998 election, One Nation won 11 seats in the Queensland parliament.

So in other words, we have a confession from a megalomaniac that wasn’t getting his own way and wanted states and individual rights’ overturned to get it. That pretty much sums him up.

The rest is nonsense from start to finish. Rob Borbridge had no option in the end and his capitulation resulted in the wipe out of the Nationals in Queensland, and John Howard hung on by the skin of his teeth in the 1998 election.

This release gives the entire game away. The National Firearms Agreement is a non-legally binding piece of loose policy and always has been. The states have always been free to ignore it and so they should. It has no constitutional binding or weight – it’s useless.

Fairfax also chimed in with this rubbish from Stephanie Peatling, where Howard continues the lie about how he “just thought about the law on the spot.” Cabinet documents released several years ago show that Labor tried to grab Australia’s guns first in 1991 (and even earlier at the state level in NSW and Victoria in 1987) He even freely admitted at the 20th anniversary of Port Arthur that he had the laws ready to go, he was just waiting for an opportunity to introduce them.

Howard knew he could not enforce his dictatorial will on the states, that’s why he subverted the constitution and held Queensland and Western Australia over a barrel until they complied, threatening them with the federal funding stick until they gave in.

At the time of publication the newly released Cabinet documents were not available, probably because the hard working Canberra public servants aren’t back from their 5 week Christmas holiday. When they do become available we will pour over them, however it’s not surprising they gave them to journalists in advance to run interference and turn it into the usual reverent wankfest we’ve heard for the past 22 years.

And it’s not a stretch to say a lot of the real juicy stuff has been memory holed.

What kind of sick society venerates someone who is prepared to trample on states and individual rights? This is a man who put a 30-year seal on Martin Bryant’s trial evidence and interfered in state politics to prevent the Port Arthur Inquiry from continuing.

Howard’s a weak man and always has been. Yet, there still is a cross section of the Australian populace who thinks he is the second coming – mainly the boomer generation who his policies greatly favoured. David Leyonhjelm penned a great piece a couple of years ago on the fake that Howard was, firearms aside. One could argue had he been PM in the age of social media and the internet, he likely would not have lasted more than one term.

Release the Port Arthur files like David Leyonhjelm requested or forever hold your peace John, but we all know you don’t have the courage to do that.

Source: http://www.firearmownersunited.com/2019/01/03/wanker-john-howard-brags-about-subverting-australian-constitution-over-firearms/

14 thoughts on “Wanker: john Howard Brags About Subverting Australian Constitution Over Firearms

  1. How to get to know a nation & its people:
    British TV series Father & Son … the 15 year old kid was set up & is now charges with a murder he did not commit ….
    Britain manufacturers the guns
    Sells them to – or through Israel ( there was legal action as a result ) where they are purchased by arms dealers working through legitimate & taxpaying companies & many find their way back home to Britain & into the hands of young kids – black, white & brindle.
    No one is innocent here from the top down thet all play the game of cowboys & Indians & they love every minute of it.

    1. Watch the first 20 minutes of Father & Son S1 E1 – to the shooting in the hospital & see how vicious the lifestyle is – fueled by drugs for sure.If yu get a chance watch TV series Bancroft & die.

  2. Jonny Howard says “that if the resistance had not abated he would have” ……………….
    AND HE WOULD HAVE FAILED – they saying of it is easy – the doing of it is not – why doesn’t someone call him out on it.

  3. The Story goes like this …
    Someone from Queensland – ( a someone member of the establishment who felt that Howard had wronged him – in other words it was a personal threat from a known associate of sorts ) – threatened to blow Prime Minister John Howard’s head off his shoulders & he soiled his underpants & that is why the guns buyback happened.
    I am more inclined to believe this than a more complicated story ..
    Some people would shit if they were well fed.

  4. We must remember that Howard was in the US sucking up to the Bush criminals around 9/11 and shortly after his return to Aus we had the Port Arthur drama and the Bali Bombing both that Howard assisted in covering up.
    Port Arthur was a military kill as was the Bali Bombing; certainly not terrorists as promoted by our sad media.
    Howard took our guns without a whimper from the mob just as the queer ones have taken our marriage customs and changed to perversion; without a whimper, so what’s next in this left wing perversion attack of Aus?Have we lost our balls?

    1. Hi Gus – Happy New Year.

      The longer I think about John Howard & the people climate that he was affiliated with.
      The more I believe that John Howard & the people who were -\”in it with him\” – were up to more than just plain old no good.
      I therefore believe that exhilarated by the ultimate power they felt they had & the opportunistic sleeze that was their character, they seized the moment.
      A chance to hit the big time & make a killing all in one go.
      The tried to steal – cheat – misappropriated in some big way & for personal gain.
      John Howard is a discreet bully.
      And therefore I believe the guns buy back was a response to a real & personal threat, not just upon Howard but also his ambitious & high profile collaborators.
      That the defense forces were involved only shows that it was of grand theft caliber.
      This is not to diminish anything you have stated here.

      1. Yes, Liberals in Aus are Lefties: Old Mal Frazer, prior to his departure, stated that the Libs and Commo Labour should unite as there was little difference in their mandates.
        It seems in politics that when the Reaper knocks truth is entertained; maybe there is something in the Bibles offered Judgement Day?

      2. And a fruitful New Year to you MS Davis.
        Jagg hit the nail, Howard was controlled.
        The low life media in Aus supported by the Uni churned out Keynesian brainwashed economists played him as the greatest but all Howard did was increase taxes; Wow! some solution if you’re a worker.
        Howard still encouraged the rape of our economy by borrowing fiat money; he is a Rothschild man and strongly supports the rape and pillage of Palestine; Haven’t you seen this jerk with his Jew kippah on. He’s a Zionist supporter and in my reckoning should be charged with treason against the Australian people!
        Port Arthur and the Bali bombing come to mind.

        1. You did read how – with official Royal invitations to dine with Queen Liz & her entourage – in the inside jacket pocket – PM Howard had the chauffeur drive himself & Mrs. Howard to the servants entrance at Buck Palace.
          How’s that for knowing your place.

          Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes 2wosome.

  5. “Howard came to power after 13 years of Labor & had inherited a $7.6 billion Beasley BLACK HOLE”

    The Sunday Morning Herald
    Hey, Big Spender: Howard the king of the loose purse strings.
    By Peter Martin
    11 January 2013

    Australia’s needlessly wasteful spending took place under the John Howard – Coalition led government, rather than under the Whitlum, Rudd, Gillard Labor governments ……….
    According to the International Monetary Fund – (IMF).

    That is why the John Howard – Coalition led government introduces the GST – Goods & Services Tax – It was obvious that there was not enough money in Australia for John Howard to waste.

    1. There is only one Black Hole in economies and that is Fiat money.
      We will only prosper when we mint our own money relative to our productivity.
      You do not need a uni degree to understand that!

  6. Howard did nothing, he was not instructed to do. ie. he is/was a follower, not a leader.
    The attacks you mention, Gus, I believe were too keep the poly-ticks on side, as was the G20 in 2014 in Qld, and of course to manipulate the plebeians.

    Howard is/was a liberal. Hello!! Every else, except Australia liberals are left-wing solialists.
    An important warning for Australia, as well.

  7. Howard is trying to reinvent himself as a supporter of free speech by saying that Pauline Hanson should not have been jailed. Then why didn’t he say it at the time ? Because he’s just another two faced hypocrite that’s why. He also kept up the ban on British historian David Irving entering Australia. He had been barred by Paul Keating in 1993 – https://codoh.com/library/document/2417/

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