September 23, 2023

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Another day in vibrant Melbournestan:

Kudos to those shop owners who stood their ground and non-kudos to those who stood back and filmed. It appears the elders were the ones doing the fighting while the young ones did nothing. To be fair to the shop owners, Australia’s self-defence laws have them already at a disadvantage and it’s surprising Victoria Police haven’t laid charges of assault on the defenders.

It was this response from Victoria Police that really grinds our gears:


To be quite frank, take the paternalistic bullshit elsewhere, Victoria Police. Victoria Police and the judicial system have been doing a completely garbage job in handling this issue. Citizens are sick and tired of the crime, sick and tired of no arrests, soft sentences, gaslighting from Daniel Andrews and Lisa Neville and sick of an apologist media (hello Fairfax and the ABC/SBS) calling them racist for observing reality. To then tell them not to fight back and just be victims is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In Australia “vigilantism” has been very deliberately conflated with anything self-defence related. Self-defence is seen as “vigilantism”that should only be left to the “professionals” and we can’t have that because something something America. Only people in uniform can protect themselves, anything else is considered vigilantism and we don’t need cowboys and yahoos taking the law into their own hands, etc. This cultural meme is absurd and needs to end.

This is very deliberate and part of the long-term demoralization of the country – a discussion for another time.

Furthermore, when Police continue to lobby against the public owning the tools to self-defence then you continue to alienate and drive a wedge between yourselves and the law-abiding public. We have seen this consistently from just about every Police jurisdiction in the country – complete hypocrisy when they have the tools to protect themselves with.

Ask Dean Webber how it went when he called Queensland Police to help him in a home invasion.

Never forget Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana telling people to “just be compliant” during a home invasion:



Police cannot protect you, it’s unknown how many times this needs to be proven but the indoctrination that has taken place around this subject in Australia, especially in the post Port Arthur period, shows said indoctrination needs to be broken.

If Australian Police want to start supporting the public in protecting themselves, rather than lecturing them on how best to be victims while they arrive too late and complain they are understaffed and overworked (which they are), then you’ll get unequivocal support from the public. Right now you’re just aggravating them.

Self-defence is the most basic of human rights and the right itself is meaningless without access to the legal means. It starts with the complete legalisation of non-lethal means of self-defence and private citizens that can meet the same standards as Police should have the option to carry a concealed firearm. There is no good argument against this, particularly when Police hold Category H handgun licence holders to a far higher standard than themselves.

Note to Australians: no-one else is coming to save you. If you want self-defence laws strengthened and self-defence items available to protect yourselves and your family, then you’re going to have to demand and push for them. Social media outrage doesn’t do as much as you think it does, which is realistically nothing aside from a brief moment of catharsis and a dopamine hit.

Just like your personal safety and security, your country is your responsibility and until that cultural shift takes place in terms of self-defence, then this kind of violent criminal nonsense will continue unabated.

The Liberals were no better, but you voted for this Victoria.



  1. “We do not want to see any persons, no matter how justified they may feel, thinking that they need to take the law into their own hands.” tell us the policeman.

    Right up until the moment that one of their own is injured or killed.

  2. Interesting video: – Melbourne the growth of a city – Youtube

    “Melbourne is growing & it’s growing fast, by 2026 the projection of people is predicted to hit 5.000.000 people / 5 million people.”
    We are told that we should not worry about the overcrowded look, that will be Melbourne overcrowded with tall tower apartments, after all it will look (as chic I suppose they mean) like Manhattan USA.

    The real reason they want to build in the cities is that it is prime real estate & therefore will be the best possible security to put forward to borrow many more billions of dollars from foreign lending venues.
    Billions that they will never be able to repay.

    But have a listen to their excuses for not building roads & public transport – schools & HOSPITALS to outer suburbs.
    How will St Vincents & The Royal Melbourne & the Eye & Ear & the other PISSY Healthcare providers cope – because they are not coping now.
    St Vincent’s Hospital is a hotchpotch of small & old buildings scattered over a large & very valuable area on a most desirable corner in town & some of their buildings are not sufficient for the task & others are ready to crumble from the foundations up.

    And were exactly will theses people come from – Victoria is suffering from Below Replacement Fertility – MIGRANTS is how they will do this, more migrants living in town.

  3. 754 Lygon St Carlton North was the first house we owned – I was 5 years old.
    The, then government was scaremongering so as to scare homeowners into selling their homes to them – cheap.
    And the Commission flats in Lygon St went up – then they stopped pressuring but kept buying.
    They own most, if not all of Carlton, down Lygon St to Park St – to Nicholson St & all the way up to the city.
    Just imagine how much more they were able to acquire ??
    Some real estate was sold off to private buyers every now & then – I suppose someone needed ready cash, quick.

  4. The Police are there to protect the State and its allies, the Corporations. Police are not there to protect you neither is the Military. The Military has always fought wars for the Corporations and their wealth and used us as cannon fodder to maintain this.
    Chromsky-“The State will use technology to subdue its strongest enemy; The People”
    Get offa your fat arses and read some alternative history. It may help you to survive!.
    Turn the other cheek is the message and let these black scum rape and pillage.
    Maybe thats why they took our guns off us- was it all planned? Don’t need Sherlock!

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