October 4, 2023

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  1. That’s the solution: Train carriages, restaurants/pubs, retail stores, hairdressers for the covid injected and others for the uninjected. Easy peasy!

    Everyone who believes humans are biohazards can wear haz-chem suits, the non-believers can wear whatever. Easy peasy!

    Those who believe in health from a syringe can get injected; those who know how to lead a life and health-promoting lifestyle can refuse these poison cocktails. Easy peasy!

  2. Pondering the events of today a conclusion must arise that our Government is not about our welfare as they so often propose but about the Corporate State they designed and implemented.
    Part of that implementation was the importance of protecting their Corporate sponsorship and that became the responsibility of the Police. The Police protect the Governments interests who at present are the Vaccine manufacturers and subsidiaries. Hence we see the coercive force exerted by Police to make the Jab our only choice. Free choice said Morrison.
    To further the point the Morrison Government indemnified vaccine manufacturers from any liability actions instigated by damaged recipients. Your on you own but the Morrison propaganda stated that we are a free country and have the right too chose any medical applications so if you take the Jab and die it then becomes your fault. Interesting!
    It appears that the Police are also protected in their orders to subdue, arrest, and fine any whom they consider have breached the ever surmounting CoVid laws.They, Police, have announced that they will pursue strongly all Covid fines imposed in their Government sponsored duty to defend the Corporate interests involved.
    To summarise; our Government needs us for it’s survival but for our survival we do not need the Government. It makes sense then that we must terminate this useless confiscatory appendage ASAP.

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