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What if Cancer is Not a Disease But a Cure.

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We all have our own personal stories of loss and pain from this dreaded so-called disease so many of you will be saying ‘what the hell am I on about?’ How did a cure kill my mum?
My journey started with my own mum, diagnosed before the tender age of 45 with breast cancer she followed all the doctors recommendations. She suffered horribly, not from the cancer (there is a 70+ yr old woman living in the back end of beyond, Russia who’s been walking around with a 20 year cancerous tumour on her breast and she is alive and well.) She suffered from the treatments and she died one day after the 5 year survival rate of that protocol so putting her down as a success statistic. A dead success.

About 5 years ago I did a talk on Sally O’Elkordy’s radio show and have had a few requests to transcribe it. I won’t put you through that but I will use it as a basis for this article.

After my mother’s death at 49 I lived in fear of my own demise which mainstream media told me would be my fate as it was all down to my bad genes. I genuinely believed I would not see 50. That changed when I had my own personal scare believing the end was nigh for me too. Finding a hard lump on my right breast I was so panicked I literally ran the half mile to my doctors office without an appointment and grabbed the receptionist demanding to see a doctor NOW because I have breast cancer. After a brief exam I was told it was mastitis and not cancer. That was not good enough for me. I was not convinced so in my ignorance of mammograms and the damage they do I begged to be sent for a ‘proper’ breast examination. At a top London cancer hospital I suffered the indignity of having my breast squeezed in a vice gladly, after which a nice doctor sat me down for a talk. He asked me why at such a young age I wanted a mammogram so I told him my history to which he replied the genetic thing is total nonsense. The media lies did not reflect the science and I had no more chance of getting BC than anybody. My mothers genes were not going to kill me.

That was the switch flipped for me. I’d been living in fear of a lie so what else was lies? I started researching. I went down many tangents and ‘rabbit holes’, looked at vaccines and other drugs, alternative health modalities and even common law and conspiracies. I did a lot of learning. I learned how to read scientific papers while arguing with shills online over their ‘science’ versus my ‘pseudo science’. After 30 years I think I have cracked it and can safely say I no longer fear the ‘Big C’. Not one bit. Neither should you because it is that fear which will kill you, not the cancer.

There are so many different theories about what cancer is. The conventional theory is our own cells get out of control (proliferating) and stop dying like normal cells would after a given time period. (Different body cells have differing life-spans and the natural death of a cell is called apoptosis). They carry on dividing and building, growing into new cells that also don’t die. This theory doesn’t however tell us why this happens. They can’t seem to explain why the cell does this, what causes it or what will stop it. Why would our cells suddenly become seemingly ‘immortal’? Yes they call them immortal, look up HeLa cells. The cells from a black woman called Henrietta Lacks’ cervix who they used as a human guinea pig back in the 50’s. Her cells are still growing today in labs across the world yet her family were not paid one penny for them.

These ‘immortal’ cells are regarded as ‘rogue’ cells, the enemy in the ‘war on cancer’ which must be fought, battled, killed even at the expense of the whole organism (that’s you by the way). Ever heard the old quote ‘The operation was a success but the patient died’? This war on your own bodily cells is very short-sighted and follows the matriarchal war model without stopping to think, these are a natural process of some kind of our own cells which some might think could be a survival mechanism after all why would our bodies be trying to kill themselves. It’s a ridiculous notion from the start. Nature always seeks balance, equilibrium and nowhere in nature will you ever see an organism fight itself.

Conventional medicine considers the tumour as the ‘face’ of cancer. If they can ‘shrink’ it, cut it out, burn it or poison it along with every other cell in your body and you manage to survive for 5 years of battle you are chalked down as a success statistic. Just like my dead mother.

Onto alternative theories, we have the ‘cancer is a fungus’ theory. One Italian doctor (Simoncini) swears that opening you up and hosing your tumour down with baking soda will do the trick. (If that were the case then just cutting it out would also do the trick tho?) Fungus can survive in much harsher terrains than normal cells (and bacteria) and will feed on toxic substances. They also need no oxygen to survive (anaerobic). Scientists have even found a way of using fungi to clean up toxic oils spills in the ocean so if we think along those lines then fungus could indeed be playing a part in something going on in the body concerning dead cells, toxins and clean-up. But where are the immortal cells in this theory? Is this something else entirely, not truly cancer but an advanced clean up crew? This theory ties in with the toxic overload theory where the body, for whatever reason, cannot deal with some toxins so parcels them up to protect itself from harm until such time it can be dealt with. More on this later.

Nature does not show a propensity to attack it’s own organism. There is no proof anywhere that this would happen so why would we believe it of our own bodies which are perfectly designed for survival in their particular environment. Do things go wrong when the environment is compromised or has nature put things in place to help us overcome and survive possible problems. From all of nature we see proof of the latter. Therefore cancer MUST be a survival mechanism.

We also have the problem of false diagnosis and over zealous aggressive treatments. Just as they now claim measles and flu to be deadly diseases (which we all know they are not) the big cancer machine is fired up, all guns blazing at the mere smell of a cancer diagnosis, just like a war-crazed army where the enemy is your own body. This is where the early diagnosis and awareness campaigns come in to boost the figures in the war on cancer, they can’t keep filling the coffers without fresh enemies to fight so they go out on fishing expeditions to reel in more customers (fodder/fuel) for their lucrative cancer machine. By getting in younger and healthier patients who may be able to actually survive the toxic treatments they can boost their survival rates too, makes them look good. No matter that you never had cancer in the first place. My sister died 2 years ago. Shortly after her death it was announced that her particular form of cancer was being declassified/downgraded to not actually a cancer at all. Proof the treatment killed her then!!

The timing of first diagnosis can have an effect on your outcome too, depending on what stage of the ‘disease’ you are at when it is detected. You could be in the final stage of the tumour being broken down and toxins being dealt with and so well on the road to recovery but not if they get you onto their program and start pumping you full of more toxins and killing your microbiome which is in the process of cleaning up for you.

What is a tumour?
Our bodies have a system to deal with poisons and toxins which modern medicine has wrongly named an ‘immune system’. The germ theory we’ll deal with later on but for now just go with the bodies ability to clean up and expel nasty stuff which could harm us. The body uses various methods and avenues to get the stuff out and the main clean up guys are in fact bacteria (no they are not the invading enemy after all) but they only need to come into action if the body cannot immediately expel said poison. If it is inhaled the body will sneeze or cough it out, if injested the body will eject it quickly from one end or the other (or both if you’re really unfortunate). If the toxins end up in the tissues (by injection say) bacteria will proliferate there to clean up dead cells killed by the toxic load, clean up the toxins and push them out through the skin hence poxes, rashes and pustules. If these methods don’t get it out then the bacteria will go into action, this we feel as general aches, pains, fevers etc.

Most people at this point will run to the doctor and come home with anti-biotics which will stop the bacteria doing their clean-up job. Although everyone takes antibiotics at some point from a doctor they are also getting into us through other ways, the water, food (particularly farmed meat which is fed massive amounts of antibiotics to fatten animals quickly) and vaccines which always contain antibiotics. Without the bacteria/energy, the body being in stress mode, the next plan of action kicks in and the body has to partition off the harmful toxins so they cannot come in contact with healthy cells, this is called a tumour (or a cyst, even a boil depending on the stage it is noticed and the location). This lump of putrid poison if found once it is filled and formed would be diagnosed as a benign tumour, if the body builds up enough energy and microbes to deal with the toxins and it starts breaking it down it will become inflamed and might be diagnosed as an infection or a metastising cancer, finally if diagnosed at the point when it is still filling up with toxins it will be diagnosed as a full blown cancerous tumour (growing) hence the spider looking effect of the veins transporting toxins into the partition. Still in this case those pesky immortal cells may not be present so is it really ‘cancer’. I’d suggest not.

What is a tumour 2. Now we come to the real deal which has only been answered in the last 10 years for me. It explains the crazy cancerous cell proliferation and those immortal cells, the why’s the causes and the astounding outcome. German New medicine discovered by a German oncologist (Dr Hamer) describes how real cancer works and how it is not trying to kill us as modern medicine would have us believe, it is helping us to survive. If you happen to be diagnosed with this real cancer it will probably be claimed to be aggressive and deadly or stage 4.

According to the New Biology (previously German New Medicine) cancer is a biological program of tissue building to facilitate surviving a trauma of some kind. This is where the massive cell prolifiration comes into play which is the hallmark of cancer and so what I would call a true cancer process. To explain it in simple terms lets take lung cancer as a classic example. Lung cancer would be set into motion by a fright where you feel your life is threatened. You actually think you are about to die. When you are shocked what is the first thing your body does? It takes a sharp intake of breath. You go into flight or fight mode and the fuel needed is oxygen. The biological program that is switched on is to build up more lung tissue to expand the area in the lung for oxygen and carbon dioxide exhange. The switch for this is in the brainstem according to Dr Hamer and can be clearly seen on an MRI scan forming a perfect circle (looks a bit like a target board) which will be in a different part of the brain according to which organ is being affected. (Hamers work with these brain scans has been verified and tested by other scientists in the field. He could diagnose what organ had cncer and at what stage it was at just by looking at patients brain scans. As a side note I wonder if these circles are being diagnosed as brain tumours too?) At this point when cells are proliferating at a fast rate those ‘immortal cells’ will have been switched on and if you happened to be tested at this point (most won’t because you’ll probably feel amazing) you would undoubtedly be diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 or 4 cancer which they will tell you will kill you within months or even weeks. That’s a double whammy right there, another threat to your life plus then they will poison/radiate and even chop bits of you off/out if you go along with them.

This survival mechanism can be triggered on any organ according to the type of biological shock. Some organs will work in the opposite direction breaking tissue down in the first phase instead of building which is sometimes the case in breast cancer which can work both ways. If a woman sadly loses a child, to deal with the shock, the milk ducts which are no longer needed and full of milk will be dismantled so the milk can be stopped and recycled to feed the body as it will be in fight or flight mode again. Once the initial shock is over and the program progresses the milk ducts must be built back at which point the area can become ‘inflamed’ and may look like mastitis. (This process must be going on and on in dairy cows who regularly have bouts of mastitis and tumours as their calves are taken from them to use their milk hence the regular doses of antibiotics. Never chemo tho.)

A major factor in this process is the role of bacteria. In particular tuberculin seems to be very important in the breakdown of tumours, yes the bacteria they tell us causes TB. If the specific bacteria earmarked for the job of dismantling, recycling tumours and cleaning out their contents are not present because too many antibiotics have decimated the microbiome then what happens? Chemo is also antibiotic except it not only kills bacteria it also kills our cells. If we look at the work of many microbiologists there is evidence that the microbes are not actually killed by antibiotics at all. They are pleomorphic, which means they can change their form to suit their environment. This is why they say ‘superbugs’ happen in places like hospitals. They are not superbugs they are the same bacteria morphing to survive. If the fungal forms of our bacteria are the most durable then this might be why they are found in tumours and why Simoncini said ‘cancer is a fungus’.

So chemo and antibiotics can impede our bacteria but not kill them. The tumour would be broken down much quicker during the final biological phase according to GNM if we refused all their drugs in other words plus the body wouldn’t have the added toxins to deal with. In short doing nothing at all is better for your outcome than any of their treatments.

So back to the other tumours that are not true cancer but are some kind of protection from toxic overload by sealing toxins off into little compartments. These also will only be broken down when the body is strong enough and can produce enough of the right microbes. If the tumour is very acidic then fungus will be present and cleaning up the toxins from the inside of the tumour, once this is done and the toxins are neutralized then the tumour can be dismantled. Then there will be a lot of bacteria on site creating heat and cell debris which modern medicine calls an infection. So there you have it the healing process is called a disease and must be prevented by modern medicine with their weapon of choice {drumroll} antibiotics!! Anti-life that means. The cleaning up process will not kill you, that is just ridiculous, what will kill you is the poisonous drugs that not only stop the cleaning up process but also add to the workload of new piles of toxins and debris.

I don’t know if you’ve heard the recent fuss about measles or chickenpox in childhood lowering cancer risk in later life? I’d just like to comment on that briefly because it ties in with their false notion of germs causing disease. How can a disease on the one hand be trying to kill you yet on the other be protecting you from being killed later on? Again they contradict themselves. Firstly they have never yet managed to prove any microbe causes any disease. Secondly they have never isolated a single virus so how do you think they are going to give someone measles to cure their cancer? (Yes this is what they are perportedly trying to do and probably want to fail on purpose for obvious reasons.) It has been observed in several cases that a fever seems to send cancer into remission. Well whoop de doo!! So after what I’ve pointed out above WHAT do you think is happening there? The clean-up crew have arrived fully loaded. The fact that statistically kids that had measles etc do not get cancer as adults suggests their bodies have cleaned out so no toxic build-up and also don’t forget it means they were not vaccinated so lack of more toxins AND antibiotics. Their bodies are just working optimally.

So if there is no cure for a bodily clean-up or a biological process the men in white coats call ‘cancer’ what is the best thing to do. I am no medical doctor so am not allowed to give medical advise so I won’t, I’d suggest you steer well clear of all of it. Listen to your body. If you are tired, rest. Don’t keep pumping yourself full of caffeine and ignoring what your body wants. Eat clean, organic species specific foods. Isn’t it funny how they know exactly what to feed every animal in the zoo to keep that animal well yet they refuse to nail down the optimal human diet. Look into ‘natural hygiene‘ and the 80/10/10 diet and why Gerson Therapy works. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something you don’t need. If you feel nauseous or simply not hungry then fast. Fasting is the best way to rest and conserve energy for detoxing. Again listen to what your body is asking for. Finally and most importantly you need to understand your body is trying to save you not kill you like oncologists would have you believe. You have to let go of that fear and trust in your body. Fearing anyone in a white coat would be more appropriate than believing your body is out to get you.

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