December 8, 2023

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Where Is MP, Greg Warren?


Greg Warren facebook Address: 3/72 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560 

Phone: (02) 4625 3344

 FrankieTaylor Winterstein

Today my family had an appointment with our local MP, Greg Warren, to express our concerns and discuss the issues we have with the proposed “No Jab, No Play” law. We walked in with high hopes that Mr Warren was going to give us at least 5 minutes of his time to hear us out, however we were greeted with extreme disappointment.

Mr Warren told his receptionist to lie to us about him being “suddenly called out of the office” but then we found out that he was there, but simply refused to see us. Our MP was so gutless, he sent out a younger colleague instead to do his dirty work.

I have never felt so disrespected in my life and the way my Father and I were treated this morning was so rude and disgusting. I feel completely appalled.

We were all smiles and hopeful before going in, but I walked out devastated, crushed and in tears.

It was made extremely clear to us this morning that the government does not care about listening to the people. They only care about pushing their agenda and will completely dismiss those who do not tow the party line.

We live in a country, where we shouldn’t question the system and we certainly cannot question vaccines or the vaccination schedule. We can’t even debate it. And anyone who does is instantly shut down, belittled, patronised and bullied.

The system is failing us. The government is lying to the people. Just like they’ve always done in the past, just like they’ll always do in the future.

I don’t know what it’s going to take for more of us to take action, stand up and seriously fight the system. Fight for our rights.

Are we seriously going stand by and watch the government take away our basic human rights one by one?

The ‘No Jab, No Play’ policy is more than likely going to be passed here in NSW very soon. This policy which has originally come from the Murdoch-owned, Daily Telegraph newspaper, who have strong financial ties to the vaccine industry. Hash tag conflict of interest!

Today it was also made clear that it won’t stop at ‘No Jab, No Play’ just like it didn’t stop at ‘No Jab, No Pay’.

This is the start of the end for us. It will eventually lead to no jab, no school, no jab, no sport, no jab, no job….

When this law is passed and there are still outbreaks occurring in daycare centres and preschools, who will they blame next? It will be the adults. And what is next on the agenda? A mandatory vaccination program for the parents.

So ask yourself how you will feel when you are being told that your child cannot have an early childhood education because you, the parent, are not up to date or fully vaccinated? How will you feel when this issue is now staring you in the face. How will you feel when you’re forced to inject extremely toxic ingredients into your body, going off a vaccine schedule that isn’t supported by science and hasn’t been tested properly for safety?

Are we really going to sit by and let the government dictate to the people what we should and shouldn’t be doing with our own bodies?! Do you honestly think that the government has your best interests at heart and is more qualified to make decisions for yourself and your family?

The government are pushing strongly for unvaccinated children to be banned from all daycare centres and preschools. But not only that. They are looking to fine the centres who still allow unvaccinated children to enrol (despite the law) and are also pushing to put a complete ban on anyone wanting to open up their own private centre for unvaccinated children only.

So this is the reality my family are facing.

My son (and future children) will be excluded, he will be alienated from his peers, he will be denied his right to an early childhood education and my family will be forced to pack up and move.

But moving is not an option for all parents who choose not to vaccinate. So my heart seriously breaks for the thousands of families who will be forced to vaccinate against their will, because of financial pressure and constraints.

The government has made it clear to the parents like me and so my focus is not on them anymore. My focus is on US, the PEOPLE.

In the 1800’s, thousands of people from Leicester, fought for their rights, they overturned the government and boycotted the mandatory small-pox innoculation program in England.

That is when the real ‘anti-vaccine’ movement began. So if the people can stand together in 1800’s and successfully fight for their rights when it comes to vaccines, I can only hope and pray we will do the same in 2017 and in the years to come.

For the first time I feel ashamed to be living in a country where the government doesn’t truly represent the people, we are not being heard and our voices don’t matter.

I might be feeling sad, angry and hurt right now BUT I will not go down without a fight.

Today just added fuel to the strong fire burning inside of me and I will keep fighting to the end for my family. ??

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11 thoughts on “Where Is MP, Greg Warren?

  1. Greg Warren MP – Labor Party NSW.
    This man did 9 years in the Australian Army
    It says he is a truck driver & he is proficient in “business logistics” that mans he is also a store-man .. isn’t it.
    He shouldn’t be hiding from anyone .. is he afraid ?
    Doesn’t Greg Warren have security personnel looking after him ?
    A security guard .. like the man who stands at the entrance of the chemist shop & asks to look in your bag as you leave.
    Security guards also have guns.
    It is effeminately not good that Greg warren is afraid of the people who voted him into his office.
    Surely Greg Warren didn’t think that someone would hurt him ?
    Being a politician is obviously not a job for the faint of heart.
    Greg Warren was born in 1973 .. that would make him around 44 years old .. is he shy ?
    Does he suffer from anxiety ?
    Is he in poor health ?
    It is for certain that if this is the way Greg Warren is going to behave with his constituents .. he should consider that he may not be made of the right stuff .. maybe he should consider getting a new job.

    Exerts From .. Greg Warrens – Inaugural Speech:

    “Our greatest attribute is the good nature of our people.
    Greg Warren goes on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on .. about the wonderful people that makeup Campbelltown .. & then he goes on some more .. it looks like he loves the people of Campbelltown very much .. for giving him his nice clean job & a nice little salary paid to him by the taxpayer.
    I guess he just did not think he would ever have to front them.

  2. Tony Robbins is in town doing his speaking tour .. it only costs $69 to attend .. maybe the Labor Party should send Greg Warren MP to listen to Tony Robbins ..
    His talk is titled ..
    Ultimate Power – Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.
    It sounds exactly like the sort of self-help talk Greg Warren might need .. hey.

  3. Australia need new politicians .. we need to clean out the cupboard & start again from scratch.
    We don’t need Parlor Maidens that bow & scrape to anyone who say boo to them ..
    Australia is a nation & not the local take away running a chook raffle at Christmas time.

  4. Dear R Davis, Sadly for us Australia is not a nation and has not been since, oddly enough for 44 years, which you mentioned above, 1973. The Commonwealth of Australia was usurped without a referendum and the Corporation of Australia was begun, not unlike the local take away, a business no more, no less. Are you old enough to remember the lima agreement? The High Court was usurped about the same time when thereafter it was the opinion of the judges that mattered not THE LAW, namely constitutional law. Case law is there, I can’t name the case right now. The confessions are out there, but not in the financial papers and other MSM. Silence is consent – Equity Law. Crazzfiles has had AL Whitney on from

    1. Att: JAGG
      There Are No Sunglasses – website
      article title – 3 ISIS Terrorists Went to Take A Crap & On Kirkuk & The Hogs Ate/Killed Them – April 28 2017.

      Nature in action.

  5. Hi JAGG .. only in their eyes JAGG.
    It is all illegal & therefore .. at the end of the day .. carries with it .. a custodial sentence.
    This system of criminality has had it’s day .. JAGG .. we the people have had enough & will take back our nation.

    I have to go to AIDACARE to pick up the shopping basket for the mobility scooter .. I shall return.

    1. ATT: R Davis
      Great to hear. How shall we do it?
      Not by voting in “new politicians” as you mentioned above, as they are but corporate employees, bound by the policies and procedures of that corporation and therefore with NO, repeat NO, obligation or onus to you or anyone else who voted for them.
      Could spreading the word on June 8 this year for the 50th anniversary of the USS Liberty?
      And including “The Rhine meadow camps”

      Regarding your Daesh reference,
      Jonathan Azaziah provides very comprehensive information I would encourage you to assess.

  6. Dearest JAGG
    Ever so long ago .. on either ABC radio 621 or 774 .. I heard the sad saga of TELSTRA.
    When TELSTRA was still national.
    Each serving government would confiscate EVERY CENT THAT WAS POSSIBLE FROM THE TELCO.
    They left .. only enough monies to pay running costs & the most urgent of repairs & certainly no upgrades.
    Did you know that it cost THE TELCO just as much to put a local call through as it cost an interstate call ?
    We Australians PAID THROUGH THE NOSE for interstate calls when they cost the telco just the same to connect & run both calls.
    As a result TELSTRA suffered & AUSTRALIA suffered .. then they privatized TELSTRA but still kept a noose around it’s neck.
    I used to believe that national is the way to go .. I was wrong .. PRIVATIZATION IS THE ONLY WAY .. and private knows how to avoid paying taxes .. JUSTICE AT LAST.
    The banks have had their moment in time.
    How ?
    PRIVATE Business learns from it’s mistakes & cuts out the dead wood .. I do not care weather the corporate world is corrupt or not as long as they deliver the goods .. & they will.
    I know it all sounds like a fairy story but business could care less about the court system & the constitution .. they run rings around that kind of corrupt bullshit every day.

  7. The banks have had their moment .. all they manages to do .. in all the time they ran things .. was to take the whole world to the shit house.

    1. The banks haven’t finished yet, until they get all the Australian superannuation which was signed away to them at the G20 in Brisbane (2014), while everyone was looking at Abbot and Putin. Taking the whole world to the shit house is / was always their intention.
      Have a look at the featured video, better for the spirit than money and politics.
      They have been saying Bosnian pyramids are a hoax for 10 years, that is all the convincing I need, like low fat and low salt.

      1. Do you really believe that supper money exists ?
        I ask based on my belief that if you leave a dollar on the counter & look away .. it vanishes in to thin air.
        Also .. the work & salary situation has been reworked to suit minimal or non payment of superannuation .. avoidance is rife.
        So it is questionable as to how much is really being paid into the super funds & how quickly it vanishes in to the ether.
        I am taking a break from .. New film exposes Shaken baby Syndrome myth.

        JAGG: it is hard not to notice the concentrated effort being made to expose The Mainstream Establishment Managery .. Alternative news is massive .. documentary after documentary opening up the truth to the world at large .. This effort is costing someone billions upon billions of dollars .. money does not fall from the heavens so it is not God .. who is doing this ?
        Vested Interests ?

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