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Who and What Was Behind ‘The Exorcist’ Movies?

When I watched the movie “The Exorcist” as a young man in 1973, it scared the heebie jeebies out of me. At the time, I lived alone in a modest apartment and hardly slept all night. This was a new film genre, and it kind of traumatized me. The other film that hit me hard was the cage and Russian-roulette scene in the movie “The Deer Hunter” (1978). What’s curious is that I watched “The Exorcist” for a second time last year and it had much lesser affect. After 45 years of exposure to more generalized trauma in our entertainment and culture, it seems I’m used to it or desensitized.

“The Exorcist” was followed by a whole generation of slasher movies. And, by sheer coincidence, America experienced what is called the Satanic Panic. Much of it was centered around ritual abuse. At the time, there were a number of stranger-on-stranger crimes of a hideous nature, often involving self-professed killers, who claimed to be possessed.

Today, skeptics and pervert justice warriors — who were little more than a twinkle in their pop’s eye at the time — dismiss it as hysteria and “conspiracy theory.” Indeed, skepticism on this and Pedogate has become the default position. But the wags and suckers have no context in which to judge that period. They are also desensitized — as well as brainwashed.

Ted Bundy, when he was advising the Green River task force, recommended that they stake out and look for suspects at the next big Seattle slasher film festival. Bundy stated that such movies had an impact on what he called his “entity.”

As a reminder, “The Exorcist” focused on the story of Regan, an 11-year-old girl and daughter of a movie actress residing in Washington, D.C. The child becomes possessed by an ancient demon, and it’s up to a small group of overwhelmed yet determined clergy to somehow rescue Regan from her unspeakable fate.

A scathing review of the book in TIME magazine proved prophetic in a backhanded way.

“It is a pretentious, tasteless, abominably written, redundant pastiche of superficial theology, comic-book psychology, Grade C movie dialogue and Grade Z scatology. In short, The Exorcist will be a bestseller and almost certainly a drive-in movie,” TIME’s review stated.

“Appallingly effective on the surface,” Gary Arnold wrote in The Washington Post. “‘The Exorcist’ is appallingly worthless beneath the surface.”

Well, maybe not so worthless. But with a purpose?

Now, I learn that the author, William Peter Blatty of the original “Exorcist” and “Exorcist III” (1990) was US Air Force’s Psychological Warfare Policy chief. Maybe this is all just a big cowinkydink for skeptics to again dismiss. Or is it possible these films were part of a mass psychological trauma exercise? “Exorcist III” was written and directed by Blatty and starred George C. Scott. It’s said to be more horrific than the first. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never watched it other than clips.

Additionally, Blatty’s book “Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane” was about a military mental hospital with hints of a mind control program run amok. The doctor was played by Stacy Keach in the movie adaptation called “The Ninth Configuration.”

However, “Exorcist III” caught the rapt attention and interest of several of America’s most notorious serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer, for example, told police detective Dennis Murphy that he watched it two or three times a week for six months and identified with the Gemini Killer. Dahmer thought he was possessed. Dr. Park Dietz — a forensic psychiatrist indicated that Dahmer would watch “The Exorcist III” and “Return of the Jedi” to set “the right mood” before cruising for victims and eventually murdering them. Sometimes Dahmer would also bring his victims home and watch a portion of the films with them and direct their attention to certain scenes he believed were important.

David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, met with the leading Catholic exorcist Father Martin, who proclaimed him possessed.

Brad Dourif’s performance as the Gemini Killer in “Exorcist III” would move up and down between calm and casual — even a little funny —and a complete raving psychotic.

“The Exorcist III” movie was also the favorite of Danny Rollings, the Gainesville Ripper, who also identified with Gemini. Rollings in the flesh in public appearances acted like the calm “gracious me” part of Dourf’s performance — but he also identified with the possessed part [see the second video below].







11 thoughts on “Who and What Was Behind ‘The Exorcist’ Movies?

  1. Jeffrey Dahmer:
    I believe that he is the product of classic, systematic, child abuse & most likely from infancy. He may have been systemised & then shared in a local pedofile ring.
    Terrorised from the very beginning, this man had no identity, every fiber of his being was set on survival mode, by any means possible.
    The only reality he was capable of was the learned behavior, forced upon him to hide the reality of his abuse & the identity of his abusers.

    That mainstream made up stories – they covered up the crime to protect the truth about the prevalence of child sexual abuse.

  2. I went to see the Exorcist.
    I wasn’t afraid.
    I wondered weather the spirit that possessed Regan was real & where Regan’s spirit was when the evil spirit was using her body to rant & rave.
    That Sacred Words read from a Holy Bible by an ordained Exorcist could send it away was not believable … “I command you” even shouted, to/at conscious energy is going to achieve diddly squat.
    While I believe, It needs to be reality & not reworked tales of The Brothers Grimm.
    Ever the seeker me.

  3. I believe that no one kills alone.
    Killers are not lonewolves.
    Someone always knows.
    That someone is their partner in crime.
    And, in cases like serial killing, many people know & play their role.
    Criminal psychiatry has got it horribly wrong.

    So – what is it about hunting down & killing a human being that is so alluring?
    Therefore is the energy involved a collective mindset, conveniently at the same place at the right time for an murder escapade to be enacted?
    Or – is it conscious malicious energy, that has gathered malleable minds together & contrived the opportunity, looking for a hit?
    Is there something out there with an insatiable appetite for horrendous slaughter that utilizes mankind to feed?

  4. Ed Gein – was an innocent man, 2 women were brutally murdered in his town, just 2 local women.
    The real murdered was most likely someone prominent in the community.
    Ed Gein was a man alone & the perfect patsy.
    Read the rubbish that the establishment made up & pinned on Ed Gein to hide one of their own.
    Ed Gein was a simple man, who,lived alone & had no one to speak up for him.

  5. The Babysitter Killer was not one man as everyone suspects.
    The 4 children that were taken & killed were look after, their clothes washed.
    Buy mummy & daddy.
    The children were taken from their neglectful parents by a couple, to play mummy & daddy & happy familys, when the children did not behave according to the expectations of their ‘now’ perfect parents, they were returned to their original parents, & in better condition than when they were taken, & being dead they would remain better children & not spoiled by the bad parents.

  6. Stigmata – 1999 starring Patricia Arquette.
    Have you watched this movie?

    Stigmata fascinates me.

    The mind is very powerful & therefore the wounds can be inflicted by the mind.
    And if they are not?
    What then?

    Nevertheless, this movie speaks to the political agendas of nondisclosure of Rome as a means of self preservation.

    The Lady of Fatima & The Miracle of The Sun.
    The miracle of Fatima, Portugal, began in May 1917.
    Three children aged 7, 9, & 10 claimed to have encountered the Virgin Mary on their way home from tending a flock of sheep. The oldest girl, Lucia was the only one to speak to the Holy Mother, Mary.
    The Miracle of The Sun:
    It is estimated that 70.000 people were in attendance at the site to witness the last appearance of the Virgin Mary, she identified herself to the children as the Lady of the Rosary.
    Thousands of reporters & witnesses present reported seeing the sun dance & other phenomenon.
    An optical illusion?
    What kind of energy force – know to man – could cause this event?

  7. The bible speaks of a mysterious character called the antichrist, the false Christ, the man of lawlessness, the beast.
    The name antichrist is only found in 1 John 2:18, 2.22, 4.3, & 2 John 7.
    The Apostle John was the only bible writer who used the name antichrist – false teacher.

    By the end time, many will be easily deceived & embrace the antichrist, because his spirit will already dwell within the world.

    What spirit is this?
    A conscious energy that feed off mankind.
    A presence, whose existence has been know to some? – many? & kept secret?
    In the misguided belief by some, that they had the power to control IT & make it work on their behalf & in their best interests.
    The Jinn that grants three wishes?

    Or the energy forces that Nikola Tesla talked about?
    Is it that the some, have worked out how to make wishes come true for themselves?
    At the expense of & even mankind on Earth?

  8. Jesus Christ was the feast:
    His flesh carved from his body while he was alive – as in done in scared voodoo rituals of sacrifice & attainment – His living flesh to be eaten by the eminent guests, his blood drained & drunk & all this was done to Him, to steal his capacity for miracle making, to steal for themselves His divine powers.

    So who was crucified instead of Jesus?
    Could it have been Judas?
    Is it that they believed Judas to be weak & therefore could not keep the secret?

  9. Who and what was behind the exorcist movies? The answer is simple. Humans who have submitted to being servants of evil angels, some call demons. These creatures a fallen good angels who have become evil beyond human comprehension. Their leader is Lucifer (Satan) a fallen Archangel.
    They can access, possess and control a persons mind. This is called demon possession.
    Those possessed are forced to do the will of the demon, which always involves some form of evil, committing murder, waging war, mass genocide of races, communism killing 200 million plus people, catholic church estimated to have killed 70-100 million.
    Included in this evil is ideology. The destruction of society\\\’s through the destruction of the family unit, desruction of gender, destruction of free speech, attacks on and perversion of simple biblical christian beliefs often from within.

    Not all humans committing this evil are possessd some are evil by their own choice and character.
    Some people consciously seek the power and knowledge that these demons have and they submitt to their control.

    Whenever a society removes the simple gospel as taught by God and Jesus which is love and peace we end up with a blood bath, see French revolution, Russian revolution, China Mao revolution, Cambodia, African dictatorships, Theocracies like the Catholic church persecutting and killing hundreds of millions.
    Today we political powers shutting down free speech, which eventually shuts down an individuals free thought processes preparing the way for the literal appearance of the antichrist and his attempt at taking control of the world.
    People join the dots its not that hard.

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