December 7, 2023

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Why is mainstream media targeting vaccine-aware parents?

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By AL Whitney © copyround 2015
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witchhuntRecently the mainstream media began reporting a measles outbreak that supposedly started in California. Following this outbreak, stories about mandating vaccines have been spreading like the plague. Parents who do not vaccinate their children are now being targeted in what appears to be a witch hunt. On Jan 28, 2015, Alex Berezow, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, even wrote; “Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.”

Why is this happening?

A growing number of men and women in America have recognized that our country has become a corporatocracy. That is, big corporations (be they military or medical) have the power to insure policies are put in place that benefit them economically – first and foremost. Wellness is not profitable for the medical-industrial complex, illness is. More and more parents are wising up and saying no to this profiteering scheme being done at their expense.

In 1986 when Congress granted Big Pharma immunity from liability for the harm their vaccine products were causing, not surprisingly the number of vaccines created by drug companies and pushed by their friends at the CDC grew appreciatively as did the rates of autism, allergies, seizures and infant mortality. While so-called government institutions did their best to cover-up this ever growing tragedy, some brave and heroic physicians and scientists (like those with the International Medical Council on Vaccination) have done their own research and are now doing their best to expose it – in spite of a complicit and many time vicious mainstream media.

Mainstream media relies on the advertising of big corporations, like Big Pharma, to stay in business. The media rarely exposes the malfeasance of their corporate customers. In fact to protect their own profitability, they are actually accomplices in many cover-ups like the 2014 Dr. William Thompson (CDC whistle-blower) story.

Many men and women have educated themselves regarding the medical-industrial complex and are doing their best to protect themselves and their children from what has now become a parasitic and dangerous industry built onbad science bought and paid for by corporate interests. In fact, a world renowned medical researcher, Dr. John Ioannidis, did a thorough investigation and to his surprise found that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed.

Many parents are also smart enough to know and understand that if vaccines were safe and effective Big Pharma would stand behind their own vaccine products and would not need immunity.

Today the campaign to push vaccines is nothing more than an agenda to increase profit for the medical-industrial complex . . . at the expense of everyone’s health.[*] And again, since our health does not increase their profits, they have no motivation to protect it. Government institutions are not protecting the public from big corporations. They are working with them. What we used to call ‘conflict of interest’ has become what is now openly called Public Private Partnership. Look for that term. So-called government institutions use it all the time!

Smart well informed men and women are doing their best to protect their children and themselves from the vaccine industry, whereas uninformed and naive men and women are not! Saying no to today’s vaccines any way you can is the only intelligent choice to make. The well informed parents  should be targeting the witches and warlocks at the CDC and their Big Pharma partners who have been lying to us all for decades!



1 thought on “Why is mainstream media targeting vaccine-aware parents?

  1. “many parents are wising up”

    If we look into the past .. we will find that there has .. NEVER .. EVER .. been a trust of the government .. the banking sector .. the corporate entities .. the wealthy .. the medical profession .. psychiatry .. the police and psychics .. by the populous.
    NEVER .. EVER.

    Throughout the history of mankind on planet earth .. we have been enslaved .. ripped off .. slaughtered .. denied the right to live a descent life.
    A great example of this is .. HOMELESSNESS .. only this morning on radio news .. they tell us that HOMELESSNESS is growing rapidly in Australia & even in country areas .
    The unemployed & the aged pensioners are living in TENTS in the outskirts of small country town .. while the wealthy property investors & property developers ratchet up the cost of rentals.
    These are our the self appointed rulers of the world .. who would have us .. we the people believed that they have had our best interests at heart or in mind .. NEVER .. EVER.

    Parents have been “wised up” since forever .. it is Mainstream Media that tell the false story of a few anarchist among the OBEDIENT AND COMPLIANT who are rocking the boat.

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