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Why we should not vote Labor: Shelton

The Conservative Party’s Queensland Senate candidate Lyle Shelton has pointed to a Facebook post from Labor’s candidate in the upcoming Wentworth by-election as a reason why we should not vote for the Labor Party because of the damage it would do to Australian society.

Labor candidate Tim Murray posted a picture of himself along with three men dressed as surf-lifesavers saying, “We may have won marriage equality but we’ve got more things to win.”

It went on to say that Labor will appoint a Human Rights Commissioner to investigate LGBTI discrimination and will put back $53 million in funding for AIDS which had been removed by the Liberal Party.

The Commissioner policy is not the random Facebook posting of a would-be Wentworth MP, but was a commitment that Federal Labor took to the 2016 election. Their draft platform for the coming election – to be finalised at the postponed ALP National Conference in December – says:

Labor will: Establish a Commissioner for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status issues, to work across government and the private sector to reduce discrimination

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi has told Sky News Conservative policy is to abolish the Human Rights Commission in order to stop the massive waste of time and money spent on funding hundreds of spurious claims against perfectly law abiding Australian citizens.

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5 thoughts on “Why we should not vote Labor: Shelton

  1. “… what they fail to understand is that history is masculine
    … it followers a higher destiny coded into the very fabric of the cosmos
    … & if we Europeans in the west want our fate back in our hands
    … then we must stop reconing ourselves in liberal postmodern terms
    … & as something supremely historical
    … an organic part of the infinite ”

    What does the orator mean by this ??
    “the history of masculine follows a higher destiny – coded into the very fabric of the cosmos – an organic part of the infinite.”
    THE ONE & ONLY TRUE GOD – who revealed Himself to Abraham the worthiest of mankind – is masculine – & he created Adam & it all went well for them – & Adam said unto THE ONE & ONLY TRUE GOD ” the place is a pigsty – surely you don’t expect me to clean this mess up ?? ” & therefore THE ONE & ONLY TRUE GOD – took a spare rib from the leftovers & created woman.

  2. The “State” or our political circus as we know it was conceaved by conquest and maintained by confiscation. It’s called “redistribution of wealth” from the taxpayer to the groups who support the State. This is why we have taxation, to feed the useless eaters.
    The sooner we understand this then the sooner we would cease voting for these pretenders.
    Imagine a Federal election when all the voters did not vote; anarchy, no!, end of a food chain; Yes!
    We are feeding non productive people who make laws to control our lives. In other words biting the hand who feeds them is our State and it’s predators.
    Life is about predation, survival of the fittest seems appropriate, but are the fittest our predators; no! They are protected thru State laws that control our every move so therefore we live in an unnatural evolve.How on earth can we evolve to higher things when we have these parasites eating our bread?

    1. This is why I came – I am watching a documentary about Stalin – some people are beyond evil.

      Is it possible that the Labor Party of Australia are going all out to lose the next federal election ??
      Billy Shortarse is no blushing violet – but as a protest vote against the Liberal Parties dictatorial prowess – he is an alternative.
      Let Us Not Fall For The Trickery & Give Billy Shortarse A Go.
      My Vote will go to

      At The Next Federal Election
      Breathe A Sigh Of Relief
      VOTE 1
      As Prime Minister of Australia.

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