December 7, 2023

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William Davis presents a powerful argument that wheat is unhealthy.

Jim West
William Davis presents a powerful argument that wheat is unhealthy.
I’m biased because raw organic wheat works very well for me, for several years now.
Davis says wheat is a problem because it is a complex modern hybrid, not natural. However, I’ve eaten through a 25-lb bag of organic ancient hybrid Einkorn wheat and didn’t feel healthier than when eating the modern hybrids. I returned to my favorite flavor, Warthog wheat, which is a semi-hybrid, 19th century style.
I feel certain that gluten intolerance is mainly a response to Roundup “preharvest” poisoning in wheat. Yet, Davis doesn’t give a break to organic wheat. Wheat is bad.
He talks about Einkorn as the healthier ancient hybrid, but doesn’t advise the audience that Einkorn is available present day. Apparently no room for compromise. Wheat is bad.
But it tastes so good.
Beginning of the vid……
He says that we humans were trying to eat wild wheat, but out of all the elements of this plant, the only thing we could eat, was the grain, as if this is a bad thing.
That’s like saying we were trying to eat an orange tree, but the only thing we could eat was the orange. Sigh.
Davis’ weakest point is TOXICOLOGY. It is not discounted within his arguments.
“…[bad health] almost always goes away with wheat elimination…”
That’s too simple when we are bombarded with EMF, exhaust, pesticides, etc. The presence of wheat often means the presence of cooking wheat, and that means stove exhaust, extremely poisonous.
He doesn’t talk about raw wheat, as in smoothies. Raw wheat has much different properties than cooked wheat. That goes for most foods.
He mentions the hazards of ClearField (herbicide used for wheat). I could not find the ingredients of ClearField. It is a different chemical than Roundup. Davis does warn about Roundup. Kudos to him.
Common is the preharvest treatment of wheat with Roundup herbicide. That seems to be the most reasonable cause for gluten intolerance. The timeline matches.
I eat organic wheat in smoothies and occasionally make bread from grain (without storing the grain or its flour) and never have a problem. I have a flat stomach and am healthy.
Gluten intolerant people say they can’t eat organic wheat but I’d say that is a learning theory issue, with the body confusing organic and non-organic wheat, and warning systems emerge (disease).
He blames dental disease on wheat, but my theory for dental disease (from the school of hard knocks) is based on poisons such as fluoride, mercury, pesticides, and in modern times, mainly EMF from all electrical sources. George Washington had bad teeth yet arsenic, lead and mercury were common pollutants in medicine and food (preservatives), and, stove and fireplace exhaust were common in his era.
“Effect of electromagnetic fields and antioxidants on the trace element content of rat teeth”
“Apoptosis and Its Significance in Oral Diseases”
“The effects of an electromagnetic field on the gingival tissue apoptosis in rat”
Jim West

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