September 23, 2023

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Zika Global Emergency Is a Declaration of War on YOU!

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2. Support the FIRM Act:

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.Any link between the Zika Virus and the horrendous outbreak of microencephaly in Brazil is merely an allegation, and is no way proven. This unproven allegation is neither a proper logical nor legal basis for the WHO Global Health Emergency Declaration. Rather, the best evidence is that the Rockefeller Institute’s proprietary Zika Virus does not cause birth defects like microcephaly but aluminum in vaccines and toxic chemicals like Roundup® can, and do, for example, in Brazil. But the failed GMO mosquitoes which are spreading the closely related Dengue and Zika viruses have given the pro-vax loonies a magnificent excuse to “Protect” us from our health and from our freedom.” General Bert

.Get ready for the battle of your life. It’s called “Protecting Our Vulnerable Babies from Zika” and it is pure, unadulterated, but very dangerous, BS.

.If we don’t push back successfully now, they win. If they win, we lose – BIG TIME. Our health, our freedom and our genes will be damaged, perhaps beyond repair. Which is precisely the intent of this vicious and deceitful program to which we are being subjected.

.I am a Major General trained in military intelligence and I see the forces arrayed against us with the obvious Order of Battle clearly visible.

.By scaring the wits out of the population, they believe that we will blindly accept their solution – MORE vaccines delivered by mandate AND more GMO mosquitoes. They are behaving like health control terrorists pushing their vaccine weapons.


Through those vaccines, of course, they can put anything at all that they chose including sterilizing agents (as they planned to do in 2009), chips (both emitters and receivers), heavy metals, foreign DNA, including novel or “time bomb” material, highly toxic oil adjuvants like squalene, and whatever else their evil brains can devise. And you have to give them credit: they are very, very clever — very wicked.

.More details on the Zika Virus Hoax from Rima E. Laibow, MD, the Medical Director of the Foundation, here:

.There are 4 simple steps we MUST take now, and in massive numbers. Here they are.

.Here are the 4 steps.

.First, PERSONAL protection: Assert your legally protected right to Informed Consent – your Right of Informed Refusal — for yourself and the people you care about by securing an Advance Vaccine Directive card here:  That’s a donation site where you can make a donation to help us win this huge battle and get your AVD cards or other Thank You gifts at the same time.  Remember, we have a $100,000 matching grant waiting to add to the kitty as soon as we meet our goal!

.Second, POUND your legislators here:

.Notify them that you reject all vaccine mandates. Right now, states like Hawaii and Virginia are considering legislation to, in Hawaii, make every vaccine recommended by the totally corrupt CDC a required mandate.  Zika vaccine will be in that group very quickly along with more than 90 others for adults that are currently “recommended”.

.Third, DEMAND Legislative Protection  by  passing  the FIRM Act (Freedom of Informed Refusal of Medications Act) here:

This pointed legislation affirms your right to Informed Consent. We need to bring the issue to public and legislative attention and, for once and for all, memorialize, enshrine, articulate and punctuate the fact that your body does not belong to the State or its merged twin, the Corporation.

.Fourth, Alert, Inform and Support your friends and colleagues by bringing them into this battle.  Like and Share us on FB:/NaturalSolutionsFoundation and follow and share @DrRimaLaibow and @HealthFreedom. Urge them to download our free, massive vaccine truth program, the Mayday Marathon here: which will also bring them our newsletter. Download our Health Freedom App – go to your smart device’s App Store and searchhealthfreedom (as one word).

.Ten minutes.

.Ten minutes!

.I am asking for a commitment from you to spend just 10 minutes per day on this issue and reach out to just 10 people per day whom you mobilize to do the same.

.That’s all. 10 minutes of your busy life to save your life.

.Do your part to share these solutions:

.Yours in health and freedom,

.Gen. Bert
Natural Solutions President
Albert N. Stubblebine III

Maj. General, US Army, Ret.




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