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3 thoughts on “10 Scary Facts About Fluoride In Our Drinking Water (Video)

  1. “with all medicines it is the patient, not the doctor, that has the right to decide which medications to take”

    And this should apply across the board.
    Great Video -!!

    1. Poor Nutrition is practiced by everyone across the board.
      Rich kids do not eat good foods – just like other kids.
      Rich kids tend to be encouraged – by their parents, extended family & peer’s to be thin & beautiful.
      So as to be accepted into their social entitlements.
      FAT is not acceptable ….
      So rich kids diet.
      Boys & Girls:
      To extremes.
      At a Prominent Private Girls High School in Melbourne, a large % of the girls are struggling with anorexia & bulimia, so much so that there are psychologists available to the school to help deal with the situation.
      One little boy, at nothing but sweets.
      A little girl 3 years old carried around a box of sweet biscuits all day – this was her daily meals program.
      Children across the board eat poor food.
      The richer & poorer the family the worse the nutritional value of their food intake.

  2. Interesting article :
    Cairns News – Wilkie warns of totalitarian whistleblower bill supported by Liberal & labor.

    They are trying to shut venues like the Crazz Files down.

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