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37 thoughts on “High Speed Rail, Oz Fire Map and CLARA

      1. Stop jumpin up & down, yer makin me nervous.
        I realise the ramifications ….
        What’s that you sayin …. you wanna be my daddy …. how can that be …. you don’t know what yer sayin boy child ….
        We’ll see .. we’ll see …. maybe in your dreams – hey.
        I’m just conferring with my divine legal eagles …. don’t want no trouble – right.

        1. “James Moriarty what are you doing .. nothing I bet”
          “Listen Moriarty, Watson is just a bit over stretched right now”
          “Shouldn’t we find some time to help sort him out”
          “For old time sakes, Moriarty”
          “What do you say, you old skinflint”
          “I’m not giving him any money .. if that’s what you want”
          “No, no, no, Moriarty .. he needs much more help than money”
          “It’s Those damned women of his Moriarty .. they seem to have become somewhat unsavory”
          “Yes old man .. a good cleanse is sin order .. wouldn’t you say”
          “Your good with women James .. remember the gaggle you once had .. what did you do with them”
          “Oh yes .. I see what you mean Holmes”
          “Well let’s be at it then .. come along Holmes & watch a master at play”
          “Lead on & I will follow Moriarty”

    1. Moriarty .. if U & I were to live together … did U know … that we eat pretty much the same foods … we would cook together U would enjoy this … we have reasonable the same tastes in alcohol … but also beverages in general … sweets also.
      Seperate bedrooms … I need my privacy & U snore like nobodies business.
      Movies .. psychological thrillers best … whodunits … cop shows … what makes the mind tick … a good comedy … I am so over romance …I love music & listed all day … I sing a lot out loud which means the music is loud also .. U would have to help me put an organic garden together … small fruit trees … veg … herbs … flowers to bring into the house … no pets please we had the lot & I’m over it.

      1. Watson .. 5
        0% Asian foods … me2 …U2
        Hamburgers …. as above
        Spaghetti … gnocchi … lasagna .. as above
        Crunchy breads dipped in salad dressing … as above
        He would learn to eat more veg cause my pasta has veg
        Fruit if U cut it & peel it for him
        WE ALL CAN & LOVE TO EAT ICE CREAM & YOGHURT … he lies all the time & so do U
        I hate lies & there is the impasse .. the conversation ends &
        I cannot exist without intelligent conversation
        I even talk in bed .. not many people can do this & I do it exceptionally well
        & it is ever so erotic … clever talk … sophisticated
        Another impasse here alas ..
        good nite all

  1. Daddy & The Princess

    \”Yes darling\”
    \”Daddy, the doctor told me that I\’m not fit\”
    \”Did he darling\”
    \”Yes he did daddy, yes\”
    \”Why would he say a thing like that to you sweetheart\”
    \”I don\’t know daddy, why would he\”
    \”You know what else he said daddy\”
    \”I wonder\”
    \”He said I need to get some exercise daddy, that\’s what he said\”
    \”Do you think that I am unfit daddy\”
    \”What else did the doctor say to you darling\”
    \”He said he could help me\”
    \”Oh yes\”
    \”He said that he could help me to learn some exercises, you see daddy, I told him that I didn\’t know any exercises & he said he could help me there\”
    \”What a nice doctor\”
    \”But daddy, I was a bit worried, you see daddy, he did a funny thing daddy, he went & locked the door\”
    \”That\’s a bit strange\”
    \”No daddy, not really, because he explained that he valued my privacy & that is why he locked the door\”
    \”I wonder what happened then\”
    \”Well, he said I needed to put on a gown & he helped me take my top off & then my skirt & then he said it would be a good idea if I also took off may undies, just in case & helped me to do all that daddy\”
    \”And you know what daddy, then the doctor was breathing funny & I wondered what was wrong with him, really I did\”
    \”Your such a thoughtful girl darling\”
    \”Thank You daddy, because you taught me manners, isn\’t it daddy\”
    \”Yes it is darling\”
    \”And daddy, do you remember how you taught me not to be nosey, well, then he asked me if I had ever done the bad thing\”
    \”I asked which bad thing he was referring to, daddy, & he got a glimmer in his eye daddy, yes he did, why daddy\”
    \”Do you know what I think daddy, I think that the doctor was being a bit personal, facetious & intrigued\”
    \”Yes daddy & he was a bit sneaky too, while I was thinking he put his hands on my breasts daddy, yes, my breasts, daddy was he supposed to do that\”
    \”And what did you do when he did this\”
    \”Well, I wondered what he was up to & I decided that he was not being fair to me,\”
    \”But suddenly he suggested, just from nowhere, that I should lay down & do some deep breathing & so I said yes & he helped me onto the couch & said I looked a bit flustered & that he should do a thorough examination, just in case\”
    \”I don\’t know what to say darling, were you alright\”
    \”I was a bit worried daddy, but I am usually very healthy, aren\’t i daddy & so percerviered with him & what do you think he did next\”
    \”Tell me\”
    \”He lost control of himself daddy\”
    \”Mmmm, what happened then\”
    \”Yes daddy, he looked like Igor when he watches those special videos of his, you know daddy, the ones where they huff & puff too much & you can\’t imagine how quickly he took all his clothes off\”
    \”Oh darling\”
    \”Daddy, I really did not know what to do then, I was confounded, truly I was & he said .. \”I love you Miss Princess, really I do\” .. & he kissed me daddy, yes he kissed me all over daddy, all over, what could do daddy, what\”
    \”Should we invite him over to dinner one night,\”
    \”And do you think he could sleep over daddy, should we let him sleep over\”
    \”Well see pudding, we\’ll see\”


    1. Posa xereis Kirie Yatre
      Mono na Xerume posa xereis
      Bravo na vrikes ti thulia stin trapeza
      Alio pios tis pire ta hrimata
      Ta pola hrimata
      Na sou zizi ya panda ti palio putana

  2. Watsons witch .. the old Chinese hag .. the one he bangs 4 good luck .. the old bitch who was there Thursday.
    Na xerame ta xrimata pou exi afti
    Pou ta kriye
    Pou ta ehi kripse tha les
    Ah mannouls toso plusia is se
    Pigeni to spiti tis na ti gamisi xrimaea
    Peston na rixei ena mati
    Pou na ti xhenete, apo polla xrimata ine, ke yarisi tous thromous sinehia, pote sto spiti.
    Fantasou tin efkeria

    1. Destiny .. it’s going to happen regardless .. any day now.
      Do you want to get in first ??
      Because nothing can stop it happening & her friend / companion also.

      1. Annie, Annie’s bank accounts all 14 -15 of them ??
        She goes around telling me that she is filthy rich.
        Young men.
        She tells them that she is very influential.
        She asks them what they do for a living.
        She says that she could help them to reach high places.
        The usual bullshit as she told it to Alp Atik all those years ago.
        Today young men are not so gullible & can get great sex on tap
        Why would anyone desire an old smelly bag like Annie Annie .. please.
        However .. the filthy rich aspect is worth looking into.
        Hang with her a while & gain her confidence.
        Get her to show you / to prove that she is good for the money & where it is.
        So .. desperate for some young flesh in her lonely life .. she showed him her bank accounts.
        The rest is history.
        But Annie Annie was always a brick short of a load .. hey !!
        Only that U asked .. right Alpi.

        1. “There are several stuffed turkeys this Xmas”
          “Help yourself to a good serving”
          “Don’ forget”
          “To give is to receive”
          “To give is to receive”

          1. “Old people have little books”
            I love book
            “They write ‘things’ in the back pages of little books”
            I had lots & lots of books .. I gave them away .. most of them
            I had to look through every book before I put it in the give box
            I found several hundred dollars, notes, documents, photos …..
            I once put several hundred dollars under a pile of books on the shelf
            And found it over a year later.
            I have my banking & other details written in the middle pages of a note book & bookmarks & bits of paper to mark the spot.
            Funny the things we do when WE are old.

    I spent $303.89
    I saved $89.95 .. by buying specials
    I qualify for free delivery fee saving $14.00
    How good is that !!

    1. Are you too fat
      Too fat
      Too fat
      Be slim & be smart
      Follow the Ford diet chart
      And take ford pills.
      If you feel the job is too big for you
      If you know the job is too big for you
      We can send someone else in
      Not a problem
      Just speak the words out loud
      “I Quit Man” & it is done

  4. Paul Whiteman – The Japanese Sandman, 1920 – Youtube
    The song is about a japanese sandman who exchanges yesterday for tomorrow.

    Queen Fatima & Her Grandmother

    “Oh my God look who it is”
    “Where’s Jimmy”
    And Fatima runs off in a flurry to find Jimmy
    He is in his office looking over a business proposal
    “Jimmy, Jimmy, he’s here
    “Wow relax kid”
    “No Jimmy, he’s here, he’s here”
    Fatima’s overreaction to an arrival puts Jimmy on guard
    “Oh God Jimmy he’s here”
    And Jimmy goes to the two way mirror & looks out into the reception area
    “The Sandman, The Japanese Sandman, what is he doing here”
    Says Jimmy & he turns pale
    “I know Jimmy, I know”
    “He hasn’t been seen in a century, he was thought to be dead”
    “I know Jimmy know, why do you think he’s come Jimmy”
    “Not why Queeny, not why, but for whom”

    *to be continued………..

    1. Authors note:
      I remember it so clearly .. I met The Japanese Sandman .. for the first time on the 29th
      .. the last time I attended outpatients at the E&E on the Park .. he was the Gentleman who stood at the reception desk & I passed behind him .. he was there to see me right .. his two associates stood nearby.
      He travels with three Geishers .. the .. hear no evil .. see no evil .. speak no evil triplets.
      Three infants who were born to the belligerent & wilful daughter of the Emperor .. out of wedlock .. multiple births were seen as an evil curse & the little girls were destined to be slaughtered & offered to the Gods as appeasement .. but a mischievous old courtier wishing the overthrow of the merciless & insane Emperor .. stole the triplets away & gave them over to an unscrupulous witch who trained them in the fine arts of pleasure & at the prime age of five sold them to an Opium Den a House of Pleasure for Gentlemen .. were they subsequently met The Japanese Sandman who negotiated their release into his hands.

      1. Amigurumi .. the fine art of Japanese torture .. amigurumi predicated knitting & crochet & was practiced & developed by the samurai, yes, those ferocious warriors & might have also been indulged in by sex workers in Japanese brothels, between clients.

  5. News Bulletin just in … The breakin & theft at the house of the Chinese witch & subsequently her companion … there is a witness .. a nosy neighbor noticed on several occasion over the last few weeks .. a older woman accompanied by a young hairy Musliman .. on the day of the offence the two in question were seen at the scene of the crime carrying shopping bags.

  6. Kiri Sings Cole Porter Youtube
    I love this woman, I simply adore her
    I also adore Cole Porter songs
    This is lovely listening for me.

      1. Cudno draga, a resnicno draga, ko sem blizu vas draga, zvezde izpolnjujej nebo, zato sem zalubijen v vas.
        Za mojega dragega Nicka …
        Za Vedno tvoja Mira XXX

  7. Pilot:

    I Can\’t Resist Her The Dirty Fucken Bitch.
    Annie Annie & her carer Rose May Hudson.

    \”What you doing there Annie Annie\”
    \”Nothing, nothing, $#%^*&^%$#\”
    Said Annie Annie muttering under breath
    \”Yes you are, now tell me what you doing over there where I can;t see you\”
    \”No, no, nothing,%$#@^&%*$##\”
    Said Annie Annie just a bit louder
    \”Are you swearing at me Annie Annie, under your breath, are you swearing at me\”
    \”No, no, am not swearing &^*%$#$^\”
    \”Yes you are, your swearing at me, your dirty old bitch talking filthy words all the time\”
    \”No, no, I do not. I do not\”
    \”Don\’t lie, what are you doing over there, I\’m coming to have a look\”
    Rose May walks across the room to where Annie, Annie is sitting hunched over\’
    \”What are you hiding under your blanket Annie, Annie\”
    \”Not hiding anything, no I\’m not\”
    \’Yes you are, show me, come on, show me\”
    Rose May pulls away the blanket over Annie, Annie\’s knees & to her surprise
    \”Where did you get that money from Annie, Annie where did that money come from\”
    \”It\’s mine, I found it\”
    \’You did not, you liar, where did you get it from\”
    Rose May realises that Annie has not been out all week & the only other place where she has had contact with money is her purse
    \”Did you take that money from my purse, did you\”
    And she makes a beeline for her bag, only to discover her purse missing
    Shocked, she confronts Annie Annie again
    \”Annie Brooks, you\’ve been in my handbag, where is my purse\”
    \”No I haven\’t, no I haven\’t\”
    \”Don\’t tell lies Annie, where is my purse, comeon tell me, where is it\”
    \”I don\’t know I did not touch your purse\”
    \”Listen to me carefully Annie, if you don\’t tell me where you put my purse I will call the POLICE & they will put you away\”
    \”No, no, I didn\’t mean to, I never meant to take it, the devil came & made me\”
    \”Where is it Annie, tell me now or I will dile 000 & the POLICE will be here to take you away\”
    \”It\’s under the sink, in the bin\”
    \”Oh you rotten filthy old bitch, the bin stinks, you filthy rotten old bitch\”
    Rose May snatched the money Annie, Annie Brooks is clutching in her hands & goes into the kitchen to retrieve her purse
    \”I\’ve had more than enough of you for one day, what is that smell, you have shat yourself, oh God, you have shat yourself, you are supposed to tell me when you want to go, you dirty, deceitful old woman, no wonder you family don\’t want you\”
    And Rose May wheels Annie Annie to the bathroom to clean hr up.

      1. What ??
        What ??
        So I’m an evil bitch
        I was possessed by Satan in the wee small hours this morning
        I have found a way .. but
        I just got out of bed .. the Coles delivery man is coming between 12-2PM
        The bed is not made as I will crawl back in as soon as I have put the shopping away.
        Do you like the Japanese Sandman .. he is such an interesting potential with scope to move in all directions …
        as a lover
        a killer
        a good samaritan
        a master of the fine arts
        & the list goes on
        I just can’t get started on Handler & Godzilla … (???)
        Maybe it is too big a bit for me (???)

  8. Godzillas Handler may need to be a story told by a man
    Teen boys
    Over enthusiastic weird shit fathers
    It is a lot of important GUY STUFF
    & I am a girl … what do I know .. right

    1. Joseph had the Dragonlance Books Series .. he got hooked after we all read The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings .. I read some too .. Godzillas Handler could easily become a series of books .. not too long so that teen kids with a heavy social life could get through them easily & look forward to the next adventure.
      I see good relations between China & the Indigenous Owners of Australia .. pollution & Sifi mutation ..teen issues .. youth suicide .. boy/girl relation from a male perspective .. the scientific potential for planet earth from a avenue & not the fabricated bullshit that has been shoved up us by the flim flam jokers up till today ..dear God .. we still teach the fable that Hannibal took 36 elephants over the alps .. & when you think how much they charge to teach our kids fantasy .. politics & finance = where the money comes from & where it is spent (??) & the love between Christian & his pet Godzilla .. etc
      It could go on forever.

  9. You know I don’t do psychic .. okay.
    Years ago now, my eldest daughter Cilla, who lived in Perth at the time & worked at the Perth Mint ..
    *the guys took her to the vault & showed her the GOLD .. dazzled by the GOLD .. she neglected to cast an eye about the place to see if there was a way in .. one should always seize the moment & make of it the utmost ..
    Cilla went to see a psychic, he, from nowhere told her that her mother .. me .. was the teacher .. beloved of the psychic world & that she was privileged to know me .. he ha no knowledge of me at all from her & the sitting was not to do with me in any way.
    Go Figure.
    Only that .. & I repeat .. I refuse to do psychic & do not believe that it is the way forward .. only that .. how uncanny .. are they plugged in & have no idea to what .. or has the Psychic cover story outlived its usefulness ??

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