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Startling new information proves Port Arthur massacre was planned by government



In 1988 NSW Premier, Barry Unsworth said, It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we will be able to introduce gun laws. In March 1996 , less than a month before the massacre at Port Arthur, “the Gun Coalition’s Tasmanian coordinator Mr. Rowland Brown, wrote to the Hobart Mercury newspaper warning of a Dunblane-style massacre in Tasmania unless the gun laws were changed” (SOURCE: The Australian Newspaper, 29 th April 1996).

A senator has refused to comment about allegations he had prior knowledge of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 when 35 innocent people were killed in a precision shooting operation.

Another 23 men, women and children were wounded by a trained and methodical gunman with long blond hair.

Revelations by Austrian-based author and researcher, Keith Noble, that Senator Stephen Parry had prior knowledge of the shootings, have not been refuted.

Parry at the time was a qualified embalmer and a former member of Tasmania Police who led a team of embalmers which handled the bodies in 1996.

An Australian, Mr Noble is leading a campaign to free accused shooter Martin Bryant from Risdon Gaol in Tasmania.

A paper written and presented in 1997 by Stephen Parry entitled ‘Port Arthur Massacre – AFDA National Embalming Team – Detailed Report’, that appears in a little-known book entitled ‘PORT ARTHUR SEMINAR PAPERS: A record of the Port Arthur Seminar’, 11-12 March, 1997, Melbourne, Victoria (ISBN 0642271364) clearly shows the incident that rocked a nation was planned.

In his 16 page, disturbing 1997 paper, Senator Parry stated in the following passage :

“I was particularly impressed by the quick response and initiatives by some of the team members in packaging and collecting equipment.

The response time and the amount of equipment quickly relocated was fantastic. One firm in particular, Nelson Brothers, had organised for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident. These two containers were the envy of all embalmers and worked extremely well.

I would suggest that design specifications may be available from this firm for any future considerations by other firms.” (highlighted by CN)

Parry reveals the funeral services company of Nelson Brothers in Melbourne, Victoria, had undertaken preparations prior to the shooting.

President of the senate, Liberal Party Senator Stephen Parry

According to Wikipedia:

stephen-parry-mp-port-arthur“Parry was born on 31 October 1960 in Burnie, Tasmania, to William Stephen Parry and Patricia Dawn Evans. He was educated at Burnie’s Marist Regional College after which he enrolled at the Tasmanian Police Academy in Hobart.

Parry was employed as an officer with the Tasmanian Police from 1977 to 1986, and was promoted to Detective in 1983. After leaving the police force, he completed a certificate in Mortuary Science at the Australian College of Funeral Service, and was a funeral director from 1986 to 2004, becoming president of the Australian Funeral Directors Association. Parry was also president of the Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2000 to 2004, and a director of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2000 to 2005.”

In 2004, Parry was elected to the Australian Senate for the State of Tasmania as a member of the Liberal Party.

Senator Parry was eminently qualified to lead the embalming team and as such his published comments would have to be accurate.

On February 26 he was emailed a ‘Show Cause’ notice by Keith Noble who accused the Senate Leader of having prior knowledge of the tragedy.

As of going to print Mr Noble says he has had no acknowledgement or reply from senator Parry.

Cairns News emailed senator Parry’s office with a copy of the notice but he had not responded at the time of going to print.

In furthering his moves to get Bryant out of gaol, Mr Noble told Cairns News there is an abundance of available evidence that the Tasmania Police refuse to acknowledge, clearly indicating Bryant is innocent.

“There was no trial, no coronial inquest, no public enquiry, no royal commission,” Mr Noble said.

“The story pushed by authorities that a trial would have been upsetting is the way the State has kept its crimes concealed from the public.

“John Howard was the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had, and he encouraged the Liberal Party in Tasmania not to give innocent Martin a trial.


Howard’s agenda disarmed Australia utilising patsy Martin Bryant as the scapegoat

“Howard, who is also a qualified lawyer, spoke out to have Martin denied his legal rights and he never had proper legal representation and was kept in isolation for over six months.

“His lawyer at the time John Avery, who was convicted in 2008 for misappropriating and stealing $512,000, forced Martin to change his not guilty plea.

“He is another person who played the game after the official incident at Port Arthur. This is the depth to which the legal system in Tasmania has been taken over by corrupt lawyers, which includes that other pair of mongrels who wrongly prosecuted and convicted innocent Martin, Damian Bugg and William Cox.”

Mr Noble said the incident at Port Arthur was a premeditated, planned, and professionally perpetrated act of psycho-terror undertaken by the State to coerce the public into accepting firearm legislation.

“Martin Bryant is the patsy,” he said.

 Martin Bryant”The Patsy”



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39 thoughts on “Startling new information proves Port Arthur massacre was planned by government

  1. (?)
    it is said that John Howard’s life was theatened & he was afraid for his own personal safety & therefore wanted the guns taken away.
    It is the sort of man thing a gun owner might say, as aresult of having his guns taken away.

  2. I think that there is more to it than – “to coerce the public in to accept firearms legislation”
    Was the Port Arthur massacure – actually – the federal government of the day – sending Tasmania a strong message – regarding – the changes to the environment act – as Labor put it “an act of vandalism on the part of the government” in the amending of the Environment Protection & biodiversity Act of 1975.

    1. I live in victoria, the firearm Bryant was alledged to have used ~ i believe was a confiscated weapon & may have been so for up to 12mths before massacre – the rifle came from the mainland……..

  3. my late mother never liked this man, John Howard.
    There are detailed aerial shots of the whole of Tasmania
    Just to make sure that every tree is still there today
    That existed / was there, before John Howard’s rule
    All one would have to do is look at the pictures
    Also – they would have created a way in & out so as not to be noticd by the population of Tasmania – easy.
    If that is what happened
    Bob Brown might know something ?

  4. For in Tasmania’s capitol city Hobart after a Special Premier’s Conference in relation to gun control held in December of 1987 – NSW then Premier, Barry Unsworth stated bluntly:
    “There will never be uniform gun laws in Australia until we see a massacre in Tasmania.”
    what a strange thing for Unsworth to say – as if it were Tasmania that held the mass & therefore decididng vote on gun law reform –
    * the population of Tasmania is 515.000
    * the population of Queensland is 4.691 million & they love guns
    * the population of N.T. is 243.700 & they love guns
    So I must be missing something in saying that Tasmania could never have been the deciding vote on gun control.
    Unsworth KNEW – & it makes more sense that it was about wood.
    A few hundred jobs lost in the logging industry – jobs that could easily be got elsewhere – and a nice wad of compo money in the pocket – so why were the loggers up in arms – their jobs were short term only – they were payed to protest – had there been pilfering in the old wood reserves & Tasmania wanted it to stop – was it about wanting to go in & take forbidden wood – I looked at the 2 guns that Bryant used – if it had been a hand gun in the restaurant – but it was not –

  5. Howard & Iraq
    1990 sanctions were imposed on Iraq
    2003 USA begins the war on Iraq –
    WHY ?
    To hide what had really happened in Iraq
    To hide from the world the millions of people THEY STARVED TO DEATH
    So horrendous was the DEMOCIDE

    1. No they first gulf war started because Sarah told America he didn’t want to sell oil to them for US DOLLARS! He wanted all oil exchanges to be paid for in Gold. That is why he and Gadafi were killed by the American government.

      1. The Global Currency was then – being taken to & is today beyond INFINITY.
        Even then ….. GOLD would have been little more than

        Those who DO NOT GET IT
        Those who have not got a clue
        And these – KNOW NOTHINGS – also exist in Wall Street
        Are still STARSTRUCK by the old adventure stories of Sinbad & Alibaba & the Forty Thieves where GOLD is the Almighty & Divine Matter From Heaven
        What we need is a GOLD BACKED CURRENCY they rant –
        Buster – there is not enough GOLD on planet Earth to cover the amount & value of currency today.

        Mexico’s OIL is now AMERICAS GOLD – ow did that happen ???
        The OIL offshore Syria now Belong to someone else because Israel HELPED STEAL IT FROM Syria.

    1. The late Joe Vialls, an investigative journalist wrote a book in 1997 showing that Martin Bryant was a patsy for the massacre. In his book he states there was more than one shooter. Martin was left handed, one of the shooters according to witnesses was shooting from the right hip. Of the total of 20 fatalities 19 were shot through the head. Even SAS marksmen say this is impossible for one shooter. Get a copy of

      1. Joe’s book was removed from shelves as a
        “Threat to national security”
        Fantastic and mind blowing read though.
        Just be careful as I’ve been told it carries a jail term just for possession of it…???
        And on a side note, there is a 30 year embargo preventing anyone from viewing anything to do with the Bryant case.

        1. I was caught with about 20 copies of that book. The police at that time just confiscated them and obviously put me on a watch list that I\’ll never be removed from. WHY????

    2. Again I have said this from the very start. NO ONE without experience can take head shots on the run unless, they are trained to do so. CIA, FBI, SAS. take your pick but my money is on CIA.

      1. Strangely there were reports that a MOSAD squad from Israel were there at the same time, trained marksmen capable of bulls eye head shots…

    3. Yep – How many double hits were there – 2-3 from memory – that is possible only by highly trained personnel —

    4. Mate it would be hard for most military to do this, the expertise in this incident had to have cold hearted killers that had daily training to keep up his accuracy for this shoot.

    5. Absolutely, Joe Vialls made that very clear in his, the first book written on this conspiracy titled “Deadly Deception at Port Arthur”. The gunman was a highly trained person.
      Bryant, a low IQ, untrained, unskilled person.

  6. There was a book written by a former WA police officer shortly after this shooting and in it are photos of a vessel that was there during the shooting and nothing was to move but low and behold some time after when the Police finally arrived it was missing/gone/nowhere to be seen.
    The shooting were done by a trained operative/ operatives a head shot every 1.5 seconds i seems to recall not he work of someone that could not hit the side of a barn at 25 yards
    Some one who had been flagged earlier with a porn mag or such in his luggage and a couple of other things to draw attention to him some time prior to the shooting.
    These had to be military trained personal or have had advanced training,at the time there was a Chinese whisper that it was shooters from outside Australia brought in for the job and then scarper away on the vessel that went missing from the mooring.
    Interesting when all is looked at and the hype is forgotten just the reality of how and who and WHY
    sadly i truly believe that Bryant is a scape goat, a pawn, a man with a low intelligence well below possibly the norm, and the GUN dealer another victim ,how did a surrendered weapon in Victoria to the Police get to Tassie ????
    The story has as many holes a a fly screen door

    1. Yes. Joe Viallis (R.I.P). He wrote a book about it.
      There was a website similar to shootersnews that had just about every bit of information or evidence listed item by item, and throughly examined both “did this happen” and “is this BS”
      Sad is that all this information has now been lost or deleted.

  7. OK. I have 1 very simple question.
    If no Coronial Inquest was performed, then Whom issued the “Death Certificates” and more importantly, what was noted as the Causes of Death????

    If the Tasmanian Coroner Didn’t do this task, who did?

    I don’t want to drag victims families through this again, but a scan of the Death Certificate, posted would be nice.

  8. I was one of the many who did not believe that Martin Bryant could have done such a shocking tragedy There are just too many things that don’t add up. Wendy
    Scurr whom I have spoken to said she was there and lying on the ground when the gunman stooped to see if she was dead as she was not moving She kept still and he just stepped over her. She said he was not like Martin Bryant at all. He had a pocked skin which Martin has not. There were also too many arrangements made that day so that the police would be either on holiday or away on a course.- very convenient. No I’m afraid the government has to wear this one. Too many arrangements made prior to the massacre ie.ambulances at the ready etc. I am so pleased that this inquiry will go ahead and free that poor innocent boy. John Howard is a monster to allow this to happen.

  9. I have read all the information availableon the massacre andhave convinced that martin could not have done this.
    the more you readthe smellier it gets, along with the leaked stories about his behaviour in prison.
    An iq ofan eleven year old ……..not ever possible that he could perpetrate this act.

  10. So – the boy was told he would never be able to talk to his mother ever again if he wanted to defend his rights — Little Johnny – sold Our gold – and he sold the boy’s future – he would sell his mother if it meant more power..

  11. Howard has known ties with the head of calabrian mafia and often has dinner with him, if that’s the kind of person he associates with one can only imagine how low he would go to achieve a goal.

  12. Maybe they were hoping that the real perpetrator, John Howard< would be dead by then and thus could not be forced to testify to his illegal corrupt unconstitutional actions.

  13. To all you people that have conspiracy theories about Martin Bryant… know nothing of the history of this loonie and his childhood at Port Arthur…..I lived through this while my wife at the time who was at work there, we both worked there….I know a lot more about this than most of you….and you are all wrong…stop dragging this shit up…it only hurts those that survived and lost loved ones…… weren’t there…you never worked there….you don’t know his history……so please shut the f*^k up…..go and hassle the Israeli’s about Palestine if you want something to worry about……..

    1. RobNewitt: If you “GOT SOMETHING. spit it out”. Now that CHRISTCHURCH is on everybody’s mind, let’s revisit Port Arthur & the end of Australians Guns. It didn’t take long for “THOSE IN CHARGE” to seize this opportunity to take away N.Z. gun rights. The World-Wide-Web of Intelligence “retirees” (you can’t ‘retire’), who continue on as Intel agents in their “new life” , are doing the bidding of “THOSE IN CHARGE” who wish to continue to rule the world & make all the Money by taking away the means of DEFENSE & control the MONEY.

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  15. Rob Newitt, if you don’t like reading this blog no one is forcing you to keep reading it just as no one forced you to come here. Your comment is reminiscent of the B.S. excuse given by that balding criminal turd for denying Bryant his constitutional right to a fair trial to determine his guilt or innocence in a court of law. For goodness’ sake get a grip on yourself, grow up and face reality. This is the real world not care bear land. No one is happy about what happened to people at Port Arthur, but Bryant had and has a right to a fair trial, and NOTHING justifies him being thrown in jail without a fair trial just like nothing justified the government doing what they did at Port Arthur.

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