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Vaccine Damage: Prevent these tragedies from touching the lives of those you cherish

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In the Western World children receive too many vaccines, too soon for their age, and often what is in this video, is the result.
Who is going to care for these children that survive their ordeal, and are brain and nerve damaged?
Not all parents of vaccine damaged children are awarded large sums in ‘vaccine court’.
What happens to the families of damaged children when there is not enough money to care for them the rest of their lives?
Thank you Angel M. Serrano for this video.


Vaxxed – A Revolution For Choice

Prevent these tragedies from touching the lives of those you cherish. Spread AWARENESS with us! A life-changing, 9-part docu-series and massive tool for enlightening minds is re-playing for free! View this in-depth docu-series right now and protect your beloved children:

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Full videos of these stories:

1) A completely healthy, happy, thriving baby gets jabbed with poisonous vaccines causing severe brain damage.

2) The encephalitic scream induced by vaccines. Please parents, start TODAY acquiring the necessary knowledge to avoid the pitfalls created by an industry that calls the tremendous suffering depicted here NORMAL and then tells you to “wait it out”, while you watch your screaming baby suffer terribly.

3) The happy life of a beautiful young woman ripped out from under her feet by #Gardasil.

4) The #MMR vaccine robbed her beloved son of his entire life:
To those who profit from vaccines: “Hear this WELL!”

5) (911 call) Just two days after vaccination, this Mother’s child has died. Once again, all parties involved in the manufacturing, approval and administration of these deadly injections have refused to come forward and take responsibility for another senseless, tragic death.

6) Heart-wrenching and catastrophic vaccine injury to a beautiful young woman caused by Gardasil.

7) Witness this young girl’s life after the Gardasil vaccine – How many more beautiful human beings will suffer this same fate before MERCK is shut down?

8) Do you accept that this innocent child must suffer for the “greater good”???

9) A tragic infant fatality, all corroborated by a pathologist as being caused by toxic vaccines.

10) These ARE NOT isolated incidences! These ARE NOT coincidences!

11) Makaylah ~ Another beautiful little child whose happy childhood has been stolen from her by toxic injections.

12) A wonderful, fulfilling life destroyed by the SHEDDING of the MMR vaccine.

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