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$24 million campaign aims to aid acceptance of COVID vaccine


A new advertising campaign encouraging Australians to get a COVID-19 vaccination has started, with the government insisting the jabs will be “safe and effective”.

Aged care and disability residents/staff will be among the first to be vaccinated from late February, along with quarantine/border workers and those in frontline healthcare roles.

The PR machine has arrived.


There has been extraordinary coordinated effort and investment around the world to develop effective COVID-19 vaccines. Now, as the rollout commences, governments are turning to messaging and advertising.

The Australian government’s $23.9 million COVID-19 vaccination information campaign, launched last week, aims to “reassure the public about vaccine safety and effectiveness“. It will also update vaccine rollout efforts.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the $24 million advertising campaign would be rolled out across TV, radio, print, social and digital media.

“The campaign will keep Australians fully informed and up to date about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines as they become available, including when, how and where to get the jab,” he said.

We’ve only just started to see the campaign materials. Here is the first instalment:

They also have a number of ‘experts’ on their channel ready to be deployed across platforms.

This next video features a Deputy Chief Medical Officer, a representative of the Therapeutic Goods Administration and chief nursing and midwifery officer:

Australia has never undertaken a vaccination program of this scale, and they say effective communication will be crucial to its success.

The campaign won’t simply be limited to media persuasion. Behind the scenes, a number of tactics will be employed to assist the main advertisements. Here is what we know so far:

To increase engagement on social media, the campaign will look to use ‘respected celebrities or sports stars’ to share messages or act as vaccination role models.

Authorities will also monitor social media over the coming months, so they can identify developing ‘rumours and misinformation’ before they spread widely.

This strategy is social listening.

All hands are on deck as we approach the final weeks in a COVID-vaccine-free Australia.

The announcement follows the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s decision to approve the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as the first to be rolled out across the country.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has provisionally approved the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for use in Australia.

It is the first vaccine to receive regulatory approval in Australia for people 16 years of age and over.

According to the TGA, two doses will be required, administered at least 21 days apart.

The TGA decided that the Pfizer vaccine met the “high safety, efficacy and quality standards required for use in Australia”.

Approval of the Pfizer vaccine this morning comes exactly one year after the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Australia. [x]

What are the odds? Follow the signs and crack the Mind Virus code.

Scott Morrison said the TGA approval was an ‘important step’ in the fight against COVID-19:

“I welcome the TGA’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine, with our own Australian experts finding it is safe, effective and of a high standard.”

He continued to add: “Australians should take confidence in the thorough and careful approach taken by our world-class safety regulator“.

Yeah, right. This comes from a government that knowingly released millions of infected polio vaccines to Australian citizens. This happened in my parent’s lifetime.

From the end of this month, things will look very different in Australia. Let’s examine how the rest of 2021 is anticipated to play out in the eyes of the establishment.


The National Rollout Strategy details how the vaccine will be distributed more widely over coming months through over 1,000 distribution sites.

The first priority groups in Australia will start receiving a vaccine this month.

Priority groups such as aged care and disability care residents and workers, frontline health care workers, and quarantine and border workers, will be included on the list.

The Pfizer vaccine will be delivered at up to 50 hospital sites across Australia, and in residential aged care and disability care facilities.

The next steps in the process will include “batch testing these newly arrived doses, establishing cold storage facilities for the vaccine, training health providers to administer it, and finalising distribution sites”.

This Australian government has several agreements for the supply of COVID-19 vaccines in place, including those produced by AstraZeneca and Novavax.

The government hopes all Australians will receive a COVID-19 vaccine by October.

For those who don’t, many penalties are awaiting objectors as a means to coerce them.

I hope there is enough people awakening to the dangers of this experimental product.

Have your colleagues or family spoken of the COVID-19 vaccine? What is your perception on-the-ground ahead of this mass national rollout?

Many tough decisions might soon have to be made.

Source: https://tottnews.com/2021/02/04/vaccine-campaign-launched-australia/

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