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6 Cities Plan, WEF, Rockefeller and Managed Retreat NSW Australia

This article explores the connection between the Sydney based think tanks creating Climate Change and Managed Retreat policies, which the NSW government is then tweaking and the politicians regurgitating. Managed Retreat is not about taking a holiday, it is the government forcing you off your property due to climate change modelling.

If you are one of the 6 million people who live in one of these Local Government Areas, now known as a 6 Mega City Region, you will want to take note:

Eastern Harbour City

(a) Bayside,

(b) Burwood,

(c) Canada Bay,

(d) Hornsby,

(e) Hunter’s Hill,

(f) Inner West,

(g) Ku-ring-gai,

(h) Lane Cove,

(i) Mosman,

(j) North Sydney,

(k) Northern Beaches,

(l) City of Randwick,

(m) City of Ryde,

(n) Strathfield,

(o) City of Sydney,

(p) Waverley,

(q) City of Willoughby,

(r) Woollahra.

Central River City

(a) City of Blacktown,

(b) Canterbury-Bankstown,

(c) Cumberland,

(d) Georges River,

(e) City of Parramatta,

(f) Sutherland Shire,

(g) The Hills Shire.

Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City

(a) City of Cessnock,

(b) City of Lake Macquarie,

(c) City of Maitland,

(d) City of Newcastle,

(e) Port Stephens.

Western Parkland City

(a) City of Blue Mountains,

(b) Camden,

(c) City of Campbelltown,

(d) City of Fairfield,

(e) City of Hawkesbury,

(f) City of Liverpool,

(g) City of Penrith,

(h) Wollondilly.

Central Coast City – all towns in the Central Coast Illawarra-Shoalhaven City

(a) Kiama,

(b) City of Shellharbour,

(c) City of Shoalhaven,

(d) City of Wollongong

Here is a recent interview I did discussing the NSW government plan for managed retreat.


The 6 Cities plan was announced by NSW Ex Premier Perrottet in September 2022.

The 6 Cities model has been referred to as a Global Mega City and a Smart City.


You can read the Greater Cities Commission Bill here: http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/nsw/bill/gccb2022276/

The Greater Cities Commission was formed, and each of the 6 Cities in the Global Mega City was appointed a Commissioner who was tasked with being available to the people of each “city” (two days a week employment) and take in to account the concerns of these communities.

At the start of 2024 the Greater Cities Commission was dissolved in to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.


Why? My cynical guess would be that it was too easy to get access to the Commissioners and hold them to account with their stated aim of supporting community.

Now the planning has been spread across multiple agencies, it is much harder to work out who is responsible for what, to gain access and to even receive a response. If you look on the Dept of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure website, you will find no phone number and no email (besides for an email for media). The only way to get in touch is to mail them a letter.


To recap, we have the State government Premier stating that the vision of 3 cities was revealed in 2021 and then it transformed into a 6 city model after this.

Who is really responsible for the 6 City Plan?

The real executors of the 6 Cities plan appear to be The Committee for Sydney. A think tank founded in the early 2000’s. There is scant information available on how the Committee for Sydney originated.

They are predominately funded by massive corporate entities. They create policy for government, and they are adept at behavioural management techniques i.e. getting people “excited” about forfeiting their homes (in this instance).

They released their report THE SANDSTONE MEGA-REGION UNITING NEWCASTLE – THE CENTRAL COAST – SYDNEY – WOLLONGONG in 2018 (they state they had worked on this for one year before release).

Their plan has many components of the Six Cities Plan released by the Greater Cities Commission in 2022- they’re weighing in on Housing, Transport, Infrastructure, Investment. https://a21234.hostroomcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Committee-for-Sydney-The-Sandstone-Mega-Region-Uniting-Newcastle-The-Central-Coast-June-2018.pdf

The Six Cities Vision released in 2022 by the Greater Cities Commission repeated the same vision as the Committee for Sydney.


The Committee for Sydney’s report The Sandstone Mega Region was created by the following taskforce.

In looking at The Business of Cities, on global mega- regions, we find they are partners with the World Economic Forum.


I will leave it with the WEF partnership for this article, but it’s always interesting to read the different organisations on Task Forces and see what their portfolio is and their Board Members.

The World Economic Forum represents the 1000 largest corporate entities in the world who have over $5 billion in turnover.


Founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab has boasted “we penetrate the Cabinets” (governments) through programs such as the Young Global Leaders program.


Open Voice on Youtube has a number of videos unpacking the Australian players who have/ are involved with the WEF. Here is one video (you can find the rest on the YouTube Channel).

The WEF conglomerate is an elitest club which the ordinary person has no capacity to influence. The question is; do you feel comfortable with these corporate entities having ultimate planning control over your town, community, and the way your family must function to survive? WEF Partners are here, before you answer this question you must research their track records:


The WEF and the United Nations formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The same goals you see running through our government documents. https://www.weforum.org/press/2019/06/world-economic-forum-and-un-sign-strategic-partnership-framework/

It gets worse, not only does the Committee for Sydney work with global corporate entities to create papers that our government regurgitates as their own, they are also funded directly by entities such as Amazon, The Big Four Consultancy Firms, Infrastructure companies, Banks etc. It’s the perfect example of the Public Private Partnership model with NGO’s and Council involvement. Do you think that the playing field between big business and local council is equal?


Managed Retreat (forcing you out of your home)

The Committee for Sydney released a report October 2023: Defending Sydney- Adaptive planning for today’s flooding and tomorrow’s climate risks. This plan calls for Managed Retreat- forcing you off your property due to climate modelling.  https://a21234.hostroomcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Committee-for-Sydney-Defending-Sydney-October-2023.pdf

Please read the paper yourself. But these are the issues that jump out at me:

Managed Retreat:

The vehicle for implementing the climate risk scenario will be the Greater Cities Commission (now the Dept of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure).

Financial modelling that creates the narrative to convince people to move and not be a burden on the State:

People will be unable to get insurance and secure mortgages once the climate risk is calculated on their properties/ towns

Climate risks put on your house deed, so you are unable to sell it.

Private corporations who have been handed the infrastructure contracts decide to no longer service your town.

“Deep Engagement” means they will bring organisations in to towns to do workshops that pit people against each other (I will explain this further down):

Resilient Sydney (Rockefeller funded- WEF partner) is a key collaborator. I will link a previous article I did explaining the NSW Reconstruction Authority at the bottom of this article.

Quarterly rates notifications, small and medium business only to be affected. Who funds the risk assessments? S.107 Certificates are your personal property. Again Rockefeller Resilient Sydney is involved.

IPART is involved. They set the costs for Council Rates and other infrastructure. Expect Council Rates to sky rocket.

Anyone who knows anything about what’s going on will recognise the Build Back Better terminology. They are going to Break Us Down to Bill Us Back Better. They will make it unaffordable for us to own property and thereby move us in to smart enclaves, they will then own the land we had through using Eco-system service (NACs) skullduggery- another Rockefeller initiative.

We will be expected to pay for their climate change modelling, as well as the private disaster infrastructure they implement. The financial services will dictate when THEY deem the risk as too much.

They will dictate to local council what must be done to our towns.

Here’s where they hone down on us living in our towns.

Now this is when they talk about moving whole towns, or streets together …. because “community”. This, of course, implies we are moved by streets or towns into a ready made “resilient” complex. They state that people with stand alone houses will be moved in to stack and pack “resilient” monstrosities.

This is an extraordinarily painful video to watch- but it must be watched- as this is how they are going to convince people to move.

It’s the Fabian Society in NZ. The two men speaking are Professor Jonathon Boston who wrote the NZ report “Funding Climate Change Adaption”. It’s worth a read- https://knowledgeauckland.org.nz/media/1681/funding-climate-change-adaptation-public-compensation-boston-j-oct-2019.pdf

The other man is Greens politician James Shaw.

What stood out to me:

  • The audience is really excited about managed retreat. They are prepped to ask all the “right” questions and express the right emotions. Yay! This is exciting. Please do this quicker!!
  • No one questions anything.
  • There is one woman in the room who asks how the funding model will work. Professor Boston instantly identifies her as Vietnamese, doesn’t answer her question, and attempts to frighten her with his opinion that Vietnam will be demolished through climate change.
  • Communities will be relocated together, again this implies it will be in to a housing complex.
  • Farmers will be paid to stop farming, so they “stop inflicting damage on to the environment.” No one asks what people are going to eat.
  • Participatory democracy i.e. citizen assemblies is discussed. Again, notice that no one in the room questions any assumptions/modelling that the speakers are relying on. As those of us who questioned the government covid response would understand, a room full of people aren’t necessarily going to ask any questions or raise any nuance. Particularly when the risk element is being heightened, as well as the message that if you don’t move you’ll be putting others at risk.
  • Hundreds of millions will be displaced around the world, climate refugees will cause social unrest.
  • The financial burden of managed retreat must be shared.
  • Little Dictator, Simon Watts gets encouraged by the audience’s admiration and proceeds to demonise those who wont comply. He starts to make threats such as, if people wont move all amenities will be cut off. He then moves on to , we can make moving mandatory. The people applaud this, they love it.
  • It ends with the threat that “The response is going to be blunt. Time is running out.”

In the video, they discuss communities making decisions together. Now, can you imagine living in a town where the people know where you live, and you’re one of the few dissenting voices to managed retreat for your town or your street?

How are they going to create social license?

They will do it like this. The Big Map is referenced in the Committee for Sydney Defending Sydney paper:

They will come in to our towns and run exercises where they use group think and social pressure to try to make you conform. The group will make a decision for you, so you’d best turn up. If you turn up and don’t agree, watch out. Catch 22!

They will ensure a rough consensus is reached. What’s a rough consensus? What’s the percentage that must agree or not agree to ensure you don’t have to be moved en masse in to a resilient housing complex with disaster infrastructure implemented? With a group of people that you would never want to see again.

Resilient Sydney

Just so we are under no illusions about the power hierarchy bearing down on us the Committee for Sydney partner Resilient Sydney referenced numerous times in the Defending Sydney paper was set up with Rockefeller Funding. Resilient Cities partners with the World Economic Forum. https://resilientcitiesnetwork.org/our-story/

You can see partners here https://resilientcitiesnetwork.org/partner-with-us/

Rockefeller definition of Resilience in their paper City Resilience Framework is:

The risks are compounded, the risks MAY occur but you can’t predict them.


Open Voice unpacks the Resilience Cities Network here:

Our government is using corporate funded think tanks, to enact legislation and create policies which will force people out of their homes en masse, and in to “resilient” housing complexes. Will people engage with this situation and get active, or roll over?


Previous Videos- this article focuses on the NSW Disaster Mitigation Plan and the Legislation

Managed Retreat NSW Australia

Managed Retreat NSW Australia

Article 1 Managed Retreat is front and centre in the NSW State government Disaster Mitigation Plan, released yesterday. This article will cover: What is being proposed under the NSW State Disaster Mitigation Plan, the Legislation, and will touch on where the public is being shepherded.

NSW Disaster Mitigation Plan released last week https://www.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/noindex/2024-02/State_Disaster_Mitigation_Plan_Full_Version_0.pdf

Article on Australia the Uninsurable Nation Report and Climate Map

1 in 25 Australian Homes Uninsurable by 2030

1 in 25 Australian Homes Uninsurable by 2030

Interview with Jason Olbourne from TNT Radio where I discuss the information below: Full Video Here: https://tntradio.live/shows/weekends-with-jason-olbourne/ Thanks for reading Kate Mason! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

Article on New Zealand Managed Retreat

Coastal Erosion, Uninsurable Homes, Managed Retreat

Coastal Erosion, Uninsurable Homes, Managed Retreat

Managed Retreat is imminent in New Zealand along the coastal towns. Warnings of coastal erosion are being slapped on houses and the owners are not even aware (in NZ it’s called a Land Information Memorandum- In Australia an Information Memorandum).

Thanks for reading Kate Mason! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work.

Source: https://kate739.substack.com/p/6-cities-plan-wef-rockefeller-and


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