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Attorney-General reportedly drafting new set of hate speech laws

Criticizing  Jews Or Israel Will Soon Be a Criminal Offense On Prison Island


Attorney General Mark Dreyfus is reportedly drafting a new set of hate speech laws which will impose criminal penalties for serious cases of faith vilification.

The penalties are also set to apply for extreme instances of abuse based on a person’s race, sexuality, gender, or disability. Existing hate speech laws will be strengthened, and new laws will be created, carrying criminal rather than civil penalties.

The hate speech bill is expected to enhance the federal protection of minority groups in the country.

Mr Dreyfus, “With third and fourth generation Australians fast moving toward minority group status, will these laws open this path to redress of grievance protecting them with the same vigorous litigation reflected in daily court listings by our misunderstood ethnic cousins, our first nation brothers, or the fragile alphabet people?” – Harry Palmer



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