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Australia & New Zealand, held as the MODELs of pandemic response, yet today are a complete failure!

Australia & New Zealand, held as the MODELs of pandemic response, yet today are a complete failure! all lied to in REDEFINITION of ‘VACCINATED’; counted ‘vaccinated’ as unvaccinated; NSW, J. Smalley

See 5 graphs that tell an Australian story of how catastrophic their lockdown lunacy down under was and how they suffered their people (see New Zealand); Smalley’s hospitalization graph is stunning.

It is the antigenic-specific, high-affinity, high-specificity non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that is driving the failure (selection of infectious variant after variant and enhanced infection in the vaccinated) and not the virus. It is the vaccine, stupid! Not the virus!

We are saying that it is a lie that the vaccine reduces severity etc. for we have data to show that 3rd and 4th shots (boosters) land you up in the hospital e.g. NSW Australian data. Your risk is massive relative to unvaccinated.

It is also the redefinition of what being ‘vaccinated’ means that helped portray a deception and lie so horrible. These beasts in nations like Australia, US, Canada redefined what ‘vaccinated’ was and called those up to 15 days post shot ‘unvaccinated’ and thus counted them as ‘unvaccinated’ for hospitalizations and deaths. They lied to you placing the ‘vaccinated’ (those as an example who got infected or hospitalized or died at day 1 or day 5 or day 14) into the unvaccinated bin. This was the fraud to scare you into vaccinating. CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO and Australia and New Zealand governments are criminal, their health officials. So that you as unvaccinated would run off and get the shot and force it on your healthy children who have near zero risk. You did! Look at what has happened now! You are on the booster treadmill, cannot get off and you are at risk of even death.

Do NOT vaccinate your children with these fraud failed, deadly vaccines. I beg you! Read, talk, share. Read all we have written.

Paxlovid does not work, a money grab by Pfizer. Do not listen to shills like FOX’s Siegal, he remains a shill for the vaccine etc. Not credible IMO. Lost that.


Let me re-run some key Australian graphs as of today July 31st 2022 and as you can see, the death curve follows the case curve; key to look at is that the waves are not getting back to baseline and this means there is massive infectious pressure ongoing (that the sub-optimal vaccinal antibody immune pressure can bump up against) as there is massive virus hanging out there, no herd immunity:



Vaccine rates:

Excess mortality:

Also, let us look at some superb work by Smalley.

Smalley (Dead man talking); this graph by Smalley is stunning, simple, elegant, but tells the story about Australia and it is repeated globally. This is about hospitalizations and not the rates post shots. Joel Smalley does good, great work!

‘You are 37 times more likely to be hospitalized if vaccinated than if you are not’. This is what the graph and data is showing you.

You can clearly see a dose response in hospitalizations, dose-dependent in the Australia NSW data (see legend for bar colorations):

Risk of death by dose NSW data:

My prior stack on Australia’s devastating response:

Substack Alexander COVID News evidence-based medicine
Australia, once held as the example of the best response as they slandered USA; waves were not getting back to baseline (see 1st graph); now look, surging Omicron cases. how? they had best lockdowns!
They only staved off virus and vulnerability for a short time. It was inevitable what was going to happen and we told them this! Lockdowns and vaccines have failed for Australia!!! Their ZERO-COVID has failed! Same is and will happen in New Zealand. As is happening in China now with the catastrophic ZERO-COVID policy. See Austria…

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Dead Man Talking
New South Wales, Australia COVID update proves the pandemic of the vaccinated.
Unable to continuing making the false claim that the mRNA injection prevents infection, NSW Health has reverted to the mantra that it prevents severe disease and death: COVID-19 vaccines are very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections with the virus. Over 95 per cent of people aged 16 and over in NSW have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, while more than 68 per cent of people eligible for their third dose have received it. With such high vaccination coverage in the community, a greater proportion of people admitted to hospital or intensive care unit (ICU) with COVID-19 are now vaccinated with two or three doses. However…

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New Zealand:

New Zealand, as we see, the same behavior to the COVID pandemic and gene injection as Australia, and waves not getting back to baseline; high infection, deaths, vaccine rate, excess mortality; FAILURE; the New Zealand population was LIED to as to this fraud failed COVID gene injection! Deaths numerically are small relative but still increased & increasing; we need the hospitalization data; they locked down too long & too hard and have no base natural immunity protection and vaccinated persons will get infected and re-infected over and over again and get sick and some will die!


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  1. The entire system is so dangerously corrupted with systemic and extensive Conflicts of Interest and there has never been any Independent Body to nail these tyrannical bastards who are power crazed lawless Tyrants.
    It’s absolutely disgraceful, terrorizing and terrifying.

    Austra*lian Me*dical Profe*ssionals Society AMPS. Do*ctors ag*ainst Man*dates

    Tr*uth speaking Doc*tor bl*ow*s up Aus*tralian Med*ical Ass*ociation Conf*erence

    MULTIPLE CLAIMS by HEA*LTH OFFIC*IALS Globally DEBU*NKED – See truth about Australian Gove*rnment A*BS / AH*P*RA – See story and extremely important information in comments to give the tr*uth to the pe*ople

    RIP Med*ical Priv*acy – Dictator Dan – Also see extremely important comments

    The Aus*tralian A*rm of the mon*strous Wor*ld Eco*nomic For*um Glo*balist Ca*rtel must also be aboli*shed perm*anently and irre*vocably along with all Man*dates and any and all other tyra*nnical Gov*ernment actions. It’s ins*ane !


    WO*RLD ECON*OMIC FOR*UM CONNECTIONS – TREA*SONOUS ACTIONS – EVEN THE AUSTRA*LIAN HUMA*N RIG*HTS COMM*ISSIONER / L*ORD MAYO*R OF MELB*OURNE Mr. Edw*ard San*tow – He was Hu*man Ri*ghts Commi*ssioner at the Aust*ralian Hu*man Rig*hts Commi*ssion from Au*gust 2016 to 28 Ju*ly, 2021.

    Hija*cked Glo*bal Parl*iaments > Dest*ruction of AL*L Free*doms
    From Ope*n Voi*ce – What the W*E*F/Glo*bal E*lite/Tech*nocrats Car*tel have plan*ned for the p*eople of the world in their world hij*acki*ng

    CO*RRU*PTION/ CONF*LICTS OF INTE*REST – More ste*nch than a Parli*amentary Sewer Pit

    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corru*ption/Co*nflicts of Interest items all through this Information Paper. Also, please IN PARTICULAR SEE THE INFORMATION ON VICTO*RIAN GOVER*NMENT GLO*BAL HEALTH > Revolving Doors > Big Ties > Big Ph*arma > Big Med*icine > Big Me*dia > Glo*bal Eli*te et al but as stated, the entire system is cor*rupted with syst*emic and ext*ensive con*flicts of inte*rest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corru*ption/Conf*licts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

    Download Information Papers >

    Man*dates/Corru*ption/Con*flicts of In*terest and much more

    Mo*nkey Po*x, Spa*nish F*lu and much more

    See Trut*h about wa*ter fluor*idation chem*icals from page 47 on

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