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Australia: “Refugees” Earn $50,000 pa


“Refugees” who con their way into Australia will earn a minimum of AUD $50,000 (US$38,362) per year without doing anything other than being there—and very likely substantially more depending upon how many children they can produce.

The astonishing payouts—part of the reason why Australia is in such demand as a destination for nonwhite scroungers—can be calculated using the government’s Department of Human Services (DHS) “Payment Finder” website tool.

Setting up parameters consisting of two “refugees” (a couple) under the age of 30, with two children under the age of thirteen, the DHS calculator reveals that the “refugees” will immediately qualify for at least twelve different payments.

These are as follows:

— Parenting Payment, which is “income support for parents or guardians to help with the cost of raising children.”

A “refugee” couple will get paid $476.40 per fortnight, or $24,772 per year under this scheme.

This figure rises substantially—to $737.10 per fortnight, or $38,329.20 per year—if there is only one parent in the household.

— Child Care Benefit, which is for “the costs for approved and registered care such as long, family or occasional day care, outside school hour care, vacation care, pre-school and kindergarten.”

This figure runs at $5,412.95 per year for each child, or in our theoretical example, $10,825.90.

These figures increase as the children get older, to $6,825.50 per year, per child, for children aged thirteen to fifteen, and to $6,825.50 per year, per child for children aged sixteen to nineteen.

— Family Tax Benefit, is a two part payment that “helps with the cost of raising children.” To benefit from this payment, the “refugees” must show that their children are in their “primary care for at least 35 percent of the time.”

This gives them another $5,412.95 per child, or in our theoretical case, another $10,825.90 per year.

— Low Income Supplement, which is an “annual $300 payment to help eligible low-income households.”

— They will also qualify for “Rent Assistance” of $3978.52 per year (which goes up to $4495.40 per year if they have more than three children).

–They will also qualify for an “Energy Supplement” payment.

In addition, “refugees” qualify for what is called a “Crisis Payment,” which is a “one off payment to help people who have experienced extreme circumstances.” This payment can be made four times per year, and is equivalent to all the benefits they receive each week.

— Income Support Bonus, which is a “tax free payment made twice a year to help people on certain income support payments.” This amounts to $92.80 for couples. (This amount is not being added to our theoretical example because it is being discontinued as of September 2016.)

All of this is over and above the free healthcare which they will receive.

Furthermore, after two years, they will be able to qualify for the “Newstart Allowance” which is a payment of at least $527 for single “refugees” and $570 for a single refugee with dependent children.

Any new children are subsidized by the “Newborn Supplement” which runs at $2,091.84 for the first child (and each child in a multiple birth) and up to $1,046.25 for subsequent children.

Then they will qualify for the “Large Family Supplement” which pays $324.85 per year for the fourth and each subsequent child.

If they have triplets, they get a “Multiple Birth Allowance” which amounts to $3,920.10 per year, while quadruplets or more will earn them $5,219.50 per year.

If they have a stillborn child, they will get a “Stillborn Baby Payment” of $2,091.84 for the first dead child, or each stillborn child in a multiple birth, and $1,046.25 for a subsequent stillborn child.

There have been many examples of “refugee” families getting $3,080 a fortnight, or about $80,080 per annum tax free.

Although Australia no longer allows the invaders to land by boat, it still has a “refugee and humanitarian program” which allows applications for “asylum” from those people who arrived with a valid visa and who have been staying in the Australian community, and people who have arrived in Australia by sea or air without a valid visa—described by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) as “unauthorized arrivals.”

Those found to be in “need of protection” are granted a permanent Protection Visa, provided they meet health and character requirements.

The majority of refugees in Australia are resettled from other countries (offshore) through Australia’s offshore humanitarian resettlement program, meant for “people who are subject to persecution in their home country, who are typically outside their home country, and are in need of resettlement.”

The majority of applicants who are considered under this category are identified and referred by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to Australia for resettlement.


3 thoughts on “Australia: “Refugees” Earn $50,000 pa

  1. What refugees are you talking about ?
    The Iraqi persons who Australia helped obliterate ?
    The Palestinians who suffer at the hands of a tyrant that we hail as glorious.
    All the displaced persons who’s nations we helped destroy.

    The affluent refugees that sat around the dinner table with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, at Kirribilli House the other night ?

    THINK ABOUT IT MAN ……………………. it requires a little think to get this one right.
    Who were those persons who were invited to supp with Our Malcolm at the official dwelling of Australia’s P.M.
    Exactly what social bracket qualifys as a refugee to the Australian Establishment, because they all come here with little or no money.

    In the meantime …. and while Australia is broker than broke (according to the howles of the political establishment) we fork out BILLIONS to keep genuin refugees out of Australia at Narue & Manus Island.

    And here is Our Malcolm telling his Muslum guests & Australians, about the love of human kind that he feels.

  2. This is a fool of a question – but here goes.
    Is it possible that Australia is replacing the Australian commoner – with a more sophysticated – Intellectually pleasing, upper class, the affluent & influential upper midddle classes & aristocracy of the war torn nations of planet earth ?
    And in gratitude they will be compliant to the said political establishment.
    Is it possible that we Australians are not good enough to live in Australia any more ?

  3. Can religious beliefs be used as an excuse to avoid the “no jab no pay’ dictate forced upon all Australians.

    “don’t worry, the no jab no pay principle will not leve you short, it only applies to Christians, Jews, Atheists & those sitting on the fence”

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