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Australian “Child Marketing” and Exploitation Business is Flourishing


[A note: Many reference the wrongful removal of children from parents as “child trafficking,” but this gives the average Westerner the idea that children are being shuttled off in the back of trucks to some cacao plantation. So in this article, I make reference to “child marketing.” That could include a range of intolerable acts benefitting from the deliberate removal and exploitation of children, i.e., from earning big $ from a deplorable psychiatric report to torture videos.]

by Dee McLachlan

I write this article with a sad and heavy heart.

I’ve lived on four continents and have some understanding of racism, national pride, and why a tribe or nation might attack or defend itself from another. But I was not prepared to uncover a society that was prepared to attack itself — and prey on its most vulnerable (children). And like a cancer, erode every part of humanity, empathy, and decency to destroy itself — from within.

The New Normal

It’s been over a year since we started to receive desperate accounts from protective parents embroiled in Family Court and child protection departments. We have over 90 articles on the topic now.

There’s one common factor that spears through the maze of despair, and that is: it has become “normal” business to remove a child from a loving protective parent (and a parent who is trying to protect a child from abuse). In many cases, the children are removed from the protective parent and ordered either to foster care — or back to the very person that the child claimed abused them.

And it matters not that this protective parent might have, for example, 6 or more affidavits from persons who have known her collectively for, say, 160 years — saying she’s a great mum (for example). A child department, with the court’s assistance, can and will remove a child on the hearsay evidence and a report from a 25-year-old social worker that has known that mother for maybe a few hours — even less. And all this decided in a 15 – 30-minute hearing.

Worse Than a Handmaid Tale

My article of 17 January 2019 compared this situation to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which ran as an Emmy-award winning TV series last year.  Atwood showed a totalitarian state that created a class of women (handmaids) to become breeders for the privileged class in the “Republic of Gilead.” The story explores themes of subjugating the rights of the mother, and unmasks the horror of separating children from their mothers.

I recently spoke to a well-versed Neuroscientist on the subject about “what happens when you remove a child from his or her mother.” He said the studies demonstrated potentially catastrophic psychological trauma as a result — and changes to the brain. He cited a study where a child would choose to be with their mother and starve, rather than have food and be separated.

Giving birth and the mother-bond is so deeply ingrained in our DNA — but now it has become normal to sever that unique, natural and crucial bond with a whim and an order. The system, instead of focusing on helping families, is designed to make money by disrupting family.

My mind can reason the logic of racism or slavery — that one group, or race is taking advantage of their power, and subjecting the other humans to terrible degradations and humiliations — depriving them of a normal and decent life.

But a society removing its own children — against their will — from the person that gave birth to them — without just cause — is breaking a sacred bond of nature. It is disrupting the fabric of society. It is breaking codes and pathways in our brains. It is destroying the essence of family and the structures of society. It is at WAR with itself.

Maybe that’s the intention?

Brutality Normalised

Three systems — financial, governmental, and judicial — are all profiting from breaking family and parenting. It is possibly all designed, and we have become so numbed by authority that it has become “normal” to remove children from the mothers or dads they love — with many teachers, relatives, social workers, and politicians all thinking that’s just fine.

How are ordinary people participating in this?

I watched Derren Brown’s “Bell Test” video (HERE). He places three actors in a waiting room. They are filling in a questionnaire and each time a bell goes they sit… or stand. Then Brown sends in ordinary people in the waiting room to fill in questionnaires. Almost all — follow what the actors are doing, without question. They do so just to fit in. The actors leave — but the participants still obey the bell, dutifully sitting or standing each time it goes off. They don’t even need to be given an instruction.

Is this what has happened with the removal of children? Social workers advocate it because someone before them did so?

There might be pedophiles in the equation, but there is an army of women across Australia who have an equal status of enabling the abuse, and psychological harm on children. Why are they just robotically obeying the “bells”? It honestly seems that those many persons facilitating this extreme form of alienation and abuse on children seem to be hypnotized into thinking that this is okay.

And in most of the cases I’ve researched, the kids are never taken into account. I recently wrote about how kids tried to escape from the police in an attempt to get back home to their protective mother. They were desperate, and their pleas fell on deaf ears.

This brutality has been normalized. Who in the world thinks it right to keep a child from the very person they love?

What have we become?

Mahatma Gandhi was alleged to have said,

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

Society is collapsing and family unity has been systematically undermined. But I believe the most egregious abuse of all is removing a child unwillingly from a loving and perfectly good parent on some hearsay-hack-emotional abuse claim. I’ve seen too much evidence of this.

As Gumshoe commenter Tony Ryan recently remarked:

“…the Family Law Act was promoted by the Rockefellers and Tavistock Institute (representing Fabian Socialism); powerful lobbies, both of which seek to destroy the family unit and family as a social influence.

“I was a welfare officer when the Family Law legislation proposal was floated and then enacted. From the outset, it replaced parents with feminists, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, the lesbian lobby, and judges. It was a disaster and destroyed tens of thousands of families…”

We are broken, and it seems Western society has totally imploded — and it will take a miracle to recover.

I was just thinking the other day: is it just me? Am I just caught up in a few extreme cases? I’ve heard these terrible accounts from Rachel Vaughan, and matched these with contemporary accounts. Is my reality skewed?

It seems NOT.

A recent headline, sourced from a Western Australian article by Mark Schliebs:

Australian Pedophiles Fuelling Market for Child Torture, Murder Videos

A summary of the report is on Sky News and News:

Australians pedophiles are fueling the market for footage of children being tortured and murdered, police have revealed in an article published in the Weekend Australian.

Daily Telegraph reporter Clare Armstrong told the Front Page program that it is “horrific” to consider such things are going on in Australia. “[It says] in the story it’s got to a point where crackdowns and arrests aren’t going to work,” Ms Armstrong said. “It’s probably going to get to a point where we have to start talking about what the causes of this kind of behaviour are and what is driving this and how we deal with that.” “Otherwise there is little hope for these children.”

The story comes shortly after revelations that Westpac Bank were found to have failed to do due diligence on transactions with possible links to child exploitation

Front Page Video — Explosion of Abuse

The Front Page video on Sky News is shocking. It is worth three and a half minutes of your time to understand that Australian society is in crisis.

This a story that is “compelling and horrific” and talks about the marketing of children for torture videos and child murder videos — according to Debbie Platz from the Australian Federal Police. The AFP believes they are unable to eradicate the problem, and the market is about to “grow.”

Source: https://gumshoenews.com/2019/12/09/australian-child-marketing-and-exploitation-business-is-flourishing/

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