March 2, 2024

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Australian Sen Malcolm Roberts Exposes The Climate Change Scam


Australian Sen Malcolm Roberts exposes the climate change scam. CSIRO: Today I released my report in response to CSIROs climate science claims, that were presented at the meeting held with CSIRO senior scientists on Monday 26 September 2016 in Sydney.

The key findings of Senator Roberts’ report shows that CSIRO:

1. Refuses to state that carbon dioxide from human activity is a danger

2. Does not have empirical evidence proving that carbon dioxide from human activity effects climate

3. Have used evidence in their presentation that contradicts the empirical climate evidence.

4. Uses climate computer models that are neither appropriate nor recommended to be used to inform government policy In the Senator’s first speech to the Senate he stated, “Australians should be able to rely on the information from Australian government bodies and institutions [such as the CSIRO] but we can’t.” “Queenslanders, everyday Australians, have lost jobs, paid higher taxes, wasted opportunities, lost businesses and fritted away scarce resources…

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1 thought on “Australian Sen Malcolm Roberts Exposes The Climate Change Scam

  1. Wow! We have a man with backbone in our Government who should be applauded for his courageous expose of the Climate Fraud.
    I had given up hope for an expose as such that is supported with empirical fact and by two of the scientists who have devoted themselves to exposing this public fraud using real science.
    The gluers to bitumen will need to go back to the drawing board but they’ll be back as disruption is what they’re paid to do.
    You can tell by some of the questions; they just cannot cope with truth.
    Sen. Roberts expose of the CSIRO will cause some heartburn amongst the Fat Cats.

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