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Awakening the Pineal Gland


The activation of his pineal gland, or ‘third eye’, led Anthony Peake to a series of strange experiences towards a higher consciousness. In the Infinite Mindfield,Anthony charts his journey through the ‘inner worlds’ – lost to us all when our pineal glands became clouded. In this extract we join him on the first step of his long voyage of discovery.

Lucia – A Hypnagogic Light Device

‘In the introduction to my book The Out-of-Body Experience – The History and Science of Astral TravelI describe how, in September 2010, I experienced my first, and to date only, encounter with a hypnagogic light device. Its inventors, Dr Engelbert Winkler and Dr Dirk Proeckl, claim that this device can bring about altered states of consciousness, including an awareness of vivid imagery and a sensation of leaving the body and perceiving another place that is very different from the one encountered in everyday life. This place is similar to those encountered when in the semi-sleep states technically known as hypnagogia and hypnapompia. Later in this book I will discuss these ‘liminal’ experiences in much greater detail. On that afternoon I experienced a series of vivid visual hallucinations followed by what I can only describe as a ‘vision’ of an alternative reality. I mentioned this in passing in my earlier book but I would like to describe the events in more detail now as much of what I experienced that evening has direct relevance here.

After ‘Lucia’ was switched off our small group, Dr Winkler, Dr Proeckl, our host (the near-death experience researcher Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino), and another guest that weekend, Dr Art Funkhouser, discussed the mechanism by which the device can generate such imagery within the brain. As the guys chatted I started to feel a very strange sensation in the centre of my forehead. I didn’t comment on it at the time because I didn’t wish to deflect attention away from the subject matter. The sensation felt as if a very small creature was moving just underneath my skin. Indeed I had a vision in my mind of a baby snake moving inside an egg and about to break out. This sensation continued for about ten minutes and then it subsided. Later that evening over dinner the sensation started again, only this time it had changed to being a slow, precise throbbing. Again, after about ten minutes it stopped.

I then retired to bed and fell into a very deep sleep. In my dreams I experienced vivid images of snakes coiling around each other. These snakes were brightly coloured and seemed to have intelligence about them. One of them looked straight at me, not into my eyes but at a location just above them. This startled me and I awoke to feel the throbbing sensation in my forehead. I lay in bed intrigued about what was happening. I rationalized that the snake dream had been subliminally stimulated by the snake-like writhings in my forehead. As we know dream-imagery can be related to bodily sensations and I assured myself that this was the reason for the dream. However, this did not explain the movement in my head. This was, in some way, related to ‘Lucia’ and its light stimulation.

The Pineal Gland Wakes

On my return to the UK the sensation continued, particularly during times of creative writing. It was as if the sensation facilitated the creativity or the creativity facilitated the sensation. I discussed it with friends and associates and the general consensus of opinion was that ‘Lucia’ had opened up my ajna or brow chakra. Now I have never been interested in such things, which probably explains why I had not made any association between the sensations and this belief. I was further surprised to discover that some mystics have long linked the brow chakra with the pineal gland, a small organ nestling in the centre of the brain and located in a direct line from the centre of the forehead. The source of my surprise was that in their articles on the hypnagogic light device Dr Winkler and Dr Proeckl suggest that the light given off by ‘Lucia’ stimulates the pineal gland. This was an intriguing coincidence as far as I was concerned. Indeed at the very end of my previous book I make the following comment:

My pineal gland is now active and I await the next development in this exciting game called life.

I didn’t have to wait very long.

In early May 2011 I was staying alone in our home on the Wirral in the north-west of England. My wife had been offered a position back at her old company in West Sussex and we were living apart for a short time. My sleep patterns had been disrupted by the situation and I was taking the opportunity to do some night-time reading and go to bed quite late. On my first night alone I awoke at around 3:40 a.m. This was unusual as I am normally a really deep sleeper. But something had woken me. As I came to, all I could hear was a series of bleeping noises similar to a Morse transmission. I got out of bed and stuck my head out of the window. The sound was not coming from outside. I decided to go downstairs, assuming that the source could be found there. It seemed to be vaguely directional and it was this that led me to believe that the sound was external to me.

I descended the stairs and the noise continued at the same level. This intrigued me because if its source was located nearby then its intensity would naturally change as I moved towards or away from it. I went to the front of the house and then to the back. No change. I then realized that the sound was actually inside my head. I placed my fingers in my ears and the sound continued. I was extremely puzzled by this. Now I have had tinnitus for many, many years. This was probably brought on by attending too many loud rock concerts when I was younger. The high-pitched ringing sound of the tinnitus was still in my left ear but overpowering it was the incessant ‘bleep-bleep’ of this new phenomenon. I made my way back to bed and lay for another 45 minutes or so trying to understand what was taking place. Then, at exactly 4:30 a.m., it stopped, abruptly and completely. It was gone. This was even more puzzling. Although the ‘sound’ was located inside my skull it seemed as if it was controlled externally. I then fell back into a very deep sleep.

The next morning I fired up my computer keen to know more about what I had experienced. I put in a search for ‘Morse code sounds in the head’. The search engine immediately came up with a site run by Sharon Barrett Kennedy, an artist who lives in Virginia. I was amazed at what Sharon was describing. It seemed exactly the same as I had experienced the night before. I noted that Sharon had a questionnaire on her website and I promptly completed it. She came back to me very quickly and we swapped some interesting examples of the phenomenon both privately and on my Facebook ‘Wall’.

The next night I went to bed as normal and, guess what, at 3:40 a.m. I was woken by a now-familiar sound. It was happening again. I lay awake watching the clock, intrigued to see if the sounds would stop at 4:30 a.m. As the digital display on my bedside radio clicked to 4:30 the sound abruptly stopped. It was a weird sensation that reminded me of when a fridge suddenly turns off its pump. The sound of the motor inside the fridge blends into the background and it is when it stops that we notice it. This is what the cessation of the signal felt like. A sudden perception of ‘silence’ . . . well not quite, the tinnitus just becomes more noticeable for a few seconds before it also becomes simply part of the obscured blur of ambient noise.

Uncovering The Truth – HAARP

I was determined to isolate a cause for this phenomenon. I felt that it was in no way linked with psychic phenomena, ESP or telepathy. It seemed far too real, an element of consensual, rather than subjective, reality. I genuinely felt that my brain was picking up signals from somewhere. The signal itself was broadcast for a specific amount of time. Over the next few nights the signal came and went with clockwork regularity. I had become a human radio receiver! During our flurry of emails Sharon mentioned to me something called HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. I had not heard of this before and, at Sharon’s suggestion, I started to check it out. I was stunned. The main site of this little-known American defence project is to be found in Gakona in Alaska. It is jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy and the University of Alaska. Its official purpose is to analyse the ionosphere to improve radio communications. Of course as a defence project it will also have military applications such as being used as a tool for surveillance. At the Alaska site is something called the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), which consists of a set of 180 antennas spread over an area of around 33 acres. These antennas collectively generate a signal that is transmitted upwards into the sky. This signal then energizes a small section of the ionosphere. The signal itself is a high-frequency blast of electromagnetic radiation transmitted at between 2.7 and 10 MHz.

What does this mean? Well, all periodic phenomena are now measured using a unit known as the hertz. Named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz and usually written as Hz, it quantifies the number of cycles per second of a phenomenon. The term cycle is used because all wave phenomena actually move in a circular motion in a similar way as a wheel moves from location to location. Imagine a single red dot on the rim of a wheel. Every time the wheel does ‘one cycle’ the red dot will appear in a particular location. A cycle is also expressed as a ‘frequency’. For example, if I tap my finger on a table top three times a second the frequency will be 3 Hz. For wave phenomena such as radio waves it is the number of wave ‘peaks’ per second that is measured. One Hz equals one cycle per second. 1 kHz is 1,000 cycles per second and 1 MHz is a million cycles. The most common use of the Hz measurement is for radio waves, which are simply a small part of a much wider phenomenon known as the electromagnetic spectrum. A very small part of this spectrum is visible to human sight. This is known as light. As electromagnetic waves move at the speed of light a 1 Hz wave will be 186,000 miles in length.

Returning to the HAARP programme, the IRI transmits in both continuous waves and, and this may be of significance, short pulses of energy that will be picked up as discrete signals similar to Morse code. Known as ‘pulsed radio-frequency radiation’ this phenomenon is known to manipulate and disturb human mental processes over large geographical areas. America’s interest in using electromagnetic energy as a weapon of both defence and offence started in 1953 when the Russians began to bombard their embassy in Moscow with electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum. Over a period of time this silent and invisible weapon generated cancers in some of the embassy staff and some of them died. A new and deadly ability to strike at one’s enemies had been discovered. In response to this, various research projects were funded by the CIA, the most significant being ProjectPandora.

The Pandora research team, led by Dr Ross Adey, worked with extremely low frequency waves, known by their acronym as ELF waves. They found that ELF waves broadcast in the range of 1 to 20 Hz had profound effects on the functioning of the human body. They also found that the range between 6 and 16 Hz had drastic effects on the brain and endocrine system. They suddenly had a weapon that could be used against actual, or potential, enemies. This is because the human brain also resonates at certain frequencies, which are measured as brain waves. When we are in deep sleep the brain resonates at 0.5 to 4 Hz. These are called delta waves. As we move out of deep sleep the brain moves into the theta range, which is 4 Hz to 8 Hz. This is perceived as light sleep or day-dreaming. The alpha range (8 to 13 Hz) is when we are awake but in a relaxed state. Our normal waking state is defined as the beta range which involves wavelengths of between 13 and 30 Hz. From here things become a little more contentious. There is a dispute as to where beta frequency ends and gamma frequency starts. This is because gamma waves are little understood. They range from 30 to 100 Hz and are linked to hyper-alertness, deep perceptions and, in extremes, anxiety. So from this it at least seems likely that any frequency that is similar to that of brain waves will affect the firing of neurons in the same way that a tuning fork affects the environment around it. In the 1970s Dr Andrija Puharich discovered that exposing people to wavelengths of 7.83 Hz made the subjects feel happy, 10.8 Hz made people feel riotous and 6.6 Hz brought about a profound feeling of depression. Interestingly enough the 7.83 Hz frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance and is the background resonance of the earth itself. This phenomenon was predicted by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. The space between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere acts like a kind of container which traps electromagnetic waves and turns this space into something called a resonant cavity. Certain ELF waves are created by the electric currents in lightning and they resonate within the cavity. These waves have a wavelength equal to the circumference of the earth and a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz. We therefore feel happy because we are ‘in tune’ with the earth itself!

There is therefore clear evidence that exposures to particular frequencies can affect a person’s mood and, in extremes, can manipulate changes in consciousness. Could this be what began happening to me that early morning in May? The first difficulty was that I was located in the northwest of England, many thousands of miles away from Alaska. How could I be ‘hearing’ a signal broadcast over such a distance? I did some checking and found out that the Gakona site is not the only HAARP facility in the world. As well as a facility at Arecibo in Puerto Rico there is also something called EISCAT (the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association) based in Ramfjordmoen near Troms. in Norway. This is far closer to the north-west of England. However, there is evidence that HAARP may be even closer to the Wirral than northern Scandinavia. My research uncovered a possibly significant piece of information. The HAARP facility in Alaska was built by BAE Advanced Technologies, a British company with many facilities located in my area. This suggested that HAARP activity may be far closer to the Wirral than Alaska or Norway.

A few days later my suspicions were confirmed. I discovered that there is a facility in Capel Dewi near Aberystwyth in mid-Wales. Known as the Mesosphere–Stratosphere–Troposphere (MST) Radar this consists of an array of antennas that look very similar to the HAARP facility in  Alaska. Of course just because something looks like something else, that doesn’t mean that it has the same functions. But would the authorities actively inform local people that a small HAARP facility was running in their locality? I suspect not. The site is run by the National Environmental Research Council (NERC) and its official reason-for-being is that it is, according to the NERC website, the ‘UK’s most powerful and versatile “wind-profiling” instrument’. However, there is a very curious comment made on the same page when the website admits that:

The Facility additionally operates and hosts a number of instruments whose observations complement those made by the MST radar.

What were the chances of me picking up signals that sound alarmingly similar to the HAARP frequencies and then to discover, quite coincidentally that there was a HAARP-like facility within a hundred miles of my bedroom? I am now living in West Sussex and I have yet to hear any Morse-code-like signals, nor indeed any other unusual sounds in my head other than my tinnitus. However, two weekends ago I was staying in a hotel within five miles of my old home on the Wirral. And guess what? At 3:40 a.m. I was woken up by a very familiar sound. Coincidence, maybe, but for me the case is proven. There is something broadcasting at a certain frequency in that part of the UK and, for some reason, I am tuning into it. In my opinion it matters little whether I picked up HAARP or similar signals being sent out by the MST Radar. What for me is of significance is that I am picking up this Morsecode-like signal in the first place. And I think I know why. I believe that on that afternoon in Switzerland Dr Winkler and Dr Proeckl’s light device awakened my pineal gland from its slumbers and it has now become active. Indeed I have now found that in 1989 a group of researchers, Wilson, Stevens and Anderson, discovered that the pineal gland is particularly sensitive to ELF radiation. They wrote:

Whether directly affected or not, the pineal is a convenient locus for monitoring dyschronogenic [disruptive of biorhythms] effects of these fields. It appears ever more plausible, however, that the pineal may also play a central role in the biological response to this environmental factor.

Experiencing A New Reality

I suspect that ‘Lucia’ did more than simply give me a strange experience. I believe that it may have opened up a new sense organ within my brain, a sense organ that can pick up radio signals from the atmosphere and has an ability to process another form of light, a light that has as its source a place deep within the basic structures of the universe, a light that has illuminated mystics and shamans for millennia. As with all forms of vision the organ that processes light and presents it to consciousness is an eye. But the eye that was opened for me that day in Switzerland looks inward, not outward. It has long been known as the ‘Third Eye’ and it is a very physical structure at the centre of the brain.
Physiologists and neurologists know it as the pineal gland.

It is my intention in this book to present evidence that this small, obscure gland really is the most important organ in the body, an organ that may facilitate man’s next great evolutionary step. As with all my books I will act as your guide on a fascinating journey of discovery. We will visit many places, some of which may seem somewhat off-route, but there are reasons for these diversions because it is only by visiting these out-of-the way hamlets that we will be able to appreciate the wonders of our final destination. Along the way I hope that you will find many things that will interest you. If, at the end of our journey, you finish up at a place that you cannot believe in that is fine. We will both have shared a wonderful adventure and our pockets will still contain the shimmering jewels that we picked up along the way.

We will start our journey at the beginning, always a good place to start. Deep history is always a foreign land in that we are interpreting with modern knowledge the beliefs and philosophies of civilizations far removed from our own. Our only source of information about these civilizations is dependent upon a small number of written documents that have survived, together with the oral traditions that have been carried forward through the millennia by countless generations of holy men, priests and monks. These beliefs have now become woven into the fabric of modern religions and esoteric movements. But these beliefs can give us a tantalizing glimpse of an older tradition that may have been rooted in an understanding of the workings of nature far in advance of our own. One has to sift through the symbolic language and the arcane descriptions carefully, but such an exercise can be phenomenally rewarding and, on occasions, breathtakingly stunning. So let us push back the veil of time and travel back, far back, into those early days of human civilization, to a time when the gods walked the earth.’


The Infinite Mindfield presents a startling new hypothesis that the ‘inner worlds’, previously the realm of shamans and mystics, are possibly even more real than the ‘reality’ we experience in waking life.

Anthony Peake is the author of a series of highly acclaimed books that review the relationship between consciousness and what we generally know as ‘reality’. He is a graduate of the University of Warwick and a post-graduate of the London School of Economics and holds the post of Research Fellow at the Centre For Advanced Studies. He is fast developing a reputation as one of the most exciting and creative of the new wave of writers within the field of Noetic Science.




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