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BOMBSHELL – Pandemic of the vaccinated

UPDATE: 11/1-2023: Turns out that the people in the covid cult got very triggered by this article and the Australian data that shows how useless the mRNA shots are. Some people (including doctors!) are claiming that I ignored the fact that 97.4% of the population is vaccinated, therefore they claim it would only be natural that the majority of the hospitalized were vaccinated.

Their claim is hilarious. Firstly, they claimed in the beginning that the vaccines would almost completely stop transmission and hospitalization. Obviously that now turned out to be a lie. See how they are changing the goalposts here?

Secondly, even accounting for the percentage of vaccinated (97.4%) versus unvaccinated (2.6%), there was STILL a much higher risk of being hospitalized while vaccinated. In fact, I did the maths on this.

  • There would have to be 19 unvaccinated people hospitalized in order to MATCH the number of those vaccinated with 1 dose that were hospitalized when accounting for the percentage of total vaccinated people.
  • And there would have to be 80 unvaccinated people hospitalized in order to MATCH the number of those vaccinated with 4 doses that were hospitalized when accounting for the percentage of the total population who are vaccinated.

The reality? ZERO unvaccinated were hospitalized.

And the thing is, it gets worse with every dose you get. So the data is crystal clear.

So anyway you look at this, the data is a disaster for the vaccines.

It just looks like somebody is afraid that Pfizer and Moderna’s profits might be hurt by my article…

Do you remember when world leaders were fear mongering about a ”pandemic of the unvaccinated” and that last year there would be a horrible winter for them?

Well, it now looks like the OPPOSITE is happening. The vaccinated are the ones that are getting infected and dying with covid. And not only that, we are seeing crazy high levels of excess mortality that appears to be unrelated to covid.

There is some new data just in from Australia that really is a bombshell, proving that the vaccines are at best absolutely useless. In fact, they seem to be negative.

100% in hospital for covid were vaccinated!!!

Get this, 100% of those hospitalized for covid in NSW Australia, were vaccinated. That’s right. The unvaccinated made up 0% of people hospitalized for covid. Not a single unvaccinated person was hospitalized.

Remember when they said that the mRNA shots would protect people from being hospitalized? Well, just like with everything else they said, it turns out that was a lie.

Even worse, it seems to be that the more boosters people have had, the more they are in hospital.

Look at these figures from the last 2 weeks of December.

Screenshot from Australian gov website.

The more doses of mRNA shots that people had, the more of them were hospitalized. 0 unvaccinated people were hospitalized for covid.

I decided to do the math and compare how many vaccinated people are in Australia and compare that with how many were hospitalized.

Vaccination status of Australia from their gov website.

It doesn’t show in this picture, but the number of people who have gotten 4 doses is at 5,392,913. These figures is for the whole of Australia, so I have done the math on what this would equal to for the region of NSW that have around 32% of the population in the country in order to do my calculations.

So let’s break this down into simple terms.

The risk of getting hospitalized with covid was the following:

  • 1 dose of vaccine: 1 chance in 9105.
  • 2 doses of vaccine: 1 chance in 7988.
  • 3 doses of vaccine: 1 chance in 7537.
  • 4 doses of vaccine: 1 chance in 2117.

Or in other words, if you had 4 doses of vaccines, you were a whopping 330% more likely to be hospitalized from covid.

Some people will say that the reason so many who had 4 doses were hospitalized is because it has generally been elderly people that have gotten 4 doses. Even if that is true, it doesn’t change the fact that you still have a 21% higher chance of being hospitalized if you have 3 doses compared with just 1 dose.

And remember, among those who had 0 doses of the mRNA shots, not one person was hospitalized!

Simply put, the more doses you got, the higher the chance of being hospitalized with covid. This is a disaster.


Guess what? It seems like this data is so bad for the mRNA shots that the Australian government has decided they will STOP reporting on the vaccination status of those hospitalized for covid.

Screenshot from Australian government report.

So we know that the mRNA shots are useless. But there is something else very worrying that is also happening right now.

Excess mortality.

Most of Europe has been seeing very high excess deaths this year, and nobody in the media seem to want to talk about it. I did some digging into this in a previous article, and found that there has been a large increase in people dying from heart problems…And I found a SMOKING GUN study that show sudden deaths can be caused by a certain thing that has been more or less forcibly injected into the population with no long term safety data…

Read my full in depth investigation here:

The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden
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This is not good at all, Norwegian funeral homes are now warning about a massive increase in the number of dead people that they are seeing. In fact, things are so bad that the largest funeral home in the city of Trondheim has been forced to open up a crisis cold room in a garage to be able to store all the dead people, something that is reserved only for emergency situations, such as a massive disaster or accident…
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I was one of the first to warn about excess deaths last year, something the mainstream media was ignoring. Now things are looking very bad with the latest data coming out of Britain.

In the week ending 23rd December of 2022, there was 2064 non-covid related excess deaths in England and Wales. See the data here:

Screenshot from UK gov website.

This means that there was an excess death rate 20.7% HIGHER than normal. Let that sink in for a moment. There was over 2000 people that died in just one week, that shouldn’t have died. And they didn’t die because of covid.

And this is actually really, really bad if you compare it with the excess deaths during the pandemic. See this graph here.

Excess deaths in England and Wales from UK gov website.

The black dots are the average death rate. The green bars are excess deaths not related to covid and the blue bars are covid related excess deaths. As you can see in the winter of 2020 and 2021, there was a significant covid related excess death rate. However, this year there has been a significant non-covid related excess death rate, with a massive spike now in December.

So what is causing this? There has been a lot of deaths from the fly and pneumonia, 829 deaths in just one week. So more people died from the flu and pneumonia than died from covid.

But that still leaves over 1000 excess deaths unaccounted for.

It just so happens that there was 1120 excess deaths happening in private homes (37.5% more than normal). So many of the excess deaths are people dying at home. It would be reasonable to think that a significant portion of those dying at home could be dying suddenly.

It is clear that the mRNA shots should be withdrawn immediately, in the very least until we can figure out why so many people are dying, which strangely the mainstream media and the politicians don’t seem very inclined to do.

Please share this article do let everybody know what is happening and how the mRNA shots are in fact a NEGATIVE when it comes to protecting people from being hospitalized with covid!


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