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Boston Herald Sets Disgusting Trend Of Dehumanizing Parents, Calls Anti-Vaccine Speech A “Hanging Offense”

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In the case Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists, the en banc Ninth Circuit court concluded that a “true threat” is “a statement which, in the entire context and under all the circumstances, a reasonable person would foresee would be interpreted by those to whom the statement is communicated as a serious expression of intent to inflict bodily harm upon that person. It is not necessary that the defendant intend to, or be able to carry out his threat; the only intent requirement for a true threat is that the defendant intentionally or knowingly communicate the threat.”

The mainstream media, in the US and abroad, is now taking a dangerous, unethical, and seemingly unlawful stance towards parents who exercise their health freedom. The mainstream corporate media is also viciously attacking parents who openly question and debate reality that happens to run contrary and outside of the few transparent and false sales pitch talking points of pharmaceutical companies. What are we talking about here?

On May 8, The Boston Herald ran an editorial calling for the following:

These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.

The piece was in response to a recent event in which Somali American families, who have the highest rate of autism in the United States, voiced their concerns about the vaccine injury they were experiencing. The Minnesota Somali community is being aggressively targeted for rounds of MMR vaccines.

Who wrote the piece? The Herald‘s inciting piece didn’t list names or authors. Instead, the credit for the tough words was simply attributed to “Boston Herald editorial staff.”  The “Boston Herald Staff” has been active lately touting the new zika virus vaccine being developed right down the road at Boston’s The Center for Virology and Vaccine Research is located within Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The shadowy editorial team also runs such moving, investigative pieces like the recent “CDC Offers Recommendations for Adult Vaccines.” Readers visiting the Boston Herald‘s website to read its news and ‘journalism’ are greeted with popup adds like the one:


This is an ad for a pharmaceutical company. Humira is manufactured and patented by the drug company Abbvie. Abbvie has research facilities in Worcester, MA and at the Foundational Neuroscience Center, Cambridge, MA. According to, Abbvie currently has 37 open clinical drug trials running in the Boston area (60 if you add completed, actively recruiting and terminated clinical trials.)

The trend of media being a simple pharmaceutical company propaganda arm and gatekeeper has been clear to anyone watching.  It wasn’t long ago that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., made this statement live on FOX news with Tucker Carlson:

I’m called anti-vax all the time because the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful…both with the media – theygive $5.4 billion dollars a year to the media. And they’ve gotten rid of the lawyers so there’s no legal interest in those cases. And they really have been able to control the debate and silence people like me. I’m very grateful to you for having the courage to allow me on the show and talk. This is the second show in 10 years that’s allowed me to talk about this, the other being Bill Maher, which doesn’t take advertising [from Big Pharma].

The elusive “Boston Herald editorial staff” and other parent-targeting media outlets, if they were free to report truth, would have checked the insert sheet [which is denied to parents effectively removing their full informed consent] of the Tripedia vaccine which states autism as a documented adverse event.

Below is the video of the Boston Herald‘s “hanging offense.”

This article was originally published by Natural Blaze


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