February 25, 2024

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Boycott SPC – Sign the Petition Here


NEWS – SPC have disabled Facebook comments due to massive backlash on their page.

We must keep up the pressure on SPC for this complete destruction of human rights, freedoms and rights to choose what we put into our own bodies. SPC has turned into a tyrannical medical dictator now mandating the experimental vaccine as part of their employment policy for ALL employees.

We must unite and send a strong and clear message to these tyrannical corporations who now want to play the role of deciding what their human employees inject into themselves. A total contradiction to human rights and coerces their employees into having to choose to take an experimental gene therapy or lose their job and not be able to provide for their families. This is outrageous and must be overturned!

Let SPC know your voice and you will BOYCOTT SPC and not buy any of their products until they rescind their coercive and forced vaccine employment policies.

Please click here for the List of SPC Products by SPC so you know exactly what to BOYCOTT.

Who owns SPC?

“The cannery has been purchased by a Melbourne-based company, Shepparton Partners Collective, which is a joint venture between Perma Funds Management and The Eights and has domestic and international experience in food, supply chain, finance, retail, agri-business and technology.”

It says so in this article that other big companies are looking to see what happens with SPC. SEE ARTICLE HERE

We must keep up the pressure.

Call them, email them, phone them…post on your social media!!! keep up the pressure.

Contact SPC here to let them know your thoughts

Boycott SPC – Sign the Petition Here

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