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Brace Yourself, Australia, It Is Game on Against Segregation

QLD AMA president Chris Perry & Karl Stefanovic threatening the public on breakfast TV


“Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won’t be able to hide… you are going to have a very very lonely life,” warned Queensland AMA president.

Nothing could be more effective at properly waking you up in the morning than watching a video of the president of the Australian Medical Association in Queensland, Chris Perry, saying the following words on national television:

“They are crazy not to get vaccinated. Life will be miserable without being vaccinated. You won’t be able to hide, (…) it is going to be very hard to maintain your employment if you are not vaccinated and you won’t be able to go anywhere for any entertainment. Get vaccinated otherwise you are going to have a very very lonely life and you are not going to be able to maintain your employment.”

The statement above was immediately preceded by one of the most outrageous, patronizing, and heartless comments I happen to come across during this whole pandemic – and I came across a lot of bad things over the last almost two years. As a prelude to Dr. Perry’s words, Karl Stefanovic, one of the hosts of the morning TV show ‘Today’, uttered the following words:

“Smart play from the Premier. There is no doubt about it that you have to try to get people to lose something in order to get something (chuckle). And look, there are going to be dramas, I am sure, especially around the Gold Coast area but there is only one decision for people to make”

QLD AMA president Chris Perry & Karl Stefanovic threatening the public on breakfast TV.

In some ways, compared to other parts of the country, it has been quite easy to navigate this pandemic living in Queensland. It is true there were some opportunities where the state government has shown its true colours – like in the case where an unborn baby died because the mother was unable to cross the NSW’s border to access a QLD hospital and Premier Palaszczuk said her infamous phrase “Queensland hospitals are for Queenslanders” – but, overall, people living in the sunshine state have been experiencing a toned-down version of the pandemic measures seen in NSW and VIC, for example.

Nevertheless, all of this has now changed significantly. As the state prepares to open its borders in December, a fear campaign was launched. Among press conferences where one could hear things like “The virus will hunt you out” if you are unvaccinated and “People deserve to know that they can go to these places and that they are safe” from the unvaccinated, on the 9th of November, the state Government announced that “fully vaccinated Queenslanders will be rewarded to keep our freedoms from 17 December or when we reach the 80% double dosed milestone”.

It took a little bit longer, but here we are Queenslanders. Segregation has been announced and we are going to increasingly witness more and more the evil effects of the upcoming divisive policies that are going to be implemented. People will continue to lose their jobs, businesses will suffer, and countless families will be harmed. So far, almost fifty thousand people became unemployed because of coercive measures implemented across the country and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have been vaccinated against their will to continue to provide for themselves and their families.

All those coercive measures standing behind vaccine passports, literally all of them, are based on zero scientific evidence. That’s it, you heard me right, there is nothing, literally NOTHING that even suggests that unvaccinated people pose any level of threat to vaccinated people and thus should be excluded from some meaningful parts of society. Even the QLD government website itself says: “Both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be able to access essential services and activities. This means unvaccinated people will still be able to go to grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, newsagents and clothing stores, and participate in activities like going to the gym for exercise”.

How does that work? Does the virus take a break at those specific venues described above? How can that not be just a clear way of making life impossible to the unvaccinated until they bow before the almighty state who knows what is best for the life of its citizens?

Queenslanders, fight against having a “freedom day” stain in your history

Queenslanders, although the clock is ticking and the ball is rolling, it is not too late yet to do something. Is this the future you want for your state? Is this the future you want for your country? As a nation, we have a history of always siding with the underdogs, please, let us continue on that path. Let us fight against having a “freedom [read: segregation] day” in the history of our state. Let us fight, perhaps, to even lead the nation out of this tyrannical mindset that has engulfed our country and plunged us into a type of intellectual and social subjugation which rivals some of the worse periods of the dark ages.

Queenslanders, you are free to say ‘no’. There are people, even some important people, already speaking up against this madness. Surely, if just a minority opposes this tyrannical governmental overreach, there is little hope of success, but if all those who, deep down inside, know that something is not right, if all those people decided to say ‘no’ to those upcoming policies, there would be nothing that could really be done by the state government.

In small groups, almost one by one, we have been divided by careful and calculated strikes. It is time to put an end to this. There couldn’t be an any better time than now to put an end to this. It is time for Queenslanders and Australians to, once again, unite. Even if you are comfortable for now, even if those tyrannical measures haven’t reached your life yet, believe me, tomorrow, it may be you. The circle of destruction is widening and, at some stage, you will be affected by it.

As a Brazilian by birth, someone who was born on the year a dictatorship in the name of safety ended in my country, I have always had a dear appreciation for the warnings penned by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller:

Churches, I have a special appeal to you. As a minister of Christ myself who has lost his job because of not agreeing to support measures that promote segregation introduced in the church setting, I beg of you, please, stand by the side of hundreds of thousands who are being marginalized right now. Stand by the side of those who are going to become second-class citizens. If watching what is taking place in other states hasn’t been enough to stir you up yet, now the threat is real and evil is in the house.

Stand and fight for your flocks and for the people of your communities. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know we will sit with them in the gutter any day of the week. Let those who are been ostracized and despised know that they are NOT going to live a “very very lonely life”. Speak against this false gospel of “Life will be miserable without being vaccinated”. There are many who need you right now to speak for them. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy” (Proverbs 31:8-9).

I believe Queenslanders can start to write a different story for their state, in fact, for their nation. Although there are many voices out there growing more and more vicious by the minute saying things like “there is only one decision for people to make”, don’t believe them. When it comes to any medical treatment, there is only one decision a person must make: the decision that the individual is comfortable with. We, the people, are stronger. We have always been. Nurses, teachers, stay at home parents, business people, students, workers, etc., YOU are Queensland. You are the ones building this state, but sometimes our leaders can forget that.

Let us remind them by saying ‘no’ to the evil of medical apartheid that is trying to creep in.

Let us remind them by saying ‘no’ to anything and/or anyone who seeks to place even one single Queenslander into a sub-category of citizenship.

Let us remind them by saying ‘no’ to this stain in our history.

Let us remind them that we are Queenslanders!



7 thoughts on “Brace Yourself, Australia, It Is Game on Against Segregation

  1. This sub-human maggot, the boss of the Australian Toxic drug distribution centre titled the AMA is telling us that if we do not get jabbed with his promoted poisons we will suffer miserable lives.
    He doesn’t mentioned the hundred of thousands who were jabbed that are now suffering miserable lives and many deaths.
    I cannot stand Stefanovic’s massive ego so I do not watch this soft cock but I’ll wager he didn’t ask Perry this question.
    “Have you had the Jab and will your children have it?”

    1. These filthy sub-human maggots as you accurately described Gus have to be destroyed by the uprising of the people as it is simply staggering that there is no authority who can or will stop these criminal scum tyrants.

      Information Paper Regarding NON-CONSENT TO MANDATORY OR COERCED COVID-19 Injections (Including Discussions on the COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation and Vaccines in General)
      by Simon Forrest
      September, 2021
      The purpose of this paper is to object against any intention to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for any person in any situation under any circumstances.
      In Regards to Vaccines in General:
      • There are serious question marks surrounding vaccine safety, supported by hundreds of studies, countless testimonies by parents and their doctors, billion-dollar payouts in vaccine injury compensation courts, vaccine adverse event reporting systems and various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
      • There is evidence that actively challenges vaccine efficacy and effectiveness, including countless people contracting diseases despite being vaccinated against that disease, perpetual outbreaks amongst highly vaccinated groups/communities, mortality rates for many diseases dropping to low numbers well before vaccines were introduced, studies indicating that unvaccinated children have demonstrably fewer health issues than vaccinated children, and again; various data, records, graphs, facts, figures and observations.
      • A number of doctors, scientists, medical experts and health professionals have spoken out via websites, documentaries, videos, interviews, posts, podcasts and books about their concerns surrounding vaccine safety and efficacy, conflicts of interest and corruption.
      In Regards to the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation: Continue >

      Lawsuit South Africa – Constitutional Court

      Can Canberra be held accountable internationally for human rights abuses from state lockdown laws?

      A Challenge to the Legality of Australia’s COVID-19 Measures
      Tony Ryan delivered his legal challenge in Australia on the 22nd October 2021 to representatives of the Chief Medical Officer.
      pdf file Legal Challenge in Australia to representatives of the Chief Medical Officer >

      Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare
      Ensuring INFORMED CONSENT is properly obtained is a legal, ethical and professional requirement on the part of all treating health professionals and supports person-centred care.
      Have the legal capacity to consent
      ■ Give their consent voluntarily
      Give their consent to the specific treatment, procedure or other intervention being discussed
      Have enough information about their condition, treatment options, the benefits and risks relevant to them, and alternative options for them to make an informed decision to consent.
      This includes the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns.1 Material risks are risks where a “reasonable person, in the position of the person being recommended the treatment or procedure, is warned of the risks that they would likely attach significance to; or if the healthcare provider is or should be reasonably aware that the particular person if warned of the risk, would likely attach significance to it” – Rogers v Whitaker (1992) 175 CLR 479
      A person has legal capacity to make a particular decision when they are able to do all of the following:
      ■ Understand the facts involved
      ■ Understand the treatment choices
      ■ Understand how the consequences of treatment affect them
      ■ Retain the information and recall the details
      ■ Weigh up the consequences of those choices, including the choice to refuse treatment
      ■ Communicate their decision and understanding of its implications.
      More >
      Source >
      Source >

      Queensland Government – Queensland Health – Australian charter of healthcare rights
      All of our hospital and services fully support the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. The charter describes the rights of patients and other people using the Australian health system.
      Have your concerns addressed in a transparent and timely way
      Share your experience and participate to improve the quality of care and health services
      Your responsibilities
      To help us to provide you the best possible care please:
      Tell us about your illnesses and hospital visits, symptoms, medications, allergies and other health related matters
      Treat all people you meet in the health service (staff, volunteers patients/clients, their families and aged care residents), with care, dignity and consideration
      Respect the confidentiality and privacy of others.
      Read more about the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights >
      Source >

    They are the only ones spewing out propaganda aka misinformation.
    There is nothing decent people despise more than bloody lying MSM.
    Get the truth from alternate media websites – here is a list of a few for you to study > of course there are huge numbers now of these wonderful people and groups giving you the people the truth – they are not a party to the whole corrupted mainstream media system that is covered in a putrid blanket of conflicts of interest who spew lies day after day protecting those corporate revolving doors.


    Doctors Speak Out
    Thousands of eminent physicians, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, molecular geneticists, and medical researchers around the world have called for the immediate withdrawal of all the COVID-19 genetic-based “vaccines”.
    But their voices are blacked out by the news media.
    The Big Pharma-paid “fact checkers” smear and distort their findings.
    Big Tech censors—including Facebook, Twitter, and Google—remove their articles, interviews, comments, and videos instead of allowing the public to hear what they have to say.
    Healthy, unvaccinated people are getting sick just by being around Covid-vaccinated people……..
    Shedding and spreading
    In nation after nation, wherever the genetic-based Covid vaccine is introduced, there has been a dramatic rise in deaths and in Covid-positive cases…
    As vaccination campaigns spread worldwide—even to countries where Covid was not present, a huge spike in new infections and deaths is occurring….
    The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation is the principal funder of the WHO.
    *Gates funded the Imperial College in London which used computer models to create the ridiculous, vastly exaggerated projections of COVID-19 deaths.
    This led directly to the imposition of lockdowns, masks, and Emergency Authorization of untested, highly experimental genetic “vaccines”
    Continue >

    Criticallly important major Vaccine Manufacturer Tied To, Causing Biased “Facts”

    Informed Consent Action Network
    ICAN Fact Checks
    A Compilation of Individuals and Entities that Spread Misinformation About Vaccines

    Mainstream Media a bloody disgrace to the world – you will be remembered in history with fury and shame for what you have done – all for the filthy dollar – you are all truly disgusting – wake up to yourselves now !

    Here’s Exactly How Far Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Stretches In Australia And Beyond

    What does Rupert Murdoch own? A little bit of everything

    Keith Rupert Murdoch

    Rupert Murdoch’s big investment headache: Australia

    Bill Gates Gives $319 Million to Buy Influence with Media Outlets
    New documents revealed by Mint Press News show that the vaccine-pushing billionaire oligarch Bill Gates has given over $300 million to influence various fake news outlets.

    Murdoch Media Demonises Australians Walking for Their Freedom in Melbourne
    by Independent Researcher Elizabeth
    See the article below in the Murdoch media, which seeks to demonise the largely peaceful protestors in Melbourne yesterday, many of whom are likely to be CFMEU members.
    This is despicable reporting by the deeply conflicted Murdoch media… News Corp Australia is a corporate partner with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, which is involved in vaccine research, including Covid-19 vaccine research with the Doherty Institute. It’s ‘modelling’ produced by the Doherty Institute (April 2020 and August 2021) that has kept Australians under restrictions for the past 19 months, ‘until the vaccine is ready’. The Murdoch media – The Australian, the tabloids, Sky News – pumps out a torrent of biased media supporting the Morrison and State Governments’ covid-19 injection rollout, without disclosing its serious conflict of interest, i.e. that it’s associated with covid-19 vaccine research.

    Murdoch media group’s influence on vaccination policy in Australia / conflicts of interest

    Murdoch media’s continuing campaign for the GSK Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine product

    Challenging Murdoch influence on Australia’s coercive vaccination policy – the example of meningococcal B vaccination

    Conflicts of interest influencing Australia’s vaccination policy – Murdoch media/News Corp

    The Murdoch media is a propaganda machine for the vaccine industry, and has serious conflicts of interest…
    “How to spot an anti-vaxxer: the most dangerous people on the planet”

    Murdoch media demonises Australians walking for their freedom in Melbourne

    Over-Vaccination Epidemic – Independent Researcher Elizabeth Hart
    Over-vaccination – a multi billion dollar market – why is critical vaccination information censored?
    Letters challenging over-vaccination and conflicts of interest to various parties, refer to these hyperlinks for more details >

    About the ABC – Up to seven Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government – SO NO independent/impartial news whatsoever to be seen here !
    ? Maximum benefit to the people of Australia NUH
    ? Maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation NUH
    ? Board is responsible for ensuring gathering and presentation of news and information is accurate and impartial NUH
    Up to seven Directors are appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Government. The Managing Director is appointed by the Board. Bad Idea
    The Australian Government has established a merit-based appointment process for non-executive directors to the ABC. Oh Dear !

  3. ABSOLUTE MUST READ and please post and send out this extremely important compendium of Covid revelations—EVERYWHERE!
    Here’s How They Rolled Out The Covid Tyranny Nation By Nation So Quickly
    Both OPERATION COVID-19 along and the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda were on the drawing board since at least 1913.
    A HUGE piece of the foregoing gargantuan task was to bring on board each and every head of state who would roll out the Covid tyranny in their respective nations. As of today, Saturday, November 20th, all of those naked tyrants have exposed themselves to be nothing but bribed and blackmailed puppets of “Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators”.
    Only by correctly comprehending the true depth and breadth of the global Covid conspiratorial plot can all of the true perpetrators be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws governing intentional genocide and crimes against humanity (e.g. Nuremberg Code).
    The following excellent exposé goes a long way to doing just that; it well delineates that heretofore carefully concealed conspiracy so that justice can be served for the billions of aggrieved residents of planet Earth who have been deliberately killed and injured, debilitated and diseased, bankrupted and impoverished.
    State of the Nation
    November 20, 2021
    Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’ (Videos)
    By Michael Lord
    RAIR Foundation USA
    Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency………
    Mysterious Beginnings……
    Schwab’s Young Global Leaders: Incubator of the Great Reset?
    In 1992 Schwab established a parallel institution, the Global Leaders for Tomorrow school, which was re-established as Young Global Leaders in 2004. Attendees at the school must apply for admission and are then subjected to a rigorous selection process. Members of the school’s very first class in 1992 already included many who went on to become important liberal political figures, such as Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Tony Blair. There are currently about 1,300 graduates of this school, and the list of alumni includes several names of those who went on to become leaders of the health institutions of their respective nations. Four of them are former and current health ministers for Germany, including Jens Spahn, who has been Federal Minister of Health since 2018. Philipp Rösler, who was Minister of Health from 2009 until 2011, was appointed the WEF’s Managing Director by Schwab in 2014.
    Other notable names on the school’s roster are Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand whose stringent lockdown measures have been praised by global health authorities; Emmanuel Macron, the President of France; Sebastian Kurz, who was until recently the Chancellor of Austria; Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary; Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and President of the European Commission; and Annalena Baerbock, the leader of the German Greens who was the party’s first candidate for Chancellor in this year’s federal election, and who is still in the running to be Merkel’s successor. We also find California Governor Gavin Newsom on the list, who was selected for the class of 2005, as well as former presidential candidate and current US Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg, who is a very recent alumnus, having been selected for the class of 2019. All of these politicians who were in office during the past two years have favored harsh responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and which also happened to considerably increase their respective governments’ power.
    But the school’s list of alumni is not limited to political leaders. We also find many of the captains of private industry there, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Virgin’s Richard Branson, and the Clinton Foundation’s Chelsea Clinton. Again, all of them expressed support for the global response to the pandemic, and many reaped considerable profits as a result of the measures.
    Schwab’s Yes Men in Action……..
    A Worldwide Network of Wealth & Influence
    Graduates from the Young Global Leaders school, and Global Leaders for Tomorrow before them, find themselves very well-situated given that they then have access to the WEF’s network of contacts. The WEF’s current Board of Trustees includes such luminaries as Christine Lagarde, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and current President of the European Central Bank; Queen Rania of Jordan, who has been ranked by Forbes as one of the 100 most powerful women in the world; and Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the largest investment management corporation internationally and which handles approximately $9 trillion annually. By tracing the connections between the school’s graduates, Wolff claims that you can see that they continue to rely on each other for support for their initiatives long after they participated in the Global Leaders programs…………
    The Alliance of Big Business & Government
    The main goal of the WEF’s activities, Wolff believes, is to facilitate and further high-level cooperation between big business and national governments, something which we are already seeing take place. Viviane Fischer, another participant in the Corona Committee podcast, points out that the British-based company Serco processes migrants for the British government and also manages prisons around the world, among its many other activities. The pharmaceutical industry’s international reach is also considerable: Wolff mentions that Global Leaders alumnus Bill Gates, for example, had long been doing business with Pfizer, one of the main producers of the controversial mRNA anti-Covid vaccines, through his Foundation’s public health initiatives in Africa since long before the pandemic began. Perhaps not coincidentally, Gates has become one of the foremost champions of lockdowns and the Covid vaccines since they became available, and The Wall Street Journal has reported that his Foundation had made approximately $200 billion in “social benefits” from distributing vaccines before the pandemic had even begun. One can only imagine what its vaccine profits are today.
    Digital technology, which is now all-pervasive, is also playing a prominent role in the elite’s global designs. Wolff highlights that BlackRock, run by Global Leaders alumnus Larry Fink, is presently the largest advisor to the world’s central banks and has been collecting data on the world financial system for more than 30 years now, and undoubtedly has a greater understanding of how the system works than the central banks themselves……….
    Democracy Has Been Cancelled
    The ultimate conclusion one must draw from all of this, according to Wolff, is that democracy as we knew it has been silently cancelled, and that although the appearance of democratic processes is being maintained in our countries, the fact is that an examination of how governance around the world works today shows that an elite of super-wealthy and powerful individuals effectively control everything that goes on in politics, as has been especially evident in relation to the pandemic response.
    The best way to combat their designs, Wolff says, is simply to educate people about what is happening, and for them to realize that the narrative of the “super-dangerous virus” is a lie that has been designed to manipulate them into accepting things that run contrary to their own interests. If even 10% of ordinary citizens become aware of this and decide to take action, it could thwart the elite’s plans and perhaps open a window for ordinary citizens to take back control over their own destinies.
    Video Interview
    Ernst Wolff is interviewed in this series of videos by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer and politician who hosts a podcast called Corona Ausschuss (Corona Committee), which critically examines the German government’s response to the pandemic. These videos are taken from one of their podcasts. Also on the group chat are Viviane Fischer, a business attorney and economist based in Berlin who is a regular participant on the Corona Committee; and Wolfgang Wodarg, a former German Member of Parliament for the Social Democratic Party who has been vocal in opposing the German government’s lockdown and vaccination measures.
    Source > See other posts also

    GLOBAL PSYOP: Here’s the crux of the “COVID CON” stealthily carried out to lock
    down planet Earth—FOREVER!
    “Who doesn’t know the game? Whenever the Military-Industrial Complex want to steal literally trillions of dollars from US taxpayers, they pull out their “National Security” card. The USA is now bankrupt because of how many times that national security card has been used ever since the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913. Now fast forward to 2021. The Powers That Be are constantly slapping down the “Societal Safety” card to compel and coerce vaccination compliance. Just imagine how many times this card can be pulled out of their hat to stampede the populace over the cliff. Should the American people acquiesce to this absurdly fake justification, there will be no end to the countless ways that TPTB will use “societal safety” to lock us down in the future. And take away our rights. And liberties. And freedom to live a normal life.”
    by Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer
    Here, first listen to the Covid Con Man-in-Chief tell us where this is all going IF WE DO NOT REMOVE HIM AND HIS ILK FROM POWER POST-HASTE.
    Government-Corporate Complex Reigns Supreme
    Everyone ought to know that the current totalitarian Government-Corporate Complex that dominates the United States can fabricate virtually any scenario with which to oppress the American people.
    Therefore, should totally contrived scaremongering around THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC continue unabated, which produce the desired nefarious outcomes of the New World Order globalist cabal, the American Republic will irreversibly collapse.
    Therefore, it’s imperative that all ‘vaccine’ mandates be fiercely resisted to complete reversal; and that those who have ordered them be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Dr. Fauci is obviously the primo frontman for this international scheme to commit intentional global genocide. Hence, he must be apprehended and taken off the street immediately lest millions of Americans die an agonizing death via the exceedingly dangerous and deadly Covid killshots……Conclusion
    The only way to break the back of this global psyop using the cudgel of “societal safety” is to take down the primary pitchmen of so much deliberate vaccine falsehood and COVID-19 disinfo.
    Once Fauci (and Bill Gates) is arrested, tried for crimes against humanity and hanged live on the Internet, his severe punishment will serve as a deterrent to all of his Covid criminal co-conspirators.
    Now, let’s get busy forming the citizen grand juries, issuing citizen indictments and warrants, as well as conducting the citizen trials that will sentence these Covid criminals to death. This whole process can lawfully begin with the county sheriffs deputizing citizen sheriffs who can legitimately execute the warrants and make the arrests. As follows:
    Open Letter to All County Sheriffs >
    Watch video and continue >

    ABSOLUTE MUST READ and please post and send out this extremely important compendium of Covid revelations—EVERYWHERE!
    Here’s How They Rolled Out The Covid Tyranny Nation By Nation So Quickly
    Source > See other posts also

    Global Bombshell: US Government Signs Secret Treaty With Pfizer, Granting Company Dictatorial Powers Over US Economy
    Posted on November 21, 2021 by State of the Nation

    FBI Whistleblower Reveals Biden DOJ Activated Counterterrorism Division Against Protesting Parents
    This would suggest Attorney General Merrick Garland willfully lied to Congress under oath…

    Sen. Ron Johnson: Dr. Fauci, Censorship Helped Sabotage Some COVID Treatments
    Posted on July 25, 2021 by State of the Nation

    Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov’t COVID Tyranny
    Posted on November 21, 2021 by State of the Nation

    Violent Protests Break Out All Over Europe
    Covid Protests turn violent in Europe Austria, Italy, Croatia revolt – Drudge Report
    Posted on November 21, 2021 by State of the Nation

    Comment > These filthy sub-human political/medical/mainstream media/big pharma/techno/globalists et al tyrants think they have won – well they can think again – they will lose either way – are they trying to drive the global population to a ‘mad max world’ if so – the tyrants will lose as the people will have nothing left to lose and the fight will step up a gear or two…..
    So bring peace, happiness and prosperity and love to our populations and CEASE AND DESIST with all your undemocratic, disgusting, immoral, criminal covid political/globalist crimes against all of humanity and end all mandates and all other actions NOW.

    See all recent posts also – all critical information for the global population to see and stand united against these global tyrants of despair and destruction

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