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BREAKING: Medical Kidnap Of Chase Walker-Stevens Live Updates (Australia)

Follow the events through Peter Little’s Live. The tyrannical medical establishment is chasing Chase again.


Thanks to all the people coming together today and sharing and being involved with this story. Thanks to the wonderful people that have come out on a cold night in Newcastle to stand outside the hospital! Thanks to the beautiful people driving Graeme to the airport across Melbourne and the people driving him from Sydney to Newcastle. We are a beautiful community and together we stand strong. Together we will stop this evil in its tracks!

We need to stand up and make sure he is not drugged. They will kill him if they get a chance.

Sign Petition Here: Bring Chase Walker-Stevens Home To His Family

Please support this family and their struggles by donating money into Chase’s business account.

BSB: 084 134
Account: 393950209

For background information about Chase and his story please read the following story here.


 PLEASE CALL POLICE AND ASK THEM WHY THIS KID WAS KIDNAPPED. Watch Cini’s appeal to everyone on the Peter Little’s Facebook Live below!

Help this family!!

Cini needs us all to call 132 111! NSW Child Services after hours!!!

We need everyone to call 132 111 and ask the people at CHILD SERVICES AFTER HOURS WHY CHASE”S RIGHTS AREN’T MET??!!
Call and ask why Chase is not with his family. Why they are denying this child his rights!!!!


Graeme “Peter” Little Live today with an update on the Chase for Chase! Calling Child Services After Hours Hotline!


Please share and sign the following petition! LINK

The Chase for Chase continues today. The family and their warriors are locating Chase and making sure he will return home as soon as possible.

Please stay tuned to this live feed for new breaking stories.

Chase and his family are grateful for your continuing support and ask you to share and get this story out there.


 – Sunday 21 May  –

Although it might seem quiet. Many people are working hard on getting Chase back to his family!

Please share the following petition and keep on posting, sharing and talking about Chase and his families ordeal.

There will be a vigil outside of Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane today please join us! The address is 501 Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

I will be there by noon – others will be there sooner because they are closer. Come and spend an hour there supporting Chase, Cini and Mark!

If anyone wants to call me, they can do so by using the Call Now button on this page but please be aware that I will be in the car driving and won’t answer the phone if that’s the case

Meryl Dorey

Dan DeBurriate and family member of Marc Stevens spoke to hospital staff at lady Cilento. They deny Chase being there or having anything to do with the medical kidnapping.

Hospital staff to talk to some protesters.

3.05pm – Will there be answers in Brisbane this afternoon? Will someone from the hospital come and talk to the protesters.

2.40pm – Protesters outside the Lady Cilento Hospital in moving towards the entrance of the hospital. Interference by security.

2.20pm – Peter ‘Graeme’ Little Live from Newcastle.

Meryl Dorey was live again from the park across from the Lady Cilento Hospital. Please go an join the protest in the next few hours!

Email sent to Cini and Marc before this whole saga unfolded. Notifying them of an appointment on 23 May. Obviously, they didn’t have any immediate issues at the time of this email being written.

Some still shots of the 2 DOCS (child services) workers and the sergeant, responsible enforcing this horrible, tyrannical medical kidnap.


Live video from Meryl Dorey from outside the Lady Cilento Hospital.

Groups of people have gathered at the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane as well as the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. We will keep you updated on any events unfolding throughout the day.
If you are in the vicinity of either of these hospitals please join these peaceful protests and show our support for this family.
If you aren’t able to join the protests. Please keep on sharing this story. We need the people of Australia and the world to see and understand what is really happening here!

 – Saturday 20 May  –

4.44am Graeme (Peter Little) Live on Facebook with an update. Chase taken by the government and they HAVE NOT TAKEN his medication that will stop him from having seizures.

Cini is bruised all over her arm and hand from police brutality. Despicable.

The documents that have Chase kidnapped from his family! Lies and outrageous claims. Corruption of the tyrannical, medical establishment in Australia!

Justine Christerson. Human rights activist in Queensland and a strong supporter of Cini, Marc, and Chase and the rest of the family!

Graeme had a shock getting off the plane. Live from the car on his way to Newcastle.

TRASH ALERT – The media lies continue!!! Murdoch’s Telegraph spreading the propaganda!

Chase has been taken away from his parents. Cini was beaten and roughed up by the police while trying to hold on to her boy. There is no medical basis for this intervention and Cini and Marc have consistently won their right to take care of Chase as his parents. This is a medical tyranny showing its face!

Marc was locked in a bathroom so they could take Chase away!!! Watch him live!!

Chase in the hospital without anyone looking out for him! Under the control of DOCS (Child Services)!!

Paul Robert Burton Live with an update from John Hunter Hospital.

Update on Cini getting arrested from Karen Burge at John Hospital:

 “The doctor said Chase was not in any medical danger and was able to go home but had to ask docs, 5 mins later we heard Cini screaming and being dragged from
Emergency by police every one that went to her aid was sprayed with pepper spray ?”

Cini arrested by the police. Doctor confirmed he is not in medical danger. They are still taking Chase!!!! Child Services are the devil!! Protesters capsicum sprayed!

Karen Burge’s live from the protest outside of John Hunter Hospital!
#IstandwithChase – Make it go VIRAL!!!

Karen Burge’s and Paul Robert Burton’s live of the moment the police and child services are trying to take Chase away from his loving family!

Graeme’s plane is set to leave Melbourne at 9.20pm. He is due to arrive in Sydney at 10.45pm. A beautiful person has stood up and is willing to take him to Newcastle by car. Graeme should be at John Hunter Hospital around 1 am!

Graeme made it the airport on time and is waiting for his plane to leave!

Cini was assaulted.

Graeme frantically trying to get to the airport on time!

Graeme first talking about this story from in front of Greg Hunt’s office in hastings!


Chase’s Vaccine Injury- Facts The Biased Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know


5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Medical Kidnap Of Chase Walker-Stevens Live Updates (Australia)

  1. I watched & listened to everything.
    1. Where were Chase & his family
    2. Where did the ambulance come from
    3. Did the ambulance take them to hospital
    4. When did police come onto the scene
    5. Was Cini arrested – if so on what charges – if not – why was she taken away & to where
    6. Why was Marc locked in the toilet
    7. Are the in the psychiatric unit of the/a hospital – why
    8. Has anyone been sectioned – Graeme said “they will be in all night” – therefore has anyone been sectioned
    9. The top of Graeme’s head looks great on video
    AlI know for sure is that several people are distressed & FUCKING pissed of & the system sucks.
    If you want public attention ..
    Someone needs to tell the story – quickly & from the beginning – to get everyone up to speed – there are new people watching constantly – if you want public support – because you definitely need the sympathy of Australians – you must be inclusive & to keep everyone informed – an article like this is only confusing & people will not follow it if it is too hard to connect to the situation.

  2. Graeme Pope says that this is ground breaking –

    Chase is THE EVIDENCE of The Establishments Gestapo Aspirations upon the common man & the damage caused by their ghoulish methods.
    The Establishment are trying to destroy that evidence.

  3. The ‘Authorities’ are legally obligated to provide the Mother the Court Order, BEFORE taking the child, by force or not. A Court Order MUST be provided – PLEASE POST so we can determine the legitimacy. It MUST be Signed by a Magistrate or a Justice not a Registrar. Please take note of the names and register numbers of all Police involved. (technically all must be Officers of the Crown) There is NO House of Windsor – Elizabeth is a COMMONER a daughter of a Maid and Winston Churchill.

  4. I’ve been following this outrageous story from Sweden, what the hell are you politician’s doing over there in Australia???
    How can you do this? How can you take this child away from his loving and caring family? I thought Australia was a siviliced country, obviously I was wrong. But this will be known all over the world how the authorities in Australia abuse this child by taking him away from his parents.
    I can’t belive what just happened. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    Cini and Mark DON’T GIVE UP!!! I will share this as much as I can and my friends will do the same.
    With all my love❤

  5. Get a Habeus Corpus writ into the High Court asap.
    That will shake the buggers up. No question about it.

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