April 22, 2024

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2 thoughts on “Cannibalism Is Being Normalized

  1. What is E. coli ?

    Bloody Diarrhea & Stomach Pains.
    Anyone who suddenly has diarrhea with blood in it should call or see a doctor.
    For those people who get very sick & have kidney failure .. about 1 in 3 will have kidney problems later. In rare cases people have other problems like blood pressure .. blindness or are paralyzed.

    E. coli comes with
    * not washing you hands after visiting the toilet
    * veg & fruit washed in dirty water
    * raw meat

    How To Enjoy Raw Beef Safely
    Eating raw beef comes with risk. Honestly that’s a bit of fun.
    But living by the rules .. living at medium & well done .. you miss out on raw.
    Raw can be so tender.
    It melts.
    Cooking may be the absolute insurance .. but raw is worth it’s little risk .. especially when you break the rules .. right.

    Happy sitting on the toilet seat .. fearless freak.

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