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Christchurch Shooter’s Video & Audio Examination

Tim Grice Sr.

Video Frame by Frame of the vehicle windshield being shot segment.
During the “Supposed” Christchurch, NZ Shooting that has been reported by the “Fake News Media”, the shooter while driving from the scene of the crime, uses a shotgun to shoot the windshield of the vehicle he’s driving at “Point Blank” range, not once but Twice.

Fortunately the vehicle must of had a “Magic” windshield, after the First shot No damage can be seen, and after the second shot, only slight, negligible appears. During the second shot, ALL of the “Smoke” emitted appears in only “One” video frame and ALL of the ‘Smoke” magically disappears by the next video frame. Standard Video Frame Rates are taken at either 24, 25 or 30 video frames per second of time.

So I Copied the video of the “supposed” Christchurch,NZ Shooting and then opened the video in a Video Editor, this allows Frame by Frame examination of the video. The video is HIGHLY edited, filled with Video Compositing, a lot of very Obvious video editing.
The video is enough to Fool the Gullible and Naive Public, but it’s not a “Real” shooting, and you can Bank on it.

Here’s the first thing I noticed, the shooter, “Supposedly”, fired 63 rounds in 16 seconds, from a rifle that has a magazine with a capacity of only 20 – 30 rounds MAX. While changing magazines, he drops a long magazine for a smaller caliber rifle to the floor, then inserts a 20 round capacity magazine into the same rifle and then Miraculously, he fires 39 more times!
He makes Roy Rogers proud. (As a kid we used to joke about TV Western Stars like Roy Rogers who had revolvers and rifles that never seem to run out of ammo).



4 thoughts on “Christchurch Shooter’s Video & Audio Examination

  1. How about that, Face Book removed two of my videos.
    The removed “Windshield Shooting” video segment shown in this post, was removed by Face Book for violating their Community Standards on “Bullying and Harassment”.
    Face Books Statement (direct quote) “It looks like something you posted doesn’t follow our Community Standards. We don’t allow post that bully and harass anyone on Face Book. This could include altered images, photos or videos of physical bullying or any other post intended to degrade or shame a specific person.” (unquote)
    Since the video which was removed mentioned or named “NO” names and was not directed at any specific person, or even race, religion or creed, it becomes obvious that Face Books “Post Removal” motives are “Far Removed” from the explanation they have given.
    Since this isn’t an isolated event, resulting in mass “Highly Selective” censorship, which has now escalated well beyond imagination. At this point the future situation does not appear very favorable.

  2. Enemy at the gates can be a problem but enemy within the gates is a massive problem.
    It seems that our governments are our enemy within our gates.
    Our government or should be categorised as The State is our enemy.
    The coverup of this event in NZ by its government is to protect the groups involved.
    These groups or group has attacked the rights of people to live yet the government in NZ is doing its best to conceal this crime.
    It happened in Australia with the Tasmanian Port Arthur event that was protected and closed down by the National government. The public were kept out of this event not only by the government but by the sick media we have to tolerate.
    It seems that the interests who organise these events not only control our government but our media.
    Otherwise, why hide all the evidence. Does not truth cleanse all?
    Gandhi said, There are no paths to the truth, the truth is the only path.

  3. He was using a drum magazine to begin with. That’s why he was able to fire so many rounds without reloading.
    Doesn’t explain the magazine in the hallway, disappearing brass, indestructable windscreen and very relaxed shooting victims etc etc….

  4. Nobody died in Christchurch
    The so called ‘smoke’ on the windshield is condensation from the fake replica air gun
    The so called Christchurch Mosque Attacks is a fabrication and fraud from start to finish
    Like covid
    A virus that has never been proven to exist

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