April 12, 2024

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Daniel Andrews: If You Have Any Questions About The Flu Shot, Don’t Ask Me


According To Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, If You Question Vaccine Safety Then You Are A Conspiracy Theorist. The Arrogance On Display Here Is Absolutely Incredible & Why Can’t Members Of The Public Put Forward Questions In regards To Vaccine Safety, Mr Andrews? Because You Have No Answers, That’s Why. Daniel Andrews Is Just Another Ill-Informed Pro-Vax Cult Member who Is Simply Towing The Line For His Big Pharma Overlords. https://www.facebook.com/DanielAndrewsMP/?hc_ref=SEARCH&fref=nf


2 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews: If You Have Any Questions About The Flu Shot, Don’t Ask Me

  1. The Current Premier of Victoria has .. spin doctors .. who’s advice will find the Honorable Mr. Andrews out of office one day.
    No one likes a smarty pants on a power trip.

    That said ..
    Is it possible that the Honorable Daniel Andrews .. leader of the Australian Labor Party .. is sick of his job ?
    It happens & therefore he should consider stepping aside so someone else can have a go.

    What did he say ..
    “If you have any questions about the flu shots .. please ask away.”

    We would not be asking Premier of Victoria .. the Honorable Daniel Andrews any questions at all about the flu shots ..
    The Honorable Daniel Andrews attended Monash University where he was a resident at Mannix Collage & graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in politics & classics in 1996.
    And that is the extent of his higher education.
    The Honorable Daniel Andrews member for Mulgrave .. is not qualified to answer any questions on health & medicine ..
    Does he have a First Aid Certificate .. if he has that qualify’s him to give you mouth to mouth resuscitation .. if you require it.

    “If your peddling conspiracy about vaccination .. GO AWAY.”

    Boy .. what tough words .. we are the VOTERS Mr. Andrews .. the mob who gave you your job .. old son.. AND NOT TO BE SNEERED AT SO EASILY.

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