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Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews Busted lying about an asymptomatic COVID case from a business that has been out of operation for 10 months. 

Daniel Andrews disgusting lies and abuse of the Victorian people are on full display here and we can clearly see that he is using fake COVID cases to justify more Draconian lock downs. 


  1. I called that reasturant tonight. Spent 52seconds on the line talking about the menu. Get your facts straight. Nit everything is a conspiracy

  2. Regardless, wether the lights were on or off;
    Dan is the ultimate Spin doctor along with his camaraderie and even after being demolished by the mainstream media stated that his government is ‘Gold Standard’.
    You cannot win with these psychopaths as right is wrong and good is evil!
    Robert Gottliebsen confirms it, writing in The Australian this morning…
    ‘The latest Victorian COVID-19 lockdown was caused by two catastrophic errors. First, a complete breakdown in the communication, decision-making and administrative systems of the Victorian bureaucracy and ministry. And second, the failure of WorkSafe and the crown prosecutors to investigate properly and prosecute the blatant abuse of Victoria’s occupational health and safety rules that led to 801 deaths last year. 
    ‘Had WorkSafe done its job it would have ensured that proper systems were put in place.
    ‘The current mismanagement is so bad that it puts the health, safety and lives of Victorians and Australians at risk. Victoria may have to stop hotel quarantine even though it has a crisis plan gathering dust in a drawer that is the basis of how other states successfully manage quarantine.’

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