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Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole With David Weiss


What’s wrong with this picture? Might be better asked, what is right about this picture? Answer: NOTHING is right about it! What’s with the dragged blood?  How does blood flow in two directions?  Looks more like it was poured on the floor. Notice that everyone that is laying on their side or face down is resting their head on their hand or forearm so not to put their face on the floor.   Where are the paramedics? Where are the police? Where are their loved ones?  What kind of crime scene is this where we just have someone leaking pictures like this one? This picture was released as a PNG file which is a way of hiding all of its meta data.

The Paris massacre = a massive HOAX!

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Busted: Totally Proven Beyond All Doubt: The French Government Staged The Attacks


The New Biology ByClifford E Carnicom

4 thoughts on “Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole With David Weiss

  1. Those bodies were placed there later and killed away from the so called terror event….. Ole Dammegard calls this out in his research into this event.

  2. Flat earth !!! Dave , You said “where’s the curve ?” When you stand at the top of any sizable mountain you can see the curve , I live in Oklahoma, our mountains are nowhere near as tall as others and you can still see it . You are ridiculous!

    1. Russ, I just was flying (obviously
      much higher than any mountain), and looked out over the ocean and the horizon was completely flat.
      This means nothing. But it certainly shoots down for mountain argument. Blows it to smithereens actually. So who’s really ridiculous.

    2. It’s a flat circle and not spherical ; your head turns 360 degrees so the illusion of a little slight curve at the horizon might seem like it’s spherical since we are inside a round dome…

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