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1950: Nuclear Facility to be Placed in an Arkansas National Park

Screen shot 2016-05-16 at 8.02.44 AMScreen shot 2016-05-16 at 8.02.56 AM
Many dismiss the theory that the federal government would place a nuclear facility within a national park. After reading the 1950 newspaper article at left, I am even more convinced there could be such a facility at Cumberland Gap National Park.

The above article is taken from the Hope Star, an Arkansas newspaper, in August of 1950. Congressman Boyd Tackett has indicated that northern Arkansas would get an H-bomb plant. Although there is no formal announcement from the Atomic Energy Commission, Tackett said “his information came from that source.”  Tackett said “the plant would be situated either in the Ouachita National forest or the Ozark National forest.

Tackett said, “Arkansas has been selected as the proper area…because it has the necessary requirements.”

This story echoes the story of the munitions facility I believe was constructed at Cumberland Gap; the experts recommended the best suited place for the plant yet, in the end, their advice was supposedly unheeded.

The following article details the region’s frustration:

“Several months ago it was announced the government would build a large hydrogen bomb plant in the heart of the Ozarks…It was pointed out the plant would be located in the interior of the country, safe from possible attack from either coast. It would not be possible, it was declared, for an enemy plane to penetrate that far into the interior, or to inflict important damage on this important facility.

But the plans have changed, and instead of being located in this comparatively safe region the plant is to be built in the Savannah Valley, only minutes by air from the Atlantic coast. The proposed plant would be an easy target for enemy bombers.” (2)

The author laments  that “politics” were the reason the plant location was changed; the Democratic party needed their southern voter numbers up. The author believes this was a move to win favor with those voters. I vehemently disagree. The likelihood the plant was installed there all along is a reasonable theory.

Just as President Wilson possibly visited a secret munitions facility at Cumberland Gap in 1918, did Truman visit a newly completed nuclear facility hidden in the Ozarks in 1952?

Truman may have visited secret nuclear base in the Ozarks in 1952
President Truman visited the Ozarks in 1952, officially to dedicate two dams. Did he visit a secret nuclear facility in the region as well?(3)

(1)”Tackett says state to get H-bomb plant.” Hope Star, August 26 1950.

(2)”Party must be served.” Terre Haute Star. December 14, 1950.

(3) “Presidential Pathways.” arkansas.com.


Published on Jun 4, 2016

PART 1: https://youtu.be/JVw_mPvYcDM

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Bizarre Opening Ceremony For Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland

On June 1, 2016, 17 years after the first blast in the main shaft, the world’s longest railway tunnel officially opened. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Switzerland invited guests of honor from Switzerland and abroad to a very strange opening ceremony.

topless-angelAround 600 actors, musicians, choirs and the Swiss Army band performed in the bizarre ceremony that featured people dressed as topless angels, goats and dancing construction workers. (RELATED: Trailer For Symmetry: A Dance-Opera Filmed Inside CERN’s Large Hadron Collider)

While some people were impressed by the opening ceremony, others were left scratching their heads.

Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi and François Hollande joined Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann for the opening ceremony and a ride in first class through the tunnel.

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Apple and Fertility

apple hq

Apple is a leader in the world of computers and Smart devices.  Apple iPads are being used by schoolchildren in classrooms equipped with WiFi (2.4 Ghz).  Education delivered wirelessly will reach the most remote regions of the world and make everybody Smart, say the globalists.  However, wireless transmissions will have another sinister effect — the sterility of future generations, warns Joe Imbriano of TheFullertonInformer.com.  From a study done on hardy rats, findings were that viable ovarian follicles (eggs) diminished by approximately one half after 15 minutes x 15 days of 900 Mhz (old cell-phone-level) irradiation.  WiFi and newer phones are much faster.

What happens in the human body after an egg is fertilized?  Its outer layers harden (called “zona response”) to prevent additional sperm from penetrating.  The FullertonInformer webmaster informs us that human follicles (eggs) may indeed harden in response to persistent RF microwaves, which are felt as “penetrations.”  Little girls are born with their eggs, to be released one at a time by the ovaries upon sexual maturity.  Eggs that undergo zona response from radio frequencies pulsed against the belly (think iPad) might respond someday to fertilization in a lab with a needle …


Now let’s take a look at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, pictured above, with layout below:

apple hq_2_smhuman_gamete1

Left: Apple’s Cupertino headquarters layout     Right: Diagram of human conception as the egg is penetrated and the outer membranes fuse to solidify

A new development from Steve Perlman, formerly of Apple, Microsoft and Hollywood:  Artemis is the new technology for cellular transmission.  Devices placed on buildings will replace cell towers, sending RF microwaves in search of receivers (e.g. our Smart phones and watches).  Artemis was the Greek goddess of chastity (no sex), virginity, and of the hunt.  The Artemis logo is below, next to a diagram of the female reproductive organs.  The Artemis network will hunt us and invert our reproduction… turn it upside down?  What is Apple saying?

artemis devicefemale reproductive system 2

Artemis logo is female organs turned upside down

Source: http://www.aboutthesky.com/smallstorm-blog

Sofia Smallstorm podcasts: http://www.aboutthesky.com/podcasts

Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast –


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  1. It all sounds great.
    There is nothing on TV & the next series of Mr. Robot seems to be in jeopardy.
    Paradox was good, but they killed off Dr. Christian King in the first series, how dumb was that … now what.
    When is the trailer coming out for this sei/fie fairy tale ……….
    CERN is based on The Big Bang Theory … so far, everytime they have fired it up it went BANG & cost millions to repair.
    I wonder why ?
    Because it is based on fiction & not fact science.
    UNDER GROUND BUNKERS …. WW2 the bombing of Dresden … all those who sought safety under ground, found themselves trapped like rats in a furnace & were fried to a crisp from the heat.

  2. I was in a London hospital the other day and saw a poster for a forthcoming lecture called ‘ vaccines for babies before birth’. I wondered how long it would take.

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