April 22, 2024

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Deport These Bastards: African Apex Gangs Causing Havoc On Melbourne’s Streets


NOTE: In this article it states, a fear of being labelled a racist meant little effort was being done to tackle the gangs. So these invaders run wild in our cities, raping, looting, robbing while Australian’s live in fear but nobody wants to complain about it because they will be labelled, racist? This is absolutely ridiculous & how the hell are these Somali’s getting into Australia anyway?

Turnbull has been pounding his chest about protecting our borders & stopping the boats but what’s going on here? Why are a bunch of mainly young African migrants holding large areas of Melbourne hostage with fear & intimidation, Is this being done to destabilise Australia & what are the police doing about this? I have a great solution, Round them up, lock them up & deport them back to their homelands. This is the best & only way to address this situation, which is only going to get worse.

If Australian Taxpayers need to chip in for this, then so be it & what we are seeing now is a huge waste of money & recourses as most of these black invaders are under age & cannot be dealt with by our weak system. These somali migrant criminals are only going to end up in our prisons, this will be yet another burden for the taxpayer & our system. The Apex gangs are now being recruited by Muslim crime gangs so this is turning into a living nightmare for Australia. We have more than enough money & know how to get police, security, private citizens & even the Army involved here to round these Somali teenager & gang members up.

It would be a very simple process to set up task forces & hit the streets in all the hot zones then round them up, lock them up & ready them on pre organised planes for deportation. Once deported, they should be banned from entering Australia for life & the Government should not put any funds into resettling these people overseas. If Islanders or Middle Easterners are involved with these gangs then they also need to piss off back to their own countries, no questions asked. Australia & it’s people are being used & abused here so it’s time to stop with the racist propaganda & start expelling these parasites from our land. 

Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Centre chief executive Anthony Kelly says that it’s, racist to deport these African thugs & that we should all just play video games & chew bubble gum with them instead. Deporting Apex gang members ‘inherently racist’, legal groups say

Police Association of Victoria secretary Ron Iddles explains that some officers are reluctant to pursue offenders for fear of being labelled racist.

We can see in this video below that despite police arrests, the attacks just keep getting worse so this is why we need a severe crackdown on these gangs along with fast deportation. It’s also important to note that the Victorian police are clearly doing nothing to protect citizens & i would highly recommend for people to arm themselves as soon as possible. If the police are too pathetic to act on these gangs then we need Vigilante groups to start cleaning this mess up. I would urge Victorians to stock up on weapons & to protect themselves with lethal force if necessary. 

Residents have no other options but to go out & buy weapons in order to protect themselves, but as usual, the useless police are warning them that they may be arrested for doing so. This is so typical, the police will not show when African criminals are busting through your windows in the middle of the night but will act fast to arrest those who try to protect themselves & their families against these vicious thugs.

Deep anger at core of Apex gang causing havoc on Melbourne’s streets.

Apex St in Dandenong North. Source: Google Maps.
Apex St in Dandenong North. Source: Google Maps.Source:Supplied
SOUTH central Melbourne became more like South Central Los Angeles on Saturday as rioters swept through the CBD terrifying locals and tourists alike.


Havoc descended on Federation Square with metal chairs from the city’s famous Brunetti’s cafe used as weapons on nearby Swanston St, as gang members fought with both the police and among themselves.

But these weren’t members of Melbourne’s notorious crime families, as depicted inUnderbelly, or even bikie gangs asserting their dominance. But rather young people, some no more than 12 years of age, from a hitherto little known gang living out their dreams of a “Fast and the Furious” lifestyle.

Police say the gang had been under surveillance for months, accused of breaking into homes, stealing cars and even the tragic death of a mum-of two late last year.

While a Salvation Army officer with knowledge of the gangs told news.com.au the culprits “don’t care” about the concerns their actions cause, and that a fear of being a labelled racist meant little effort was being done to tackle the gangs whose members predominantly hail from eastern Africa but also the Middle East and the South Pacific.


Apex St in Dandenong North, on Melbourne’s eastern fringe, is a world away from the violence on Swanston St. With its red brick houses lining the tree-dotted footpath, and mini roundabouts ensuring cars keep a steady pace, it could look like any suburban street in Australia’s major cities.

But the street, in an area that is one of the hubs of the city’s African community, is said to be the inspiration for the Apex gang’s name.

A primary group within Apex is young African men among living in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. In recent months, police have arrested more than 30 gang members for crimes including robbery, assault and car theft, as part of Taskforce Tense that was set up in November.

The gang’s penchant is for stealing luxury cars — but not to sell on.

“From what we are seeing, it’s largely teenagers targeting high-end cars they want to drive,” Narre Warren police detective Acting Sergeant Reuben McAllister told theCranbourne Leader earlier this month.

“When they’ve finished with them, they dump them or burn them. Some of them still have not been found.”

The group call their strategy for stealing “missioning”. It involves sneaking into houses in the dead of night, stealing the car keys and driving off with the vehicle.

Southern Metro Region Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill told reporters on Thursday that a gang — which news.com.au understands to be the Apex gang — of car thieves was behind a recent string of violent aggravated burglaries.

Mr Hill said many of the alleged car thieves were playing out scenarios featured inThe Fast and the Furious films and the video game Grand Theft Auto.

“They are playing out and living as action heroes in our streets,” he said.


Late last year, police reported that former rivals from three main gangs had joined forces under the Apex umbrella. Since then the situation has worsened while the gangs have become more brazen.

“They used to sneak in. Now, they’ll just kick the door in,” a police source told theHerald Sun. There has even been reports of carjackings.

At least two home invasions were carried out by the group in Melbourne suburbs last week. The families targeted for their luxury cars were left traumatised by the thugs who were armed with a steel pole and a baseball bat.

A member of the gang also reportedly threatened to walk into a Melbourne police station and shoot a police detective who is investigating the criminal activities of the group. The officer has since been put on stress leave and a notice has been posted on the wall of the police station warning officers about the threats from the under-age gangsters.

Sometimes, incidents linked to gangs, have been far more tragic. In November,mum-of two Amanda Matheson died after her car was ploughed into by a stolen BMW careering down the wrong side of the road. The driver was just 15-years-old with the collision occurring 20 minutes from Dandenong.

Earlier this month, police claimed to have smashed a million-dollar burglary and car theft racket involving the Apex gang, with several of its members charged in relation to no less than 30 break-ins in the city’s southeast over just a two-week period.

A total of 33 gang members have been arrested since Taskforce Tense was set up. Nevertheless, 150 gang members congregated in Melbourne on Saturday chanting “f*** the police” and “it’s a public space, we have a right to be here”.


It was not the first time gang members have made their presence known in the CBD, having previously run amok on New Year’s Eve and last month’s White Night.

Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army in Victoria, Brendan Nottle, told news.com.au that the motives behind Saturday’s rampage were pretty simple. “I think its driven by this deep seated anger. They don’t care what impact they have, they’re saying ‘we don’t care what you think.’”

“It’s no surprise to me this happened,” he said. “The only surprise was it happened at 10pm when people were still around.”

Mr Nottle said African youth, mainly immigrants, had suffered through a deeply tortuous journey to Australia, often spending years in camps in “appalling” conditions.

Once they got to Australia, a country far from home, some found it difficult in school, difficult to get jobs and felt “locked out” of the community. While many did progress well, inevitably some ended up rubbing shoulders with equally aggrieved young people.

But a fear by politicians of being seen to target one community had left action on tackling the problem in limbo. “I think it’s because there’s a nervousness about being labelled a racist but the people that want to do something don’t have racist motives,’’ said Mr Nottle.

“I went public about this and I got labelled as being racist but my comments were the complete opposite. Having met African youth I know they have a deep sense of anger.

“We need to have some very serious conversations, and not point the finger, about why people are so angry.”

One of the most successful campaigns the Salvation Army has run in relation to young African men and teenagers was with a Sudanese outreach worker who was able to talk one-on-one with people, gauge their concerns and act as a link between them and established support services.

Those people prone to being in gangs needed to talk to other young people and, ultimately, come to feel that Australia was their home. “It’s important we don’t drive an even greater wedge with the African community. Rather than building a wall we need to be building a bridge.”

News.com.au has contacted a number of groups representing the African community in Victoria for comment.


Apex gang have driven Melbourne families to fortify homes with barbed wire fences

Terrified Melbourne homeowners are living in fear of notorious Apex gang members and are now forced to fortify their properties with barbed wire.

The frightened residents, who have armed themselves with baseball bats for protection, live in Melbourne’s western suburbs and are now restoring their homes with fencing in an attempt to stop the violent gang breaking in.

Terrified Melbourne homeowners are now fortifying their properties with barbed wire in fear of the Apex gang. Photo: Facebook

“That barbed wire is looking really good right now,” one concerned resident says on Facebook.

Another claims she’s already installed some.

“They will get cut to shreds trying to get over,” she said on an unofficial neighbourhood watch page.

“And the best part is it’s hidden so they don’t know it’s there until they grab it [the barbed wire].”

However, as quickly as it has gone up, residents may have to remove any barbed wire they have installed.

The parents of Apex gang are sending their children back to war-torn countries to escape a future of crime here. Photo: 7 News
The Apex gang is from Melbourne’s south-east, named after Apex St in Dandenong North from where several of its founders hail. Photo: 7 News

Both Brimbank and Wyndham city councils – in Melbourne’s west and southwest – require a building permit before barbed wire can be attached to fencing bordering the street.

Concerned locals have reluctantly given up night-time patrols of western suburb streets following pressure from police and local government.

Organiser Rob revealed this week he had been threatened with arrest.

“The police have contacted us and requested us to stop all action immediately, and under this threat, we have no choice but to comply,” he said in a Facebook post.

The extreme fencing comes as it was revealed refugee parents of the out-of-control gang are sending their troublemaking kids back to war-torn countries to “straighten them out”.

Members of the gang are predominately of African or Sudanese ethnicities, and mostly in their early 20s, but children as young as 13 have recently been arrested in connection with violent home invasions and carjackings.

The gang is from Melbourne’s south-east, named after Apex St in Dandenong North from where several of its founders hail, and have been on the police’s radar for some time.

Gang members circulated a warning of a violent attack on photo-sharing app Snapchat ahead of March’s Moomba street gang attack. Source: 7 News

The gang is known for its public disturbance, stealing luxury cars and carrying out violent armed robberies and home invasions, acting out scenes reminiscent of violent video games like Grand Theft Auto.

The parents are fearing their children will spiral deeper into a life of crime if they stay here.

Police say some parents are at their wits’ end and reporting their children to police after recognising them on news reports, or going out into the streets to find their children before the police do.

Crime in Dandenong, the area that is most affected by the gang, is up 24 per cent.

Police say Apex gang members are aged in their mid 20s, mostly of African or Sudanese appearance. Photo: 7 News

Enrollments in self-defence classes have also soared in the region, as residents try to prepare themselves should they fall victim to a gang attack.

Victoria Police have escalated its response to home invasions and carjackings across the state by allocating additional resources to prevent, deter and investigate these incidents.

“Day and night patrols are being conducted at high risk locations to prevent offences taking place,” a police spokesperson said.

More than 75 people have been arrested since Operation Cosmas began in May.

See More: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/32222019/melbourne-families-fortifying-homes-with-barbed-wire-fences-in-fear-of-apex-gang/#page1

10 thoughts on “Deport These Bastards: African Apex Gangs Causing Havoc On Melbourne’s Streets

  1. The third A Current Affair Video – the boys doing the bashing ARE WHITE SKINNED
    I am very confuded here….I was under the impression that they were BLACK AFRICAN’S.

    There is something wrong with all of this ……
    If you do a home burglary …. why would you steal jewellery ?
    The only way to get rid of stolen jewelry is to sell it on the street to ordinary citizens.
    No ‘fence’ will touch it, jewelry shops will not touch it.
    These boys will be out walking the streets for a while trying to off load it & running the risk that someone is an undercover cop on the lookout, or a punter who will report them.

  2. AND – unless you have an OUTLET
    Why would you steal a CAR.
    To steal a car / multipul cars – you need a shop to drive them into, where they change their ID & ship them away QUICK SMART.
    To steal a car / multipul cars – you need a large closed off area – out in some secludud place – where you strip the cars down & ship the parts away – & again PRETTY QUICK SMART.
    GRAND THEFT AUYO is a very big opperation & ususally run by Organised Crime Syndicates.
    These boys are working for Organisations that are connected to the AUTO AUCTIONS / CAR REGISTRATION & one hell of a lot more.
    Organised Crime employs young punks on a regular basis to replenish their stocks.

  3. Is this an exercise by the adults involved in Organised Crime – in offloading the blame onto young men in the neighbourhood gone savage. So they organise a local rebellion to have their mob go unnoticed. I am not saying that local guys are not involved – only not in the real crime being committed.
    The guys who steal cars a TRAINED / EXPERT professionals, they are most likely permanant staff & travel around Australia for the company & they are given a shopping list.
    Maybe we need to ask, exactly how many cars have been stolen throughout Victoria in the last 6-12 months & that would fill in the picture better.
    Because jewelry & wallets does not do it for me.

  4. Melbourne was once such a great place.
    I grew up there it was a sleepy place but good place.
    Since the Federal Government have allowed all these low life scumbags under the guise of “refugees, poor kids” bullshit we are being swamped.
    Let me tell you something folks, these kids follow their parents they will end up terrorists, ripping this place to pieces.
    Unfortunately, our government are bastards.
    Nobody is racist, I don’t want any of these low life scum bags. They all need to burn in their rotten low life countries.

  5. Our country is WEAK. Migrants of whatever flavour committing a serious crime should be deported IMMEDIATELY. No ifs, no buts no sob stories, back to Mogadishu asap.

    Parents who raise thugs should have citizenship stripped, property seized and also sent back to Africa (with all siblings and all persons included under “family reunion”).

    It’s not racist. If they were English or Irish – same DEAL. Come here and pollute our nation with crime – GONE! (leaving your assets behind to support the victims)

  6. These monkey’s or so called ‘Humans’ have no place in our society, and everyone of non African appearance (white,Asian,aboriginal) should turn their backs on these thugs and refuse them Anything – houses jobs centrlink public transport cabs food – everything refuse giving or selling these chimps anything. The police should be putting these monkeys either in a Zoo or on a plane ba k to the jungle Wake up Australians these bastards hate this country that has given them everything and will never ever give anything back other than more miserable crime… Thanks all you left wing greenies and bleeding hearts and most of all Christians who started the criminal integration of these sub human thugs into our once clean country

    1. I agree it didn’t work in America they where rapeing young white women early in the peace we need to take action now.Its in there dna to rape there animals that need to be deported immediately or else we will have huge race riot and I know whos going to be on top

  7. the government need to stand up and do what Dutton said he will do and deport the blacks and arabs who are convicted of a crime in Australia no matter what age.duttons on to it lets push the issue people power

  8. Would this be allowed to happen in Singapore, black thugs would not be able to sit on their behind for 3 months after 40 strokes of the Ratan, the blame rests with our piss weak government who are paid to protect us, deport them NOW.

  9. Deport ALL foreign troublemakers in Australia. Including those black cunts who killed that grandfather in Esther(Melbourne) very recently. As Pauline Hanson says, “Get them out !” Nobody wants trouble causing Africoons in Australia. They have gone way too far in attacking ordinary people for nothing. Deport them to Indonesia & the police there will blow them up to bits if they did this over there. DEPORT them. Australia gives them a hand in helping them & this is the thanks ? In India, African students are bashed up & some even killed. They are only students. Deport ALL African troublemakers from Australia.

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