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Dissenting views CRIMINALIZED in the U.K. under new Online Safety Act

Dissenting views CRIMINALIZED in the U.K. under new Online Safety Act, which gets you ARRESTED if government doesn’t like what you say…


An independent journalist based out of England has been arrestedfor sharing “malinformation” about Ukraine.

In accordance with the new Online Safety Act, also known as the United Kingdom’s censorship law, Warren Thornton, who runs the podcast “The Real Truth,” was in the midst of streaming on September 24 when police officers in Bristol showed up at his door and demanded entry in order to speak with him.

For the apparent crime of spreading “misinformation” about the situation in Ukraine, Thornton was hauled off by the cops and will presumably now be charged with some kind of “crime” for his disobedient speech.

“Thornton is a critic of NATO’s escalation of the war in Ukraine and has posted several videos about Ukrainian attacks on Russian civilians and the secret existence of biolabs in Ukraine,” reported Human Events about the incident.

“He was also quick to report how a former Waffen-SS Nazi soldier was allowed to sit in the Canadian House of Commons Gallery during a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”

(Related: The entire premise behind the concept of a “fact check,” at least in how the establishment uses it, is erroneous; it is just censorship in disguise.)

Canada is similarly drafting its own censorship bill to do the same thing there

Scarily, our neighbors to the north are planning on unleashing a similar bill. Canada’s left-wing government is preparing nearly identical legislation as the U.K.’s Online Safety Act that will punish as a crime the spread of “disinformation” on the internet.

The Canadian bill, as it currently stands, is arguably worse than the U.K.’s Online Safety Bill in that it does not even define what “disinformation” actually is. In other words, Justin Trudeau’s regime will simply make up the rules along the way.

At the moment when the police arrived, Thornton was actually in the process of reporting on the embarrassing incident at the Canadian House of Commons Gallery. Thornton was interviewing guest Fiona Ryan when the host was plucked from his microphone by the cops about 20 minutes before the broadcast was scheduled to end.

Ryan had been conversing with Johnee, the host of “Café Revolution,” a YouTube channel that reports from the front line of the Russia-Ukraine war in Donetsk. Ryan did not even know what happened to Thornton until she later discovered an exchange on WhatsApp revealing that he had been arrested by U.K. police.

After arriving at the police station, Thornton later reported that his arresting officers became “flustered” during their interrogation of him because they could not explain to him which video post had led to his arrest.

When Thornton’s soon-to-be lawyer arrived on the scene, the guy “ripped them to bits,” according to Thornton. Said lawyer then told the police to “charge him or release him.”

In the end, British police decided not to charge Thornton with any crime – because in the real world, he did not actually commit one, regardless of the reprehensible Online Safety Act. Thornton did end up spending the entire weekend in a jail cell, though, before being released.

In a later post on Rumble, Thornton described his ordeal with British law enforcement as a “jolly interesting” experience. He also revealed that when he asked the officers whether he was being charged with anything beyond just spreading “misinformation,” they definitively told him no.

Back in early 2022, we reported that the U.K. was also planning to target speech that criticizes the “official” narrative surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), even though the official COVID story has changed more times than we can count.


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