March 1, 2024

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Doctors to earn more for aborting babies than caring for pregnant women.


At midnight on New Year’s Day, the Republic of Ireland’s new abortion law was enacted, following a referendum which showed massive support for legalisation. Despite a huge campaign to save the 8th Amendment – which had previously protected Ireland’s pre-born babies – and courageous opposition from pro-life politicians, years of poor catechesis coupled with injections of cash from pro-abortion globalists meant that the majority of the Irish people were ready to embrace legal child-killing.

Irish doctors are outraged, since they are now obliged to refer for abortions, (and possibly to perform them!) and shockingly, will earn more for aborting babies than for caring for pregnant women throughout their pregnancies. In a letter to the Editor of the Irish Independent, Dublin GP, Dr Marcus de Brun, wrote:

The fee to be paid to a doctor for a medical termination conducted over three to four visits is €450, whist the fee paid for the management of a pregnancy over eight to 10 visits is circa €250.

This means that a GP is paid circa €110 per visit to terminate a pregnancy, whilst he/she is paid circa €25 per visit, to manage a pregnancy.

Nine hospitals and 165 GPs – out of the Republic’s four thousand – are prepared to offer abortions, with the national health service providing training and ‘clinical guidance.’ Irish pro-lifers believe that there will be around 300 babies aborted this month.

Health Minister, Simon Harris, is talking up the benefits of abortion, while promising to fund IVF to the tune of €1m in 2019. It seems that ‘wantedness’ is the only criteria considered by the Irish government when deciding where to send the taxpayer’s money – that, and the lure of kickbacks from the abortion industry.

Unsurprisingly, there are some who object to the government funding healthy women to have their babies killed while failing to care for those post-birth people who are actually sick. So, in a nice bit of propaganda, the pro-abortion Irish Examiner pointed out an alleged reduction in numbers of Irish citizens waiting to access emergency medical care. It said there are now 34% fewer ‘people on trolleys in acute hospitals’. (Strangely, the article also mentioned that the number was in fact, UP on last year’s tally when patients waiting in wards were added in. But who really cares? They have FREE ABORTION now.)


3 thoughts on “Doctors to earn more for aborting babies than caring for pregnant women.

  1. & I also read related article – More than 100 Queensland candidates pledge support to child murder.
    It would have been a good idea to implement & teach safe sex & ovulation information so as to know when to use a condom to prevent pregnancy – it’s only 10 days – a long, long time ago.
    Instead we manufactured the Oestrogen Based Contraceptive Pill – a known carcinogen & taught free sex on tap – go out & fuck anyone you want – as many of them as you like in a day – whenever you want & spread as many STD’s as you can.
    I couldn’t bring myself to have an abortion, ever – but I do not stand in the way of any other woman doing so.
    We are in this predicament because of the FUCKING PRUDES hypocrites one & all who stood in the way of responsible & accurate sex education when I was 15 years old & I am now 68.

    1. In 1971 the pill was available, my friend Mary was at Uni, she trundled off to the doctor to get a prescription for the pill – with a look of disgust on his face he flatly refused & said “are you planning on becoming the TOWN BIKE”
      He was also one of the FUCKING PRUDES who frowned on sex education.

  2. Several years ago now, there was an article on Roman Catholic Blog written by a young woman telling how she had been promiscuous & it led to her becoming psychologically traumatised. Thinking that it was the cool thing to do, she had sex with anyone who offered himself up for a turn.
    The article is still there & so is my comment.

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