March 3, 2024

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Moulden’s Tolerance Lost: ALL THREE PARTS

  1. Just going 2 make a cup of tea
    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Article !!
    Only to say all is forgiven
    Where did you fund the genius.

  2. Q: If blood pressure is normal & medications such as ace-inhibitors & beta blockers – which lower blood pressure – are given to lower blood pressure further – though there is no blockage due to white blood cells searching for foreign bodies – & blood flows freely though at a slower speed – can the blood still become stagnant ??

  3. THE CATCH 22:-
    In the order to maximize profits in the name of fair competition.
    This was the same dogma with MONSANTO.
    Today – bankrupt – who knows how they got so broke – MONSANTO NO LONGER EXISTS whats more some the hierarchy of the then MONSANTO hide in fear for their miserable little lives.
    Governments globally are finding that the costs of accommodating, treating, educating & facilities the conditions inflicted by false vaccine dogma are ever increasing & initiative.
    It is then that the run like rats to obscurity, deserting a sinking ship.

  4. The drooping of the mouth Bells Palsy – it happened to my father, went away with medication after a few months – I’m not sure if it happened before or after he has pneumonia – then his kidneys failed he had lost over 60% kidney function before we realized – & he died of a heart attack = heart overload probably. ??
    I worked out the progress to his death from medical books but now I need to go back & rethink it all again.
    THERE IS NO WAY BigPharma DOES NOT KNOW – no way !!

  5. regarding – 1:29:51 min into video –
    26th July 2017 my heart stopped for a moment – in the street.
    27th July 2017 my heart stopped for 20 min & maybe 25 min across the hospital bed.
    No oxygen to the brain.
    No blood to the brain.
    Obviously my monitor was not switched on – or faulty.
    No – CPR was NOT performed as there were no side effects & there are always side effects.
    St Vincent\’s Hospital lied.
    If it were not for the cleaner the medical staff would have kept walking past my dead body oblivious to the fact.
    What happened to me & how – because it is a fact of life – a regular biological occurrence.

  6. I have looked around & found sites that denounce Dr. Andrew Moulden –
    The adamant hate being expressed towards this man:
    He was not qualified, he did no research, there are no papers written by him ….
    There is so much of it & it is so frantically vehement AND it demanded to be believed that he was a quack.
    So I ask … why are these denouncers so hatefully determined ??
    I mean .. he\’s only one guy mouthing off .. that\’s right .. he is only one man mouthing off his bullshit .
    One guy that no one will believe .. that is making a fool of himself .. what\’s the deal ??
    Unless what he says is true – & then he is like a dangerous & deadly virus to BigPharma & the establishment crooks who assist in the business of wanton damage to the peoples of planet earth.

  7. Please know that BigPharma needs to pay out big mega bribe monies to the most top level persons that head the government & regulators all around the world to get to be allowed to do their debenture & it is not just vaccines but oral medications also.
    I bet their out going capital is considerable more that the profits derived.
    MONSANTO THE GOLIATH was invincible & filthy rich … then they were bankrupt & on the run for their lives.
    Every business relies on banks or cash flows to go about their daily business ;
    Some how the banking industry lost confidence in MONSANTO’S capacity to deliver & the pull the rug out from beneath them.
    That is how rich these companies are –
    Only as long as the banks will keep lending to them – otherwise they are fucked.

    1. If confidence in a person, business, corporation or product is seen to be volatile – the reverberations are felt immediately & the backers support is gone.
      You could be GOD Himself & it wold make no difference.
      Al we have to do is keep shaking the trees & crying out ghostly moans.

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