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Dr. Mike Yeadon: You’re Being Lied to About Chicken Influenza

By Dr. Michael Yeadon June 7, 2024

Obviously, I now understand the methodology.

There’s absolutely nothing to fear except fear itself. Familiar ring, eh?

Do remember, a century of published clinical experimentation has failed to demonstrate that, whatever the causes of acute respiratory illnesses, they are NOT CONTAGIOUS.

In no case, when a healthy person (“recipient”) was asked to remain in close proximity for hours to a person unwell with such an objectively determined illness (“donor”), like we used to use to decide if someone is unwell, did the recipient healthy person go on to develop the same symptoms.

Just to be clear, we mean here “the recipient people didn’t develop similar symptoms to those of the donor people at a frequency greater than when two healthy people shared the same space for the same period of time”.

They sought evidence of transmission, aka contagion, and failed to find it, study after study, from 1918 to the present day.

Some investigators very recently made the same kind of attempt to see if healthy recipients would “catch covid19”, whatever it was that had caused the donors here to be unwell. In that study, too, the healthy recipients did not become unwell.

I recognize that many people will reject this evidence. They’ll cast around for reasons why the conclusions must be invalid. They do that because many people are “sure” that they’ve definitely “caught” colds or the flu from sick people or that they’ve “infected” others in the same manner.

I confess I struggled with this at first, dismissing what I was being told out of hand. I did so because i, too, “knew” that in the past, I’d “caught” colds from others.

The evidence shows that this doesn’t happen.

That then simply invites us to find other explanations for our strong sense that contagion in relation to acute respiratory illnesses does happen.

Do note I’m not commenting on contagion generally. Right now, I suggest we focus only on the type of illness being used to crush our freedoms and medical autonomy. Diversionary discussions aren’t helpful.

As a scientist, I’ve explained before that one is in no way obligated to provide a new hypothesis while invalidating a current one, now shown to be in discord with a mass of empirical evidence.

However, it might be helpful in making a mental transition to be aware of some possible alternative explanations.

1. Acute respiratory illnesses are really quite common. I experience a couple of colds annually. Flu, rarely, only 3 times in my life. Being commonplace, consider how likely it is that you might develop a cold over the next couple of weeks. It’s not that low a probability. If you do, you’ll cast your mind back. If you recall a person with similar symptoms, you may well conclude you caught it from them. How many occasions did you have such encounters, yet not go on to develop a cold? It would be fair to ask that question. I think we rarely notice when we don’t “catch a cold”. Here, the explanation proposed is coincidence of two, not uncommon things.

2. People do become unwell with acute respiratory symptoms. There’s no argument against that, only it’s cause. Whatever the cause is, imagine there’s an environmental or other shared component (like diet, or even genetics). You develop a cold and someone you live with or work with shortly afterwards also goes down with a cold. While it’s entirely understandable that you both conclude it was passed between you, here I’m proposing that you both developed the same kind of illness because of shared environmental factors.

3. We’ve this mental model of causation of acute respiratory illnesses. We’re told they’re due to submicroscopic, infectious particles called “viruses”. But if they’re not the cause, what might be? I confess I do not know. However, I laid out a decent length hypothesis a while ago on this channel. Essentially, a derangement of regulation of airway surface liquid and associated mucus and the mucocilary escalator mechanism which, among others, keeps your airways in good order.

Changes in temperature, humidity, various solutes and salts, are hypothesised to trigger an inflammatory response & it’s this that we notice as “a cold”. In this hypothetical model, if you’re run down, stressed and don’t have time to attend to your bodily clues and cues, you’re more likely to develop all sorts of syndromes.

Anyway, bottom line is, you’re being lied to about chicken influenza. Ditto cow flu. Just laugh at them and point out to others, this sounds the same sort of lying & catastrophising that we heard in early 2020.

It was mad and illogical for the events that followed to have happened. None of it happened by luck. There was an agenda to amplify whatever it was for malign motives.

The same thing appears to be happening again. Oddly enough, it’s precisely the same cast of characters as last time.

Please don’t give in to fear.

Best wishes,



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