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Drag storytime derailed by protesters in Melbourne


A local council meeting in Melbourne has been derailed by 100 protesters opposing a planned drag queen storytime for children.

The protests come over the sold-out event planned to mark the International Day Against Homophobia on May 19 in a local library.

Monash City Council have refused to back down and maintain they will not cancel what they are labelling as a “family friendly” event.


1 thought on “Drag storytime derailed by protesters in Melbourne

  1. Encouraging, at least, that parents are opposing this perverted attack on their children by the LGBT limp wrist brigade.
    The early influence was the acceptance of Australians to allow these LGBT acronym digits into their churches who with a flick of their wand entered our schools and now Councils to preach the sick, perverted religion of sodomy.
    We must blame ourselves and should we continue to take our children to watch these organised expressions of ‘Gay abandon’ then we must accept responsibility for this perversion of our children that will express its psychological burden in our near future. Our children are the future and we must protect that now!

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