April 17, 2024

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Duke vs. Jones: The Resurrection ***Updated****


And so it’s been done. Listen here.

Duke as professional as ever and efficient as the mythologized Auschwitz ovens has now Holocausted the Alex Jones Network. I can’t help but wonder from the start why Alex even took Frank’s call, then further to even humor allowing such a Master onto his broadcast only knowing he would be destroyed. Is Alex truly oblivious to his own slave-masters’ identities? Well I can’t imagine that. Has he gone full Hitler and become as covert as the Jew at deceiving his owners in allowing such a thing to take place and for them to be so exposed like a vampire on a sunny day? I just don’t know. He must feel completely emasculated and intellectually annihilated being so thoroughly defeated on his own network. He even allowed the Duke to speak openly, candidly without virtually ever going chimp (there must be a superconspiracy afoot). He did cut him off some and rarely offered arguments later in show outside of bickering comments or equating Duke to characters like Louis Farrakhan while still saying he doesn’t really mean it. Early he would make strong arguments against the West for funding Hitler or committing some historical crime, but of course the learned Dr. David Duke would correct him in pointing him to the always common source of the issue; the usual suspects. Duke deconstructed the web of control and supremacy that is Jewish Oligarchs and Talmudic institutions with the unrelenting precision of a compass marking true north.

Jones would eventually be forced into a PC corner of white flag waving and “Jew jew jew makes my head hurt… I find this all terribly frustrating” relinquishing all argumentative authority to The Duke. What happens now? Does Duke return to the network? Will the previously thousands of Blue Pilled Jones viewers take the Red Pill? Will they make waves amongst the other sheep of his community? Regardless, the buck doesn’t stop with Duke. Now that its out and in the open of Mainstream Alternative Media (If I may), we must continue to push our message. We must do our part now as always before. Once the video is uploaded to Youtube we must push it on all Alt Forums and Media outlets.

Following possibly future debates with Alex, featuring Duke and hopefully other leaders within this community like Angelo John Gage, we should push to see Duke on a bigger stage once again. Let’s elevate this conversation to all stages. By our support lets allow Duke and others like him to take over the destruction of the current political establishment and push aside the no longer necessary shills. Trump may be able to win against the rest of the Cucks, however he must be afraid to face a speaker like Duke, especially once he sees this for himself. There is no room for supporting Israel any longer. It’s official.

We must push forward. We have certainly won a serious battle here. Duke may have won our greatest media battle in decades. And we must do our part to support his effort. We must force the issue even harder than before. Just as we’ve done to promote Cuckservative Meme we must push the Duke v. Jones Debate. We need followers to edit the video and create clips and samples to make new memes and make new click bait. We must show the rest of the Alternative communities and Mainstream communities the now deconstructed systems of control around them. Once we take America back, we can take back the world for all people. We can’t stop here. This is only the beginning of the end of our plight. Europeans everywhere must urge on with this single victory to find many more and ultimately the WAR for sovereignty and security will be OURS! 

In typical NLP  bait & switch fashion Jewkipedia describes Dr. David Duke with the thesis statement of, “American white nationalist, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, far-right politician, and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.” What more is there to say? That’s what Alex Jones and his mainstream wings like CNN would have you believe as well. As usual there’s nothing more to see here. Go along now sheeple and sleeping rabbits. No one wants to talk about a rabid racist KKK leader anyways. How is such a subject or insidious individual news worthy? Certainly not to our esteemed and beloved Wolfie.

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