April 17, 2024

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Eight Labor senators and eight Liberals paired, did not vote, Digital ID passes on party lines

Communists David Pocock & Jacqui Lambie just stabbed every Australian in their backs


By Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

The controversial and now hated Digital ID bill was rammed through the senate on March 28 by Labor and Greens voting 33 to 27. Five independents plus two other senators could have stopped it. The bill will be railroaded through the Lower House when parliament resumes on April 30. Labor has the numbers.

Greens leader Adam Bandit is
largely supported by deranged students
whose brains have been addled by
Pfizer jabs and Labor’s UN education









Eight Liberal senators, seven Labor and independent Lidia Thorpe did not vote so we can only assume they were paired and did not need to.

Independents Jacqui Lambie, Tammy Tyrell, Lidia Thorpe, David Van and David Pocock could have voted against this terrible travesty that will change the face of Australia forever making it an official Marxist police state. Instead Thorpe jumped in with Labor pairing to support the bill. The other ‘faulty four’ independents supported more mayhem that is to come.

Poor Jacqui has never been the same since she took Pfizer’s toxic jab which medical specialists claim has terrible effects on the frontal lobe.

The Greens have shown their hand yet again by representing the WEF and UN globalism. The Freedom Movement must tackle the Green menace on a daily basis. Letters to the editor, picket their offices, chaining oneself to their doors, check their signs, harass their debauched supporters at polling booths and on the streets, phone and email their electorate offices. The Gaia worshippers will rant and roar but opponents will simply be turning Greens modus operandi back onto them. Their jaundiced, woke policies are so off the scale that only deranged voters could support them.

A typical Greens voter









Ask Greens and independent senators who voted for this consequential bill what bribes they got from Labor and let them know the substantial Freedom Movement media will campaign against them between now and the next election. Give them an earful at Canberra on 0262777111.

Liberal National senators paired with Labor

Simon Birmingham

Sarah Henderson

Hollie Hughes

Maria Kovacic

Bridget McKenzie

James Paterson

Linda Reynolds

Dev Sharma

Labor/Ind pairs

Don Farrell

Katie Gallagher

Jen McAllister

Barbara McCarthy

Deb O’Neill

Lidia Thorpe Ind

Murray Watt

Penny Wong

There is a vacant senate position in Victoria which makes up the total of 76 senators.

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Source: https://cairnsnews.org/2024/03/30/eight-labor-senators-and-eight-liberals-paired-did-not-vote-digital-id-passes-on-party-lines/

2 thoughts on “Eight Labor senators and eight Liberals paired, did not vote, Digital ID passes on party lines

  1. BILLBOARD BATTALION – The Alleged Political Traitors to Australia – Hold Them to Account – Watch Video
    Also See Reference to Senator Jacquie Lambie in Video (and some information under this article also) – who has previously stood with Military Personnel and the population in defence of all their freedoms, rights and choices and now voting for the Digital Identity which is the Road to Totalitarianism/Permanent Tyranny – shame on her and all of those alleged Traitors to The People.
    See ##** Anzac Day and Jacquie Lambie hereunder

    ‘Unrepresentative swill’ voted for the Digital ID Bill 2023 in the Australian senate-identities in pics below
    30 March, 2024
    These senators, the Ayes, who voted for the Digital ID Bill 2023 will be remembered by readers as the most treacherous “unrepresentative swill” (to quote Paul Keating), that have ever set foot in the Freemasonic Hall of Parliament, Canberra, ACT.
    SEE ALL THE NAMES in the article >
    The Noes are Australia’s real representatives who actually work for and represent the people and have heard their opposition to the dystopian Digital ID policy that will now formally enslave all Australians into Labor’s New World Order.
    Soon will come the restrictions on accessing government services, ability to access bank accounts, board a plane, visit the doctor, get a passport, get a gun or driver’s licence, be admitted to hospital, buy a phone, ad infinitum.
    Senators Malcolm Roberts, Babet, Hanson, Antic and Rennick all stand out as the real heroes in their determined opposition to this draconian policy that will haunt this and the next generation, that is if they survive LibLab’s genocide.
    The National Strike began in earnest Good Friday and as it gathers momentum the Labor, Greens, Teals unholy alliance of Marxists, malcontents and globalists will find that a lot of people will not comply with their unlawful ID policy.
    That will be just the start of the people’s Great Reset and restoration of the rule of natural law for all Australians.
    The ID bill now will be sent to the Lower House when it sits on April 30, but Labor, Teals and Greens have the numbers to ram it through without debate as they did in the senate.
    It is notable no Liberal or Nationals senators voted for Digital ID. Sixteen were missing in action.
    See >
    Eight Labor senators and eight Liberals paired, did not vote, Digital ID passes on party lines
    See >
    CHILLING > The Digital ID Will Change the Lives of Every Australian – For the Worse !
    https://www.malcolmrobertsqld.com.au/the-digital-id-will-change-the-lives-of-every-australian-for-the-worse/ On that page see other articles also under You might also like.

    Censorship of Covid “Misinformation”: DHHS Sued After Ignoring Freedom of Information Request Over Censorship Demands
    Surgeon General had called for censorship of Covid misinformation in a 2021 report titled “Confronting Health Misinformation,”

    UK Government Denies Targeting COVID-19 Policy Critics on Social Media

    Towards Digital Tyranny? Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?
    30 December, 2023
    What we are confronted with now is much worse. It’s Agenda ID2020 on steroids. It’s the worldwide invasion of the QR code – QR coding of everything, including Agenda ID2020 – and all of your most intimate data, health, personal behaviors, habits – track records of where we have been and even where we may be planning to go. Nothing will escape the QR code. Nobody talks about it.
    It’s been quietly sneaking into our lives, quietly, persistently – but by now almost unavoidably.
    “What is the infamous ID2020? It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized (Covid) “vaccination” as a platform for digital identity. … The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.”
    Continue >

    Exposing the “Digital ID is a Human Right” Scam
    These are important questions to ask, and the assumptions we hold must be questioned. As we push further into the digital world of 2030, I encourage all readers to alert your friends and family to the dangers posed by digital identity. Help them understand how digital ID will inevitably be connected to digital currency, and eventually, a social credit score. This infrastructure, along with widespread facial recognition cameras, will be the invisible enforcement arm of the Technocratic State. Together, facial recognition, digital identity, digital currency, and social credit scores represent a giant leap forward towards digital totalitarianism.

    CHINA’S SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM (which is where the people of the world are headed unless stopped by the united power of all the people.
    China has been updating its ”Social Credit Scoring System” to incorporate Central Bank Digital Currency. Now, Chinese digital wallet WeChat (or Alipay) only allows people with a social credit score of 550 or above to recharge their electric cars. CBDC is the ultimate tool of control.
    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is already running a CBDC pilot programme.
    When it comes here we must reject every single part of it and everything linked to it.

    Freedom of speech is an essential human right and a fundamental principle of Australian democracy.
    Labor’s Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023 is a direct attack on freedom of speech.
    Continue >

    See Also >

    How everyday Aussies could be slapped with massive fines under Anthony Albanese’s “disturbing” new misinformation laws’
    WATCH VIDEO > https://youtu.be/QXyxME3jhqs
    If our government is allowed to censor what can and can’t be said, our democracy dies.


    In Australian Government Anzac Day Tributes they tell us “This year 2023 marks the 50 Anniversary of the end of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam War. “
    “This year 2023 also marks the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War, where, like Vietnam, Australian troops FOUGHT TO STOP THE SPREAD OF TOTALITARIAN AGGRESSION through out the Asia-Pacific region. Their sacrifice is why Australia HAS THE FREEDOMS WE ALL ENJOY TODAY; why we have OUR SOVEREIGNTY.”
    “This Anzac Day we remember and give thanks for the service of all those who have fought for our freedoms, and we give thanks for all those serving our country today.”
    Comment > The last three years of C0vid Tyranny by Australian Governments and Global Governments has been vile, obscene, catastrophic and gross violations of All Freedoms, Rights and Choices and must never be repeated by any Government Anywhere.

    Senator Jacquie Lambie Launches shocking attack against Unvaccinated Australians – why did she allegedly change into a VICIOUS PRO-VACCINE EXTREMIST NOW ?
    How dare Senator Jacquie Lambie et al destroy our civil rights, medical rights, human rights and our rights to choose what is or is not put or injected into our bodies (the Government has policies to educate people that you need permission from a partner for kissing or sex etc., and the Australian Government TV advertisement UNMUTE TO STOP BULLYING, WELL WE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND ALL YOUR TYRANTS TO CEASE AND DESIST ALL BULLYING/COERCION/FORCING/MANDATING AND END ALL MANDATES NOW !) yet here you are taking total control of our bodies — you’ve got the wrong end of the stick – your alleged ignorance is simply dangerous to humanity and your behaviour is allegedly utterly atrocious and disturbing like all the Australian Political Tyrants.
    You are all destroying our civil rights, medical rights and human rights i.e. the total annihilation of our democracies, you have awoken a sleeping beast who will not tolerate your bloody governMENTAL and medical et al tyrants controlling every aspect of our lives and even our bodies – you all must be bloody insane !!
    I remember some years ago seeing Miss Lambie on the TV once where allegedly, she was being interviewed about dating and I remember cringing with embarrassment when she as a Politician representing the people of Australia said on national television about the bloke she wants ‘needs to have a good package between his legs’.
    Well Jacquie Lambie we wish you all the best for that and good luck to you, but you stay the hell away from all Australians who refuse to be forcibly injected with a proven damaging and dangerous experimental ‘vaccine’ with extremely dangerous nano material – and you can you bet your life that all hell is going to break loose.
    Every person in the world has the right to decide what is or is not done to their own bodies and to decide what is or is not injected into their own bodies.
    Australian Politics leads the way into the depths of political sewerage pits.

    Miss Jacquie Lambie is also supposed to represent the Military Personnel and their Rights, Freedoms and Choices and a Free and Peaceful Society/Country that many of them fought for.
    BILLBOARD BATTALION – The Alleged Political Traitors to Australia – Hold Them to Account.

    WHO allegedly got to Jacquie Lambie? She has lost the plot – why did the ‘worm turn’ into an alleged vicious pro-vaccine extremist ?
    SEP 15, 2021
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews.org
    Threatening/ Menacing > Australian/Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie outlines the concept of freedom of choice in a democratic nation – she says to the unvaccinated ‘we’re going to be coming at you lock stock and barrel’ – ‘we’re going to get more agitated and more hard core – you anti-vaxxers out there are really going to feel the heat.’
    Listen to this Australian Politician disgusting – but see posting hereunder – why did the worm turn against the people?
    Did you know our Commonwealth Constitution of Australia which to the disappointment of the multitude of political quislings is still in force? This prevents forced vaccination.
    You have placed yourself into the echelon of elites of the NWO that Dr Kerry Chant and others refer to and we can no longer help you.
    Source >

    Former Chief Medical Officer, Dr Brendan Murphy tells Senator Jacquie Lambie not to warn the public about the adverse effects of Covid vax – in this video she was Honorable – then what the hell happened for her to turn on the peoples’ Rights, Freedoms and Choices ?!
    JUN 30, 2021
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews.org
    Letter to the Editor
    Former Chief Medical Officer, Dr Brendan Murphy, tells super star Senator Jacquie Lambie to keep quiet about vaccine effects .
    (NOTE Allegedly, this was before the worm turned into an alleged vicious pro-vaccination extremist).
    The video link below of a senate committee hearing with the recently appointed Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr Brendan Murphy, warning senators to not tell the public about their own vaccine adverse effects cover-up and that the vaccine kills people and they have no recourse from it because the government granted big pharma immunity from prosecution and compensation payouts!
    Watch video >
    June 20, 2021:
    Australia’s medicine regulator TGA has never seen Pfizer Covid Vaccine study data despite deeming it safe for Australians.
    A freedom of information request made to Australia’s drug regulator has revealed they have never seen the extremely limited study data for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine despite giving it emergency approval and deeming it safe to be injected into the bodies of Australians.
    Do you want to line up like ducks at a shooting gallery for your Covid shot?

    In this video Senator Jacquie Lambie says she won’t lie to the people about the damage from the Covid Vaccines

    > but then she went into a full blown vicious attack against those not wanting to be injected

    Federal architect of Covid hoax Dr Brendan Murphy admits vaxx mandates are unjustified resigns on July 6, 2023
    Senator Malcolm Robert’s persistence and that of others finally paid off. Murphy resigned as Secretary of Health
    Dr Brendan Murphy announces retirement today after admitting to parliamentary hearing that vaxx mandates are unjustified
    Stunning evidence to a parliamentary hearing late last night has seen Secretary of Australia’s Department of Health Professor Brendan Murphy admit that vaccine mandates are unjustified.
    The backflip comes after months of questioning over the efficacy of the vaccines ability to stop transmission.
    Senator Roberts said, “One Nation has always maintained that vaccination should be a personal medical choice and never mandated by the government or an employer.”
    “Finally, Professor Murphy has accepted the science. With the vaccines unable to stop transmission, vaccine mandates cannot be justified.”
    Continue >

    I also recall Dr. Brendan Murphy also saying that the Influenza Vaccines that are ‘mandated’ in many settings, are safe and effective too – wrong again see this >
    CORRUPTION/CONFLICTS OF INTEREST – More stench than a Parliamentary Sewer
    Information Paper – link hereunder > see Corruption/Conflicts of Interest items all through this Information Paper.
    Note >> From Page 40 Why You are not getting truth from Mainstream Media Empires
    Page 51 Censorship of Academic Research – A Critical Analysis of Australian Government’s rationale for its Vaccination Policy – Dr. Judy Wilyman – University of Wollongong – A Disgusting, Relentless and Abusive Campaign against Dr. Judy Wilyman to stop her.
    Page 52 International Medical Council on Vaccination
    Page 29 Information – The Truth on the Flu Vaccines/vaccinations – Absolutely ATROCIOUS DAMAGE/SIDE EFFECTS
    Also, please in particular, see the information on Victorian Government > Revolving Doors > Big Ties > Big Pharma > Big Medicine et al but as stated, the entire system is corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest – please look all through this Information Paper for Corruption/Conflicts and I have only scratched the surface herein !

    SEE hereunder >

    The entire system is allegedly totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    If the people representing State and Federal Governments have/want ties, associations, partnerships,
    memberships, sponsorships, revolving doors with any Corporations, Companies, Groups, Government /
    NG Departments or anyone or any thing whatsoever THEY CANNOT AND MUST NOT PULL THE
    MANDATE CAPER ! No Gunpoint Medicine ever! as this is a most serious crime / corruption/conflicts
    of interest and the most abhorrent violation of Informed Consent / Nuremberg Principles/ Nuremberg
    Code on a massive scale and they all must be held responsible and accountable for these atrocious crimes
    against our populations.

    Senate Speech: Pauline Hanson Calls for an End to Mandatory Jabs

    Freedom of Information Requests: Health/ Science Institutions Worldwide “Have No Record” of SARS-COV-2 Isolation/Purification

    According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is to change what it means to be human by merging man and machine.
    Humans are now “hackable,” in that technology now exists by which a company or government can know you better than you know yourself, and that can be very dangerous if misused.
    Professor Yuval Noah Harari predicts that algorithms will increasingly be used to make decisions that have historically been made by humans, either yourself or someone else, including whether or not you’ll be hired for a particular job, whether you’ll be granted a loan, what scholastic curriculum you will follow and even who you will marry.
    Harari warns that if we allow the establishment of a digital dictatorship, where the system, be it a corporation or a government, knows the most intimate details about each and every person, it will be impossible to dismantle it. Its control will be total and irreversible.
    If you believe that your thoughts and behavior are and always will remain under your own control, think again. We already have the technology to directly alter thoughts, emotions and behavior.
    Continue and watch videos >

    Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum Jewish Advisor talks about hacking humans

    Is Klaus Schwab the most Dangerous Man in the World ?

    DANGER > As Big Tech and major retail firms move into healthcare they bring promises of convenience and innovation they claim will benefit consumers — but the move also raises questions about the ever-growing power and influence of such firms and their real motivation for getting into healthcare.

    The Agenda is to Vaccinate 7.9 BILLION People WorldWide; This is a Political Agenda-2019 COV Novella By POWERFUL Financial Interests (British Empire-Bill Gates & Fauci Are Members)

    The Vaccinator – Bill Gates
    Bill Gates and WHO go into partnership with Queensland Labor Party (Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk/Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young) to supply needle-less vaccines for Covid rounds two,three, four………
    APR 9, 2021
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews.org
    from Brisbane Times
    The scheme, designed and trialled in Brisbane since 2011, is now backed by both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation.
    Continue >
    and >

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