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Eventbrite cancels Dr Peter McCullough: ‘dangerous speech’ or the rise of truth?


This morning, ticket platform Eventbrite sent out an email informing its customers that the hotly anticipated event, Dr Peter McCullough Covid-19 Vaccine Conference had been cancelled and a full refund was on its way.

I found this odd, given I had purchased my tickets yesterday. Had my Amex card finally thrown in the towel? Was the government cracking down on me for all those Australia Day tweets?


The endless march of cancel culture has set its sights on McCullough, determined to stop the Covid vaccine narrative from falling apart by nixing individuals brave enough to speak out. Eventbrite is going to need more than a few refunds to achieve that. Recent weeks have seen the walls close in on vaccine manufacturers, especially in light of Twitter’s new free speech policy.

Eventbrite wrote:

Hello, We are reaching out to notify you that your order for this event has been refunded because the event does not comply with our Community Guidelines. Your order has been refunded in full and you can expect to see the refund credit in your account within 5-7 business days. If your card used for purchase has since expired or been replaced, please contact your bank or credit card provider for more information on tracking and obtaining your refund – it should be automatically routed to your new card. If you have any questions about the event, including whether or not the event will still take place, please reply to your original order confirmation to get in touch directly with the organiser. Thank you for your understanding and we apologise for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Eventbrite Trust and Safety’

‘Trust and Safety’ – a phrase that sends a cold shiver down the spines of free-thinking Australians. Enough damage has been done over the last three years in the spirit of ‘trust and safety’.

Former Liberal MP, now leader of the United Australia Party Craig Kelly took to Twitter this morning to address the cancellation of the conference.

He writes:

‘A few hours ago EventBrite in the USA have sent this email out to everyone that bought tickets to see Dr. McCullough in Australia Eventbrite can go to hell We are making alternate arrangements to get tickets to everyone We do not live in Nth Korea – WE WILL NOT BE CENSORED !

‘Eventbrite have picked on the wrong people. We will be suing these bastards. In the meantime, we already have a team working to contact everyone & get them their tickets. And we will have more tickets on sale very soon. Freedom always wins in the end. Please spread the word!’

This comes after a protest group attempted to have Dr McCullough banned from entering the country on the grounds that he is a ‘dangerous speaker’.

Honestly, when will this nonsense end?


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