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Exclusive: Ultrasound Causation for Microcephaly and Zika Virus, The Hypothesis With Jim West

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This presents a well-documented Hypothesis, that the great microcephaly epidemic in Brazil was caused solely by a unique prenatal ultrasound program. Zika virus is a mere cover story dismissed even by Brazilian scientists. All causation suspects for the Brazil epidemic are critically reviewed and the last one standing is clearly ultrasound.

Implications are explored re U.S. microcephaly incidence, vaccines, rubella, prenatal X-rays, MACROcephaly, fetal ocular disorders, congenital heart disorders, childhood cancer and other so-called infectious diseases such as chorioamnionitis and GBS infection.

This book is based on Jim West’s prior book, 50 Human Studies(below), presenting the inevitable and required discussion that must follow.

Part A presents The Hypothesis and critically reviews the mainstream propaganda. Parts B and C (available soon) provide detailed supporting documentation.

This book presents an incredible Hypothesis — that prenatal ultrasound is the cause of the recent microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil. It presents several of the many inevitable discussions that must follow the implications of Jim West’s previous ultrasound book.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ultrasound Causation for Microcephaly and Zika Virus, The Hypothesis With Jim West

  1. On the radio today I heard that 1 in every 63/68 children in Australia are within the AUTISM spectrum range & qualify for financial assistance from government sources.
    Are we Australians concerned that 1 in 63/68 children afflicted with autism is not
    way too high a figure ?
    Shouldn’t we Australians demand to know why the numbers are so high ?
    To demand that an inquiry be put in place to ascertain what exactly is causing so many of Australian children to be afflicted with autism ?

    It might have been on Michael Cathcard’s program ?

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