February 25, 2024

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Exit The System With Wayne Bush


Just to give listeners who haven’t heard me before a quick synopsis of my work…
for over 20 years I have been researching the meaning of life, why we’re here and what happens when we die.
I draw from many areas of research including near death experiences, out of body experiences, psychedelic experiences, language including reverse speech, ancient texts, science and also facets of pop culture such as Hollywood movies and music.

It is my conclusion that the soul is tricked into reincarnating on Earth over and over again by interdimensional parasites which can take any form they like.

They have created a matrix or illusion to imprison us in a low frequency or state of consciousness.
All we need to do is wake up and remember the divine nature of the light we have within ourselves
and that upon death we can immediately raise our frequency and create our own reality instantaneously by ignoring and avoiding the trap the archons have set for us with the tunnel and light they have created to lure us.

There they pose as our gods and spirit guides to convince us to return to Earth where we are used as a source of energy or food for them, also as entertainment.



10 thoughts on “Exit The System With Wayne Bush

  1. If the afterlife is unlimited and we are unlimited maybe we all helped to create this game of duality and limitation for a reason. If one was all powerful and create at will maybe unlimited power would become boring after awhile. Maybe limitation was a game to challenge unlimited souls. We just forgot.

    1. What we call \”afterlife\” is actually the \”life\”. See the irony? We are currently in a temporary matrix like existence. Yes, it\’s a \”game\”, but this doesn\’t change what kind of game it is… There are healthy games, there are sick games. We didn\’t just forget, we were transformed into dumb down versions of ourselves, broken into pieces because of traumatic experiences, too much separation with reality, forced \”lives\” in the matrix, etc… we don\’t know ourselves any more. No matter what were the intentions, both ours and those of the game creators, there is an obvious problem here. Wayne is one of the few really researching this topic. If you don\’t care what exactly is happening – you are simply stupid and ignorant. If the game creators don\’t care – they are just using you…

  2. Hello Adam !!

    Wayne – are you certain that you are not hearing the thoughts – but not just the thought – the feelings – of the people around you – that the translator in your brain is then – not translating the dialogue to answering your questions ??

    I can hear you thinking – does this mean anything to your experience ??
    In that you know ………..
    Better still – my son & I were in a vehicle driven by my X – we had just attended the christening of my granddaughter.
    He & I were speaking in Greek – my son Joe cannot speak Greek & yet it was a 3 way conversation – ?? – my X – with his mouth closed – said of his new partner – out aloud & in English – so that Joe & I both heard – “I am just using her.”
    In fact he did not speak at all – his mind said it out aloud in his voice ??

  3. I do not take drugs & was not on meds of any kind … I cannot speak for the guys … maybe they were wired & therefore it happened ??
    But that’s not all, not by a long shot.

  4. whodunit:

    The mathematical equation /’s that makeup the existence of the universe.
    Balance is essential.
    Is it possible that – as man has felled the trees & killed off the wildlife – we have had to kill off the population – to maintain the mathematical balance of the universe – pertaining to The Butterfly Effect ??
    Is this why we go to war ??
    Is this why DEMOCIDE happens ??
    How many people did that bastard STARLIN let starve to death !!
    And was this a cull in keeping with “progress / modernity ??

    1. Could it be that simple – that we are compelled to maintain balance REGARDLESS ??
      Otherwise it is SATAN & his Gang of DEMONS & I would rather it be the former.

  5. “We are skeptical.” we say with a mouth full of marbles.

    So – how come we believe that Abraham sat out in the hot desert sun & The One True God spoke to him ??

    “Abe, Abe, who you talkin to man?”
    “The guys gone nuts.”

    Miracles – The sermon on the mount is equal to what happens at a rock concert – Jesus Christ did not feed the people by material means – crowd psychology.

    Lazarus – Is a story about the human condition – since forever mankind has died & awoken again – we needed the skeptics to say poo poo to make it a miracle – the 2 pronged approach of the flim flam routine.

    “Cast your nets over there” said Christ & there were the fish – sona – there is a blind boy in the USA who is sona enhanced – what’s new here ??

    A man I worked with ar BAPTCARE said his wife could not leave the house because she picked up & it drained all her energy.

    Why haven’t we figured this out yet ??

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