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Extreme Risk Of Prenatal Ultrasound With Jim West


Jim West, the critical researcher of Modern Medicine, has been globally acclaimed since 2001, when his article “Pesticides and Polio” was first published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. His environmental research has been employed to review the properties and politics of infectious disease paradigms, and to refute the necessity for vaccines. West has no detractors who will allow debate in any forum. Mainstream responses to his simple arguments include closing forums and threads. West has served as Chairman of the Science Committee for the NoSpray Coalition, which successfully litigated against New York City over the matter of aerial pesticide spray programs. He is a member of Toastmasters. In March of 2013, he began in-depth research into the science and politics of obstetric ultrasound. Further information is available at

This is a New Bibliography of 50 Human Studies that indict diagnostic ultrasound as a disease causing mechanism. (Black/white print version) The theme argued in this book is ultimately about toxic synergies between ultrasound, vaccines, birth drugs, and other environmental stressors. Ultrasound is argued, with much supporting evidence, to be the primary initiator of fetal vulnerabilities. The Bibliography lists and discusses arcane documents, previously unknown, modern, high-tech studies, conducted in modern China, surpassing Western science. These studies empirically demonstrate ultrasound disease causation.

The great Jim West has done it again! …I always find it riveting to come across an independent investigator who is breaking new ground, against all odds. Jim West is such a person. His meticulous analysis… has turned the establishment on its head… If I were the king of Pulitzers, I would give him a dozen. He is what truly deep reporting is all about. In a sane world, his revelations would bring about the firing of scores of so-called medical journalists and disease researchers, and he would be sitting at the top of the heap — not in order to exercise arbitrary power, but51vh9bA8SnL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ simply because he has trumped the lazy and the incompetent and the lying professionals who are supposed to tell us what is going on.There are many other things I could say in praise of Jim’s work… It’s a book you should have and read. It’s a book that should receive wide notice. It’s a book that should change standard medical practice. It’s a book that can save many lives.

– Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist,

5 thoughts on “Extreme Risk Of Prenatal Ultrasound With Jim West

  1. This and many other of your shows are very interesting to many Christians, so it is a shame that the Aussie host blasphemes because it means we Christians are not comfortable listening to these shows, nor sharing them with others for that reason. It would be appreciated if the “language” can be cleaned up in that regard. Otherwise, great work with getting such important information out to the public!

      1. Thank you for your receptive and decent response. Much appreciated! And thank you for your good work.

        As feedback to your guest: He makes a good case for the dangers of ultrasound but I am not convinced that previous ultrasonic scans are *always* involved with later vaccine-damage, given I know two people who became autistic in the 1960s, triggered immediately and irrefutably by an MMR shot – and their mother had not had any ultrasound scans during those pregnancies. I know this is only anecdotal evidence but it is nevertheless compelling.

        1. Thanks for plugging in & i do this with no funding & by myself but tend to get overheated with what’s going on, especially here in Australia. I have fire in my heart for sure but want to keep things professional on the podcast show so need to work on my delivery as best i can.

        2. I will pass this comment on to Jim & see what he thinks but it does also make perfect sense that a straight MMR shot could trigger Autism. It does seem that the Ultrasounds are doing the initial damage at a cell level with vaccines acting as a trigger but i am sure in some cases a vaccine could cause direct autism. I will be chatting with Jim West on the next show so we can go into this, if possible.

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