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Facial recognition technology being trialled in Australian schools

A controversial facial recognition technology is being trialled in Australian schools.

Instead of using a traditional role call method, five schools will see students scan their faces to mark themselves present for the day.

Ballarat Clarendon College in Victoria has already started using the new system which was introduced by Melbourne start-up LoopLearn.

Experts have raised concerns over whether the information will be kept private.

Students will scan their face into the system which will then send the information to an app which can be used on the teacher’s phone.

‘We’re really sleep walking into a surveillance society,’ Mr O’Gorman told Nine News.

‘Who’s going to get this data what are they going to to do with it because data is now regarded as the new oil.’



9 thoughts on “Facial recognition technology being trialled in Australian schools

  1. Great Stuff !!

    When I was in form 2 / year 8 Princes Hill High School
    I wagged / was absent without parental knowledge
    For at least 1/3 of the days required attendance
    My parents were no notified
    I was in the city with 3 other girls & the police picked us up
    We were taken to Russell Street Police Headquarters
    Questioned, then taken home to face our parents
    Miss Fitzpatrick, the vice principal & my French teacher
    Was scathing of us / me
    & told me in no uncertain term that she would be delighted, at the end of the year & when I had failed that year, to see me off for good
    Alas, I topped all my fellow students that year & in every subject, 250ish kids no less.
    What stands out here is the fact that the school did not concern itself that I was absent 1/3 of the year
    And that they did not ever question the validity of my scribbled notes from my parents
    Until the police caught us.
    This is a practice called NON-DISCLOSURE
    A practice which followed through to my children’s time in school
    Andrew, who attended St Joseph’s College wagged school
    Cilla & Toni awho attended Richmond Girls High School
    Joseph who attended Kensington Community High School, wagged minimally with Troy Boy
    & I was never notified & we had telephones at that time.

    NON-DISCLOSURE is when the teacher & school itself could care less & turn a blind eye.
    And this is okay right up until you go to collect your child form school & the kid is not there
    And the kid is never seen again.
    And you ask ” when did you last see my child,” & the school says …. UM ??

    1. At Richmond Girls I chaired meetings for Mr. Nataco so that the school could receive extra funding
      Fought valiantly, government officialdom who wanted to amalgamate the girls school with the boys tech school across the road & we won
      Brought my friend Ann & we & other moms played netball in the park across the road, against the female teachers
      A the list goes on
      We are watching the teachers here & not he kids – Hooray !!

      1. My house was always full of other people’s children & they all got fed.
        Andrew was at RMIT, the lovely Dimitra was at LaTrobe.
        2 morning a week she would come & jump into bed with Andrew.
        Joseph, who stayed home / came & went till his mid 30’s sowed his wild oats in the 2 bedroom across from mine.

        1. I have to tell you this …
          I began dating a barrister from town …
          Joseph, with concerned look on his face / big brotherly almost said, “Mum, do Peter & I have to have a talk with you about “things’ ??

          1. Ann Cook – her son Calum, a lawyer today, told me, \”I hear a loud thump up stairs & wondered what he was doing to her,\” Calum & his girlfriend, in their excitement, had fallen off the bed.

      1. An air strip … a heliport & a car park dear.
        I would be so much easier than Rome Airport.
        And will we have a stable with horses on the vineyard ??

        1. Daddy is filthy rich darling, you don’t seem to realise that.
          And incredibly well connected.
          And we will also be well off once your work is recognised.

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