April 20, 2024

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Firefighters CAUGHT SCRUBBING Smart Meter FIRE Articles! 🔥This is SCANDALOUS!

I usually do not post on both Saturdays and Sundays, but this was too important to wait…

I recently published Were Maui DEWs a PSYOP?, Did We Fall for a Distraction?, and Chile DEWs or “Smart” Wildfires?. In both articles I laid out a pretty solid argument demonstrating why I do not believe that these insane fires were caused by Military Directed Energy Weapons. I believe both situations (as well as the California fires and Oregon) were all Smart Meter Detonation Tests. I proved these areas had Smart Meters, which are military technology, with one major “flaw”; there is no Surge Protection, meaning they are continuously powered. I even found Chiles Smart Grid and power line maps and proved that the areas that did not burn were not located within the grid. The areas with the worst damage were already Smart Cities, and hubs of the grid. I don’t want to recap those articles, but you can read them here: Maui DEWs, Maui January Updates, Maui February Updates, Chile.



Worldwide, these Meters are catching fire. As a reader pointed out in the comments section of my Chile piece, her Smart Meter was installed right above her gas line, which explains exactly why these houses are exploding. And, when they explode, they catch the house next to it on fire, and if that home has a Smart Meter, it too burns to rubble because there is no Surge Protection and the Smart Meter is above its gas line too. And, when this happens, the “investigators” deny the Smart Meter caused the problem, in lockstep.

(43 second video. Look how quickly this fire expands!)

Here’s a truck that crashed into a pole, causing an entire area to have a power surge (because there is no surge protection!)

In this case, the ground was “too dry”, causing surges and six fires! DRY GROUND, FFS!

In Ontario, Canada, mass destruction was narrowly avoided:

But don’t worry, my friends. If a Smart Meter destroys your home, there’s companies that will buy the ruined property for pennies on the dollar. Hooray!

Now let’s get into the scrubbing:

As I was trying to research for the Maui and Chile articles, I kept discovering Smart Meter Fire content was being actively scrubbed from the internet, which I find this to be alarming. So, today I am going to try to recall some of the deleted information so we can look at it together. But first, let me explain scrubbing:

If you have a blog, or a website, your content doesn’t delete itself. Old content doesn’t expire and disappear. Even if you change your URL, you can redirect the old link to be a new link, therefore you will not lose years worth of work. Redirecting URLs isn’t even difficult.

Even if you completely change website, or website hosts, you can export then import your content. There is no reason for articles to vanish on a currently-existing website… unless someone intentionally deletes them… the act of intentionally removing content is called “scrubbing.

The good news is, more often than not, I can retrieve the deleted content, and it is always interesting to see what was purposefully removed. Without further ado, let’s look at content they tried to permanently remove from the internet regarding Smart Meter fires:

Here’s The Ledger:

Here we can see that the scrubbed content was posted in early 2019 and deleted around late 2021:

When we pull-up what they attempted to delete, we see why. Content like thiscan be used in a lawsuit over Smart Meter fires:

Next we have BayshoreBroadcasting.ca:

We discover this publication went live in 2016 and was scrubbed around mid-2021:

Here’s what they scrubbed:

It even had an audio file, which I also recalled: (29 second clip)


Next, there’s a scrubbed document from the California government website, CPUC.ca.gov:

This was posted in 2014 and vanished in approximately late 2022:

Ah, here’s why they attempted to remove it from the internet:

In this document, they rave about 99% of California being on Smart Meters as of 2013. They also address the fire concern, but state none of the fires were proven to because by the meter.

Here’s a 2015 SoundCloud podcast, scrubbed around 2022. The description said:

“A Collingwood family woke up this weekend to an explosive sound which turned out to be their smart meter which had become a “ball of fire” attached to the side of their house. “The meter is about three feet from the main gas line into the house. If that wall had gone and then the car parked right beside it would’ve been very, very bad.” Despite thousands of smart meters that were supposed to be removed because their structure was similar to some found in Sask. which were implicated in several fires, Veronica Onyskiw’s was not considered a threat. She joins us to discuss what happened that day and what the province is doing about smart meters going forward.“

I was shocked that I could recall this deleted podcast and it plays! (If this link doesn’t work for you, use Google browser and it should)

Next we have this link: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fr/news/2015archive/2015_04.htm#, which was captioned, “January 7, 2015:  Alexandria, Virginia: Smart meter explodes and causes $75,000 in damage to residence.”, but it now sends you to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue homepage:

I discovered the publication went live in January 2014 and was deleted around early 2021:

The title of the now-deleted post is Accidental Alexandria Area House Fire. The content says, “According to fire investigators, the fire was accidental. An electrical anomaly ignited an outside electrical meter causing the fire.

This isn’t the firefighters I am accusing of scrubbing. You’ll see that scandal soon…

Want to see a crazy thing to delete? City Counsel Meeting Briefs!

This city meeting was from 2014, and deleted from the internet around late-2022:

And here we go:

Quote from scrubbed article, “problems with the metal electrical boxes, or “meter sockets” into which meters are plugged, could cause overheating and spark a “flash over” fire, they reported. Made of plastic, smart meters also can melt.

Fox News Houston, Texas scrub: We can see from the link, the title of the article was:


“71 year old woman says smart meter torched house killed puppies”. Unfortunately I cannot recall this article using any of my methods:

More Houston, TX news deleted Smart Meter Fire content:

This is what they deleted:

Here’s a Chicago Tribune scrub:

I cannot recall this page, but we can look at the URL and see the title was:


“CHI Comed Confirms Smart Meters Involved in Small Fires”

Again, fantastic content that could be used in a lawsuit, or Class Action against the city of Chicago for the forced Smart Meter install.

Global News Canada deleted this article:

And here’s the deleted content:

The Herald Sun, Australia tried to permanently remove this article:

This is what they removed: The Union wanted to suspend the Smart Meter rollout! That is a MASSIVE article to scrub!

Fox, Florida:

Removed post:

This remind me of the video we looked at in yesterdays Chile post, showing the Smart Meter Fire the day after installation: (2 minute video)

Around 2021, a Philadelphia news website scrubbed an article posted in 2012:

I cannot recall this page, but we can see the title from the now-defunct URL:


The article was called, “PUC Wants Answers From PECO About Smart Meters Overheating” – Yep, def gotta scrub that…

British Columbia news:

Recalled post:


None of these scrubs are as interesting as the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs scrubbing. Seriously, why the f*ck are the FIRE CHIEFS scrubbing SMART METER FIRE HAZARD information?

Here we discover this page was deleted this year!

Let’s see what they just removed from their site….

Holy sh*t! The Fire Chiefs Association scrubbed, Smart Meters Linked to Unusual Number of Fires:

To take it a step further, they have removed all “Smart Meter Fire” content from their site!

In fact, they removed all Smart Meter content as a whole!

I find it exceptionally interesting that all of this content is being mass-deleted starting in 2021! If you come across important Smart Meter Fire content, download / save, or at least grab the URL and save that right away. Once the link is gone, I have no way to access it.

And remember, the vast majority of the news is operated by the government, or works with the government to run PSYOPs on us, so, if the government wants Smart Meters in Houston Texas, you best believe the anti-Smart Meter content they can control will be swiftly deleted from Houston-related media.







Source: https://chemtrails.substack.com/p/firefighters-caught-scrubbing-smart?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=email

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