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FOI reply reveals the Voice will enable a Treaty which will take a large portion of GDP and rent from all white Australians and abolish flag


By Senator Jacinta Price

This is the bombshell Albo tried to hide.

But now it’s out and every Australian needs to hear it before voting on the divisive Voice.

You know how the PM keeps saying the Voice is a “modest change” to the Constitution?

Well, the real agenda behind his Voice referendum has finally been revealed.

Secret government documents the National Indigenous Australians Agency was forced to release under freedom of information laws say that “any Voice to Parliament should be designed so that it could support and promote a treaty-making process”1.

And what’s in the treaty?

According to these secret documents, it must include a “fixed percentage of Gross National Product. Rates/land tax/royalties”.

The documents explain:

…a Treaty could include a proper say in decision-making, the establishment of a truth commission, reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP), the resolution of land, water and resources issues, recognition of authority and customary law…

This a direct quote from the secret Voice documents:

“Australia got a whole country for nothing, they haven’t even begun to pay for it.”

Doesn’t that just tell you everything you need to know?

But it gets worse.

According to these documents, they want to abolish the Australian flag, because “the Australian flag symbolised the injustices of colonisation”.

This is why I get so angry when Albo says this is a modest proposal.

What’s modest about forcing you to change your flag or pay a percentage of the entire economy as reparations?

Sounds like a bloody BIG change to me!

Just to be super clear, this is how their plan works:

They enshrine the divisive Voice in the Constitution and it’s there forever.

The Voice forces Australians into a “treaty”.

The treaty means Australians pay a percentage of the GDP – that is, a percentage of the entire nation’s economy – to the Voice … every year.

On top of that, Australians are forced to pay “rates/land tax/royalties” to the Voice.

This is why Albo wants you to think you’re voting on a “modest” change.”

Because when Australians find out the truth, there’s no way they’d support it, let alone enshrine it in their Constitution forever.


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