April 20, 2024

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Footy fans now being scanned by AI before entering the MCG

More surveillance mechanisms introduced.
Photo: MEHJ


Footy fans are now required to walk through airport-style, artificial intelligence ‘security scanners’ at the MCG in a major stadium upgrade.


The MCG has undergone a “major security upgrade” ahead of the AFL season kicking off, with footy fans now required to walk through AI-powered scanners before entering the ground.

Australia’s most famous sporting venue is the first in the southern hemisphere to use the new “AI-powered full-body weapon detectors”, in the latest surveillance step for stadiums.

The gates, which were tested during Taylor Swift’s recent concerts, use cameras, sensors and AI to scan for prohibited items, then sends findings to security staff.

The technology, already in use at sporting events in the United States, will be used at every entry of the MCG to reportedly “speed up entry for patrons”.

Richmond’s season opener against Carlton was the first time the new technology was used for a footy game, after being introduced at the Taylor Swift concert, and MCG boss Stuart Fox said its here to stay.

“We want everyone to have the best experience possible when they come to the ‘G, so we are always looking at new innovation to help elevate this,” he told reporters this week.

“We have invested in some incredible cutting-edge technology that will set a new standard for security, efficiency and convenience”.

Ah, yes, the famous words: ‘Security’ and ‘convenience’.

The lullaby that sweeps the masses further into biometric totalitarianism.

“Introducing the Evolv system is a testament to our ongoing commitment to providing the safest environment possible for everyone attending events at this stadium while also enhancing their overall experience, beginning with a more efficient entry process,” Fox said.

MCG management say ‘there are no health risks walking through the new gates’.

The move is the latest in a saga that has seen stadiums across Australia transformed into privacy-removing dystopias, with the overlay of facial recognition, AI, and ‘smart technology’.

Every movement and every person, monitored and tracked.


The MCG’s AI-powered screening comes from the Evolv company, which has screened hundreds and millions of Americans since the technology was launched in 2013.

The touchless screening system can scan up to 3,600 people per hour, significantly faster than traditional metal detectors, but many remain concerned about the creeping influence of the technology.

Citizens in the U.S. walk through the gates.
Photo: EVC

“The technology has now caught up with our expectations on how efficiently we can move 100,000 people through the gates and into the stadium,” said MCG venue and events manager, Josh Eltringham.

Let’s not forget it was revealed that sensitive biometric data is being collected by major venues across Australia, consumer advocacy group Choice has found in an investigation.

CHOICE found facial recognition technology was in use at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney’s Allianz Stadium, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

In 2021, Optus officially announced the launch of 5G services at Optus Stadium in Perth, making it the country’s first “smart arena”, with ‘advanced connectivity’ across the board.

Victoria Police have also in the past taken to the skies with drone patrols, as they look to catch out people doing the ‘wrong thing’ ahead of events like the AFL grand final.

The masses can’t even enjoy the bread and circus entertainment anymore without being tracked like cattle, and given their response to the ‘pandemic’, will likely not blink as long as they can get in.

Soon we will turn around and remember the days where humans could be free.

Source: https://tottnews.com/2024/03/17/mcg-ai-scanning/

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