April 15, 2024

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Freshly prepared lemon water rejuvenates your complexion while improving overall health


(NaturalNews) Looking for a cheap, easy, all natural way to give your body a quick health boost? Look no further. In recent years, lemon water has emerged as one of the most nutrient-packed, beneficial, easy-to-make health drinks available.

Although it may not seem like much, drinking a cup of freshly prepared lemon water each morning has proven to provide the human body with an enormity of outstanding health benefits. Much easier than going through the hassle of making an all-natural fruit smoothie or boosted protein shake each morning, making lemon juice is simple. All you have to do is squeeze half of a lemon into one cup of room temperature or hot water (use a whole lemon if you weigh more than 150 pounds) right after you wake up, drink the tasty mixture, and then repeat each morning.

According to Dr. Mike Russel, “Starting your day with hot water with lemon is said to improve digestion, boost mineral absorption, and detoxify your body.” The health benefits don’t stop there though. For an in-depth look into the stimulating health effects of lemon water, here are five reasons why you should add a glass of lemon water to your morning routine:

1. Boosts your immune system

One cup of lemon water contains over 180 percent of the recommended Daily Value intake of Vitamin C, providing your body with an immediate boost in fighting immune system deficiencies. Additionally, Vitamin C helps your body to produce increased amounts of white blood cells, which can help fight off common colds and the flu.

2. Aids digestive health

Lemon juice’s atomic structure is strikingly similar to that of the digestive juices our stomachs naturally produce to help break down food. Because of these similarities, lemon juice tricks the liver into creating bile to aid in the body’s overall digestive process, which provides enormous gastrointestinal health benefits. Furthermore, the acids in lemon juice help your body to process nutrients from food more slowly, optimizing the nutrient extraction process of your digestive system.

3. Rejuvenates skin

The high concentration of Vitamin C in lemons means that lemon juice is loaded with antioxidants to help keep your skin looking its best. The antioxidants present in lemon juice help “fight damage caused by free radicals,” which in turn, can help fight common skin rashes and mild cases of acne. Additionally, the vitamin C present in lemon water helps the body to produce collagen, a protein produced in tissue cells that helps smooth out and prevent wrinkles.

4. Helps you lose weight

While lemon water will not be the miracle potion you’ve been dreaming about to help you lose 50 pounds overnight, it can significantly help with shedding a bit of that excess tummy fat you’ve been worrying about the last few months. Lemons contain a fiber calledpectin, which has the ability to curb your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer amounts of time. Feeling full for longer means that you won’t have the desire to snack throughout the day, which can significantly reduce your overall calorie intake, and lead to weight loss.

5. Strengthens brain function

Aside from being vitamin C rich, lemon juice also contains naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients essential to brain function. One cup of lemon juice contains 303 mg of potassium (9 percent DV), which aids in overall brain and nerve function, helping you feel more alert and energized. Additionally, lemon juice contains sizable amounts of folate and vitamin B6, which are crucially important to the brain’s production of serotonin and hemoglobin, as well as for overall cognitive functionality.

Source: http://www.naturalnews.com/054675_lemons_natural_medicine_health_benefits.html

1 thought on “Freshly prepared lemon water rejuvenates your complexion while improving overall health

  1. I have just made a small teapot of tea ..
    * sliced, fresh ginger, in boiled distilled water .. add juice & honey
    * freshly picket lemon balm with a few slices of lemon & sugar
    * couch grass infusion is good for gallbladder .. cook the couch grass for 10 minuted .. you don’t have to add sugar & it’s quite refreshing to drink
    * roast potatoes Jamie Oliver style .. recipe on youtube .. roast lot’s of garlic cloves & fresh rosemary sprigs .. roast garlic & rosemary are delicious & are the potatoes.

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